ControlTask iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweak adds an App Switcher to Control Center

ControlTask is a new iOS 7 jailbreak tweak by its_not_herpes that adds an iOS 6 style app switcher to the bottom of the Control Center, beside the inbuilt app shortcuts like Calculator, Clock etc.

The tweak shows you a list of apps opened recently or ones that are running in the background. You can tap on any icon to open the respective app, or swipe left on the original control center toggles to kill all running apps in the background.

controltask 1 controltask 2

Here’s a video demo of ControlTask:

Purge is a similar jailbreak tweak that lets you kill all apps when you tap and hold on any app card in the app switcher, and SwitchSpring lets you do the same thing by swiping up on the home screen card in the app switcher.

ControlTask will be available on the BigBoss repo by tomorrow for free. Let us know what you think about it in the comments below.

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  • S0UH41L

    best Zephyr alternative anyone can think of!!!

    • Bob jones

      Auxo 2. It’s mostly for the app switcher function but that can be turned off.

  • Farrukh Alvi

    no one of betaw versions is being showed in cydia. this app is also not showing like many others. in ios 7 4s in pakistan

  • big hacker

    nothing is appearing for me in the settings…please i need help

    • Jim Yeh

      Install bootstrap from Repo:
      and “reboot” your device. It will be there.

      • Abu Taleb

        i cant see anything either, installed bootstrap but still no change :(

        • Ershad

          Boots tar is dangerous. You only have to reinstall mobile substrate. Do not use unofficial mods to make it work. Some tweaks do work but some can mess up bad. Play safe until they release the mobile substrate update. Until then 64 bit devices have to wait

          • Ershad


          • Drew

            Hi. Can u turn your phone off and on and it works still? I need to reinstall stuff to fix :(

      • big hacker

        thanks..but i have just resolve it buy reintalling mobile substrate….really great help from you jim yeh

  • John Lizard

    Im waiting for a Tweak that can alter the Main Control Panel so i can get rid of the Bluetooth button that is useless for most people, and the other ones.
    SBSettings is missed, now its time to have it on the Control Panel.
    Waiting for it

    • Nicolas Rubay

      hiddensettings7 The fact ;)

    • Hadi

      FlipControlCenter will do it

  • Michael Morgan

    I really want infinidock fixed so i can place all my favourite icons and scroll them.
    Also springtomizer would be nice.

    • kareka

      infinidock works for me on a iphone 5

      • Michael Morgan

        Not mine tried both early and latest just get grey background and lose all my tweaks :( iphone 5

        • Ershad

          Reinstall mobile substrate and check again

  • DJ

    Will it work with flipcontrolcentre or CCSettings please? I hope there wont be any clash

    • big hacker

      ccsettings is much better

  • Abu Taleb

    I have jailbreak my iphone 5S running ios 7.0.4 , but i cant see any difference just cydia on my ios, i have tried installing activator , sbsetting and few of them also some tweaks, but can see any effect, Please give me some solution…

    • Ershad

      64bit devices have to wait for an update for their mobile substrate. No eta.

      • Abu Taleb

        how long?

  • Victor

    If you are having issues with nothing appearing on the Settings, just go to Cydia, change from “User” to “Developer”, search for Mobile Substrate, reinstall it, then search for Preference Loader and reinstall it. The tweaks should appear :)

    • TwicetheSn0w

      Actually No you can just install BootStrap.

      • Victor

        I did it and not worked for me…

    • Abu Taleb

      asking for cy cpu.arm where should i get it??

  • j

    any tweaks that makes ios7 weather app show at the lock screen?

  • Rob

    Does anyone know if Sbsettings is coming out for ios 7?

  • ahkce

    ControlTask only shows half of the apps in control center, does anyone know why?

  • Alldayeverydayapplepro

    Not working on iPads

  • DC

    the tweak is ok, but it would be much easy if you just swipe to the right where the original toghkes are to acces the original switcher.

  • chocho

    Not work on 5S, safe mode activated