evasi0n7 1.0.2 beta released to fix iPad 2 Wi-Fi boot loop issue


evad3rs has just released evasi0n7 1.0.2 (beta) to fix the boot loop issues that was affecting iPad 2 users.

When the evasi0n7 was released last week, a number of iPad 2 Wi-Fi only users had reported that their device was getting stuck in an endless reboot loop, forcing them to put their device in recovery mode to restore the device.

evad3rs have released a beta version, which should fix the issue. If you’ve already jailbroken your iOS device using evasi0n7 then you can ignore the update.

evasi0n7 is an untethered jailbreak which supports iOS 7, iOS 7.0.1, iOS 7.0.2, iOS 7.0.3, iOS 7.0.4.

It is compatible with the following iOS devices:

  • iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4
  • iPad Air, iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2
  • Retina iPad mini, iPad mini
  • iPod touch 5G

You can download the latest update from our download page.

If you need any help in jailbreaking your iOS device then check out step-by-step guides:

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  • Sako

    Finally :) Thank you guys. I did jailbreak my ipad 2 wifi and it works great !! So any cool tweaks on ipad ios 7 we should get?

  • Sako

    And now we gotta patiently wait for Saurik to update Mobile Substrate, my iphone 5s jailbreak useless without that.

  • Bruno

    feedback guys..

    • esso

      working great :) i just jailbreak my ipad 2 wifi

      • Bruno

        No bootloop issues??

        • alex

          works fine for me now too

  • SION

    I can just imagine. You guys sitting there, doing this for so many that can’t do it for themselves. While taking a little abuse from the same people that will use what your releasing. Thank You. From everybody not honest/vain enough to say it. I would say God bless you guys but I would be too late.

  • Sako

    OS 7 Compatible Tweaks LIST –
    1.) Accelerate
    2.) Adblocker
    3.) Adblocker Networks
    4.) AppInfo
    5.) Ac!DSiri-iOS 7.0+ Beta Patched
    6.) BootStrap (Install This!!!)
    7.) BurstMode (Yes, like on the iphone 5s)
    8.) DashBoard
    9.) Emphasize
    10.) FakeCarrier
    11.) FakeClockUp
    12.) Five Icon Dock iOS 7
    13.) Flipswitch
    14.) FolderCloser
    15.) f.lux -Add the Source http://justgetflux.com/cydia/)li*GreaterThan Sign Goes Here*
    16.) HiddenSettings7
    17.) Harlem Shake -Add the Sourcehttp://cydia.myrepospace.com/iPWNDApple/ (NOT working for everyone)
    18.) Icon Renamer
    19.) iCleaner
    20.) iCleaner Pro
    21.) iFile (registration fails even when connected to Cydia)
    22.) iModGame
    23.) iPhone4Parallax
    24.) KillBackground7
    25.) LabelSlider
    26.) MewSeek
    27.) Mobile Substrate (Must Reinstall after every tweak/cydia app install or reboot (not needed with bootstrapper))
    28.) Mobile Terminal
    29.) ModiClient
    30.) Movie Box
    31.) Music Box
    32.) MyFile
    33.) MyWi
    34.) NCColors
    35.) NDS4iOS
    36.) NoBetaAlert (Add the Source http://kindadev.com/apt )
    37.) NoPasscodeButton
    38.) NoStoreButton
    39.) Open
    40.) Plugication
    41.) Preference Loader (Must Reinstall after every tweak/cydia app install or reboot(not needed with bootstrapper))
    42.) Respring
    43.) Retinasizer
    44.) ShakeToUndo Killer
    45.) Sicarius
    46.) Signal 2
    47.) Smart 3G + LTE
    48.) SNES4iPhone
    49.) Speed Intensifier
    50.) SwipeToRespring
    51.) TetherMe
    52.) WiFi Booster
    53.) WiFi Passwords
    54.) AirPlayServer
    55.) BadgeClearer
    56.) DateCarrier
    57.) Deck
    58.) FireWall iP
    59.) GridLock
    60.) MiniPlayer
    61.) NoNewsIsGoodNews
    62.) OverAchiever
    63.) PandoraSkips
    64.) Poof
    65.) PrivaCy
    66.) Repsring
    67.) Signal 2
    68.) Signal Booster
    69.) SIGnify
    70.) Software Update Killer
    71.) StatusHUD
    72.) SwipeSelection
    73.) TimeForAlarm
    74.) WelcomeMe
    75.) Locallappstore
    76.) iBlack List
    77.) App Locker
    78.) Lockscreen Tool (Confirmed Working)
    79.) SwitchSpring (Confirmed Working)

    • Edwin ®

      Signal Booster does not work yet

  • quro2008

    What about ipad mini, is that working ok on that.

