Enable hidden Springboard Settings with new iOS 7 Jailbreak Tweak

Apple bundles a number of hidden preferences in iOS 7 to easily test features, configure parameters like animation speed, and enable or disable gestures. Shortly after evasi0n 7 iOS 7 jailbreak was released, a new tweak has been released to let you access these hidden settings.

Here are the steps to install the tweak (note that until MobileSubstrate isn’t updated, this tweak won’t work with devices that have the A7 chip):

  • Open Cydia and tap on the Manage tab.
  • Go to Sources > Edit > Add
  • Add these sources: http://cydia.myrepospace.com/PWN24K/, http://repo.cydiahacks.com
  • Once you’ve added, install the “Bootstrap” package from the PWN24K repo and respiring.
  • Once this is done, go to the Cydiahacks repo in Cydia, and install “Hidden SBSettings for iOS 7.”

After this, you should see a “SpringBoard Settings” button in Control Center, tap on it and you’ll be taken to the final “hidden” menu. Here’s a video demonstrating the tweak:

Here’s what you can do with these settings:

  • System wide edge swipe and corner swipe gestures, probably for features such as quick app switching.
  • Ability to delete pre-installed iOS apps
  • Ability to create nested folders i.e. folder within a folder.
  • Pinch to close folders
  • Options to tweak blur effects, coloring and animated speeds


Let us know if you were able to access the hidden internal Settings pane on your iOS device.

[via AppAdvice]

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  • JD

    no “springboard setting” button in control center for iPhone 5s.
    other issue, tweaks not showing up in setting apps and reinstalling mobile subtract doesn’t help.

    Anybody got a solution?

    • realtech

      Sorry but this tweak won’t work with devices that have the A7 chip ):
      Just wait some time for develeopers to make a fix.

    • Apple Mania

      Not yet compatible with A7 devices

      • chris

        i have iphone 5 and nothing shows up in settings or anything? any suggestions?

    • Marc Gill

      Because it clearly states that any decice using the a7 chip wont work. Please read before posting a stupid comment

      • Erick121

        It’s not a stupid comment the guy probably just didn’t know what a a7 chip device is

        • Caleb Mermer

          The A7 chip is the processor inside the following devies iPhone 5S, iPad mini Retina, And iPad air.

        • Jeremy Taco Patterson

          Amen. Not everybody knows what the chipset in their phone is called.

          Some people are just jerks by nature…

  • Krm

    Doesnt work with ipad

  • Taima

    I can’t get this to work on my iPhone 5. Any ideas? I also don’t see any settings that I should be seeing (I think) in the settings app for new stuff I installed through Cydia.

    • bob

      not working here on an iphone 5 either

      • Taima

        I think it’s something to do with the mobilesubstrate issues? But I’m not sure, I just want it fixed.. >.<

        • bill

          I figure being jailbroken will give way to the updates on the tweaks each time we open cydia. at least the door is open to future compatibility. plus, following the team on twitter should also update the latest info to try.

          • shin

            ummm hey im pretty sure ipod touch 5 doesnt have a7 chip but still theese things dont working!? what may b the problem?

  • joaquin balarezo

    not work in my iphone 4s :( help!!

    • bill

      doesn’t work on my 4s either

  • Phr3sh2d3ath

    Working on my iPhone 5

  • Phr3sh2d3ath


  • Steve

    TBH i am a little sick of the whole JB thing now, its lost its shine and is now just a scam to make money. Bye Bye JB

    • bill

      I’ve been jailbreaking for 4 years and haven’t paid a penny

    • Abel Goddard

      Good go away. Nobody wants you here.

    • DrKazanovaKK

      I’ve been jail braking iphones for years.

      Who exactly have YOU been paying?

      • Steve

        You have all got the wrong end of the stick, I’m talking about the fact that persons were trying to sell the JB for $350.000 and the whole China thing. If JB is now being made for intended profit the whole point is lost.

        • HotStuff2

          You are an idiot. Go away, get an Android or Windows phone. Better yet, get a landline.

  • Imad tad

    Awesome !!!

