Facebook update adds auto-play videos to your news feed


Facebook rolled out another update to its social networking app , bringing the iOS app to version 6.8. This latest update will cause a stir because it finally enables auto-playing videos. This feature was announced earlier this year and lays the groundwork for auto-play ads, which are expected to debut sometime in 2014.  Starting today, mobile Facebook users will notice that videos start playing when they encounter them in their news feed. The videos will play without sound, but you can turn on the audio by simply tapping on the clip. If you’re not interested in the video, you can just scroll on by it.

Unfortunately, you can’t turn off this feature completely; you only can limit the videos to auto-play on a WiFi connection. Stick to cellular and you won’t see a thing. On WiFi, it’s no holds barred. This forced video autoplay will no doubt please advertisers who’ll get guaranteed video playback on iOS devices when users are connected via WiFi. Have you downloaded the latest version of Facebook? What do you think of the new auto-play videos?

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