Google News mobile web app updated with new design, personalisation, simplified navigation and more

Google today announced that it has updated the Google News mobile web app for iOS and Android with an all-new design, new features and “improved overall experience.”

Here are the new features, from Google’s blog:

  • Improved overall look-and-feel making it easier to read and track separate stories.
  • Ability to customize the webapp to suit your taste by changing the theme from light to dark, the font size and opting for a larger “story card” with more information per story at your fingertips (from the Settings menu, at top right).
  • Simplified navigation to any section within News; just click on the Google News icon (top left) to see a list of available sections (including any custom sections you created).
  • Easier integration with Google Feedback located in the menu at the top right.

The website update also brings some desktop features to mobile:

  • A weather gadget in the Local section.
  • The popular “Editors Picks” option.
  • Social posts from Google + related to the story are included in the article cluster.

google news ios

The update is initially only for the US version of the website, but will soon be available internationally too. To see the new Google News, visit in Safari or Chrome on your iOS device. Don’t be surprised if you see the old version as Google says the update will be rolling out to users “over the next few days.”

Let us know what you think about the new version of Google News in the comment below.

[Image via @jak]

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