DockShift: New iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweak lets you customize iPhone dock

DockShift is a new iOS 7 jailbreak tweak that lets you change the look and feel of the iPhone dock by allowing you to change the background.

After installing the tweak, you can change the background of the iPhone dock from a number of backgrounds. You can also make the background of the dock transparent or more blurred by selecting the appropriate background via the Settings app (Settings > DockShift > Style).


Settings page


Native iPhone dock


iPhone dock with transparent background


iPhone dock with Dark Milk Glass – opaque background

Check out the video walkthrough of the jailbreak tweak:

DockShift is available for free on Cydia. It requires iOS 7, and is not compatible with iPhone 4.

Let me know what you think of the jailbreak tweak in the comments below.

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  • OvrDriVE

    crashs my iphone 4, grey background and no matter how many times i reinstall it or mobile substrate i still get no options for tweaks in settings.

    • iPhoneHacks

      It looks like it is not compatible with iPhone 4. We’ve updated the post.

      • civi

        actually worked on my iphone 4

    • ushar

      update or install bootlace worked for me.

      • $20914502

        What good would bootlace do?

  • Northporter

    Why don’t they make “NEW” jailbreak tweaks compatible with the 64-bit processors? – i.e. the 5s.

    • iPhoneHacks

      They will when A7 compatible MobileSubstrate is released

      • Toolman

        Any idea when the A7 compatible MobileSubstrate will be released?

        • vmgautam

          Mobile Substrate has now released .. Its called Cydia Substrate. Enjoy.

  • sako sargsyan

    Is anybody able to jailbreak ipad 2? I’ve tried few times but no luck.

    • Mohamed Nasser

      i jailbreak an ipad 2 (3g+wifi) but i heard about problems with wifi only model

    • asdfg

      download the update on evasi0n. it worked for me, they released it today!

    • randommmm

      update your ipad through itunes then try

      • Sako

        Thanks, but I wrote that comment almost 2 months ago :) but thanks anyway.

        • Sako

          Actually a minth ago to be correct, thats what shows on top of my comment.

  • Jeremy Taco Patterson

    I like little tweaks like these. I’m stoked about A7 devices being able to use them soon!

  • thatguy

    Does not work for me ios 7.0.4 iPhone 5 .. It crashes any suggestions ? I hav already installed switchspring and simplock would this be a compatibility issue ?

  • Guest

    I installed it on my iPod touch 5G and then it messed with Mobile Substrate and disabled the jailbreak menu in settings.

  • beg

    What tweak did you use to change the iPhone name at the top left of the status bar? pls reply..

    • Mohamed Nasser


    • Si


  • Singh

    work on my iphone 5.. thnx

  • $20914502

    Why are all the new jailbreak tweaks denying those with iphone 4’s? Are you all working for Apple, gonna make me upgrade my phone so I can get me some damn tweaks?

  • Stratis

    Works on my 4S, would be great if you could do the same to the folders though. Very ugly with certain backgrounds

  • FrustraTed

    Doesn’t work on my iPad mini iOS 7.0.4 Retina display 2nd generation. It is under Settings but it does absolutely nothing, toggle on, respring, rebooted.

  • nocnoc

    open your damn emails!

  • baffy

    Wont work for me, I use infinidock and bigify, I installed springboard settings.

  • Ian Carlos Reyes

    Please make it compatible with iPhone 4 :(