  • hliming

    i was just jailbreak my ipad 2 wifi is done but now i got mobile substrate and substrate save mode issues need to reinstall every time after reboot

  • hew

    im in boot loop with my ipad 2…need help

  • Bob

    I successfully jailbroken my ipad 2 (wifi) with this app, thank u evad3rs ! To all users who are asking if no bootloops, my device had this problem before releasing this version (1.0.2) and now it is jailbroken with no problem

  • booops24

    thanks a lot i standed all these days waiting for yhis great update

    no i am free with my ipad2

    thanks again for all developpers

  • Edwin ®

    Works like a charm.
    Thanks for all the effort

  • zulle

    Ipad 2 wifi worked like a charm tks to all great job!

  • Abe

    my phone is not active and evasi0n7 can not jailbreak it.
    I forgat save the SHSH and I actived it with “Temp Solution to Hacktivate IOS 7″
    do you have sugestion for helping me?

  • espen reynell

    Ipad2 GSM wont work properly, after I updated (again), and JB, I still lose cydia from homescreen after reboot…

  • John

    how about the ipad mini retina 3g? is it available for that too?

  • John

    I tried it and i got an endless reboot loop for ipad mini retina 3g…

  • Fabila

    Thanks a lot guys! iPad Air Wifi works perfect!

  • Bruno

    What if I update to ios 7 using OTA can I apply this jailbreak?

  • drk9ght

    just jailbroke the ipad mini retina and it is stuck in a boot loop. used the latest evasi0n7 1.0.2 which i downloaded (windows), but when i hover over the icon it says it’s 1.0.0 PLEASE HELP

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      Hardware reset your iPad, then take a backup of your device using iTunes. And try jailbreaking your device again with evasi0n7 to see if it helps.

  • cansta

    Ipad 2 16gb wifi…. Evasi0n 1.0.2. First time boot loop. Second time evasi0n error. Third worked!!

    • ali

      how you connect your ipad to evasion? mine cannot done because evasion did not dettect mine..

      • cansta

        Evasi0n detected it immediately after connection. USB ports behave mysteries ways sometimes. Does iTunes dedect it??

  • sherwin27

    i updated my ipad 2 32gig with sim.. but i still have this greyed out wifi problem.. can someone help me

  • Gavin


    I have OX 10.6.8 and both versions evasi0n7 1.0.1 and evasi0n7 1.0.2 cannot be opened . any suggestion?

  • Georgios Sofronis

    ipad2 after jailbrake has been stuck to apple logo and do not open! any suggestion please????

    • Norman

      Same happened here. Btw did you fix it ? . Anyone help us.

  • Ahmed

    when i hit jailbreak button after mean while a message appear saying that an error occurred can not retrieve package from internet help please

    • Gautam

      It looks like the firewall is blocking the program from connecting to the internet. Either disable the firewall temporarily or allow the program to access the internet.

  • manuel

    my ipod 5g is stuck on a endless boot loop using evasion 1.0.2 forv ios 7

  • Wesley Sniper

    anyone has experiencing problems with installing games ? i download games and install them via itunes and it gets stuck on installing.

  • Russel Guintu

    Guys it really works .. i reccomend this i didn’t encounter any single problem thanks evasion :D

  • Jru

    No themes working on iPad 2 in winterboard. Fix please!

  • RomysiPad2

    I downloaded the latest jailbreak 1.0.4 for my iPad 2, but I am still stuck at step 9 the restarting loop. Anyone else has the same problem? I’ve tried restoring through iTunes and then jailbreak again, still stuck. Please help.

  • ossama

    my iphone 4s is stuck on the evasion logo if i open it, it goes white help

  • Brionna

    i tried to jailbreak my ipad and it restarted , i forgot my apple I.D is there anything i can do , to fix this ?