12 Days of Gifts Bonus: Download Lorde’s “No Better” song and “Royals” video for free


Last week, Apple kicked off the 12 Days of Gifts promotion with the release of the iOS app. For the first time ever, Apple is bringing the giveaway program to the US.

The daily promotion was supposed to start on December 26th and last until January 6th. Each day, Apple will give away a new gift that’s available for you to download for free. It can be a music track, a free book, an app or a movie.

But Apple has a surprise for us today, as it is giving away Lorde’s “No Better” song and the video of her super hit song “Royals” for free.

So download the 12 Days of Gifts app and don’t miss the chance to get them for free. With 10 days still to go for the promotion, it remains to be seen if Apple will have any more surprises in store for us, though the app does say “Check back on Dec 26 for another gift.”

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