Apple rumored to launch larger iPhone in May 2014, 12.9 inch iPad to follow in October


According to Taiwanese site DigiTimes Apple’s 2014 product lineup includes both, a larger iPhone as well as a larger iPad. The larger iPhone is reportedly scheduled for a May 2014 launch, while the larger iPad, measuring 12.9 inch, will be released in October.

From DigiTimes:

Apple is rumored to release a 12.9-inch tablet in October 2014, targeting North America’s educational market, according to sources from the upstream supply chain.

Apple’s large-size tablet will be manufactured by Quanta Computer, and was originally expected to adopt either 12.9- or 13.3-inch panels, with recent rumors indicating that 12.9-inch has a better chance to be picked, the sources noted.

The larger display is expected to support a resolution of 2732×2048 pixels, which is much higher than the resolution of the current iPads. The WSJ previously reported that they too had heard about Apple working on a larger iPad. With Apple’s naming the 9.7 inch iPad, the iPad Air, there’s a high chance that the 12.9 inch iPad is called the iPad Pro.

DigiTimes’ report adds that the larger size iPhone will use a 20nm processor manufactured by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC). Though there’s no mention of a size, rumors point to a screen measuring anywhere between 4.7 to 4.9 inches.

Tim Cook recently said that Apple has big plans for 2014 that customers will love, and the larger iPhone and iPad might very well be the two most important products in the company’s plans.

We know that many of you are eagerly looking forward to an iPhone with a bigger screen, but would you buy the rumored 12.9 inch iPad?

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  • Weidy

    “big plans” get it??

    • Yiannis

      very clever thought!!!!!!!

    • .json

      Cook isn’t that clever. He’s still riding the waning wake of Jobs’ contributions. I love my iPhone, but no denying the innovations have faded in recent times. Something has to give here to remain relevant. Something big like become a service provider. Sprint was cheap until SoftBank saved it. That, or something in this realm of “big” needs to happen, and quick. Find me a relevant consumer gadget that people don’t truly “need” (read: any Apple product) that remains viable after as many iterations as the iPhone has gone through. Short list.

      Sometimes there are excellent innovators a level or two behind a figurehead. In this case Cook just wasn’t that guy. AAPL needs a shakeup or expect a ~$400/share correction within 24 months.

  • g

    ….would you buy the rumored 12.9 inch iPad?
    me… only if it doubles also as keyboardless Mabook air

  • james braselton

    hi there i want a 13.3 inch 4k with 128 gb flash storage