Apple still leads in US smartphone subscribers, Samsung slowly gains ground


Another month and another metric that shows the dominance of Apple and Samsung in the US smartphone market. The latest figures come from comScore and its MobiLens online survey, which includes data from mobile subscribers age 13 and older.

The results show that Apple, Samsung, and Motorola all gained ground in the US smartphone market. Samsung gained the most jumping 1.3% from 24.1% of smartphone subscribers in July 2013 to 25.4% in October 2013. Market leader Apple gained 0.2%, moving from 40.4% to 40.6% during that three month period. Motorola barely gained subscribers (0.1% increase), but at least the company did not lose ground like HTC and LG.


On the platform side of the equation, Android, iOS and Windows Phone all gained users over the three months covered in the survey. Android beats out iOS with 52.2% of subscribers as compared to 40.6% for iOS. BlackBerry was the only major active platform to show a decline, falling 0.7%. The discontinued Symbian also declined and is about ready to fall off the charts with 0.2% of subscribers.

It’ll be interesting to see how these numbers shake out in the coming months. Apple launched its iPhone 5s during the months included in the survey, but supply was constrained. Now that supply has finally rebounded, Apple may be ready to gain even more subscribers during the holiday shopping season.

[Via AppleInsider]