Christmas Activations of iOS devices climb 2.3 percent


The activations of iOS devices on Christmas day more than doubled when compared to a typical day, but it was Amazon that took home the prize on this gift-giving holiday.Mobile analytics firm Flurry published its device activations report for Christmas day, revealing the Amazon and its Kindle devices were the king of the holiday gift giving season again. Acer was in second place, with Apple and Samsung coming in third and fourth, respectively.

For iOS, Apple saw a 2.3 percent increase in activations when compared to a typical day. This pales in comparison to the 24 percent increase reported for Amazon and the five percent increase  for Acer. Samsung saw its device activations increase 1.9 percent. Though growth is good, the overall rate of activations is slowing as more and more people become tablet owners.

“With more people having smartphones and tablets, there are fewer new users to give them to, and giving to existing users is more challenging since existing users are already tied into carrier contract renewal cycles, app ecosystems, etc.,” Flurry’s Mary Ellen Gordon wrote.

Apple and Samsung are not as desirable during the holiday due to their higher price tag. While consumers may not bat an eye at dropping $500 on an iPad A9r for themselves, they may not do the same for their relatives. Amazon and Acer are known for low-cost Kindle Fire and Nexus 7 tablets, which are popular among budget conscious shoppers.


Speaking of cost and a consumer’s preference for buying low-cost gifts, Flurry also notes that the most popular gifted device over the holidays was a WiFi-only tablet. Traditionally, the WiFi-only models are the least expensive option for customers shopping for a tablet. They are more affordable than a smartphone, which comes with a contract or a high off-contract price. The WiFi model is also much less costly than a cellular-capable tablet that has a higher price tag due to the enclosed cellular radio which allows the device to connect to a carrier’s network.

[Via AppleInsider]