  • bill

    iphone 4s on 7.0.4 doesn’t activate it

    • Guillermo

      If you got the sbsettings icon on your screen you tap it and go all the way down, you will see Mobile Substrate Addons, tap it and go down untill you see libhide, disable it and respring

  • :(

    won’t work with my iphone 4 with ios 7.0.4

    • chris

      me too but on i5 and iOS 7.0.2

    • Cipud Maulana

      1.open cydia

      2.SOURCHES-remove bootsrap – remove hidden setting

      3.SEARCH-mobile subtrate – remove

      4.SEARCH-HiddenSetting7 (big boss)

      5.good luck

      its work for iphone4

  • Slash

    Hard reset your iphone !

  • key

    a hard reset of the phone is needed. after mine started up, it said something about needing my phone # for SMS stuff, i clicked the option to take me to the settings, then the springboard reset – i thought something crashed. when the phone came back to the home screen the Springboard Settings option was available with the up-swipe

    4S, iOS 7.0.4

  • Zach

    Does this work for iPad 4? I don’t know if it has an a7 chip or not or maybe I’m just doing it wrong.

  • Skepticatbest

    Best iOS 7 tweak I have so far.

  • http://www.code-grill.com/ Mike Tolsa

    not working on ipad 4

  • Sai Thant

    My iPhone 4S 7.0.4 don’t got this. I have reinstalled several times. Help !

  • Josh Ellis

    no tweaks or apps from cydia are working on my phone! iPhone 4s 16gb 7.0.4, please help!

  • ryan

    where the hell is the link? dont judge me. im not very comp savvy.

    • ryan


  • dru wueschinski

    yeah not working on iphone 4 did everything as said nothing no change nothing

  • Eli

    When I added repo.cydiahacks.com the repo was empty. After a respring it showed everything. Thanks!

  • Djurica

    i install and get springboard but also get 5 icons in a row any1 have solution for this maybe?

  • Hackyboy

    I have installed it but its not working!!
    #iphone 5 ios7.0.4

    • Apex Schizophrenia

      i’m having the same problem also. and now my wallpaper don’t showed up.

      • Yo an

        If it’s not showing the wallpaper that means u r in safe mode..the only way I found to fix this is to remove mobile substrate and reinstall it..this will happen until substrate isn’t updated for ios7..this sux

    • dio

      the same here

  • h_mohamed

    Didn’t work. Instead a Respring app came on my phone. iPhone 5.

  • dio

    Doesn’t work on my Iphone 5 – 7.0.4. I only get the icon for respring, from the 1st app. Tried a couple of times the same.

    • Thiago

      Exatcly the same thing for me bro :(

      • Cipud Maulana

        1.open cydia
        2.SOURCHES-remove bootsrap – remove hidden setting
        3.SEARCH-mobile subtrate – remove
        4.SEARCH-HiddenSetting7 (big boss)
        5.good luck

        • Neil Patrick Mendez Quiniquini

          does this work on ipad mini?

          • Kristian

            Yes, it works on ipad mini

        • Sergio Vitorino Pereira Junior

          It worked ! after restart it showed up the new menu ! After take that instructions Cipud Maulana say….(Iphone 4 7.0.4)But i know nothing of these new configs, is there a link saying what is that things ? thanks !

  • Bondo2

    It doesnot work with ipad mini !!!! After installation

  • tc

    Simpler solution now. Update to new Cydia and install single package HiddenSettings7from BigBoss

    • spicypotato

      works a lot better!

  • HotStuff2

    Why do we have to add the repo’s and add the Bootstrap? HiddenIOS7 is on the BigBoss repo already. It’s not exactly the same, but it does pretty much the same things.

  • Bernardoj9111@gmail.com

    Hidden menu didn’t work on 5s

  • WTF

    doesnt work on my iphone 5, 7.0.4 >..<

  • Bebooriginal

    installed Everything on 4S and Resprung. Not seeing anything show up under settings=( Am I missing Something

    • Arjun Ajith

      It’s because of the obsolete mobile substrate. You can either wait for an update or try re-installing Mobile Substrate from Manage>Packages.

  • May Ng

    i don’t have airdrop and SpringBoard Settings

  • May Ng

    oops! speak too fast, after i use the reboot icon, now i have SpringBoard Settings, happy ^^

  • smOkii

    SpringBoard settings did not appeared after install….i4… help..

  • Thiago Burnato

    I had the same problem on my iPhone 5.T
    The only solution I found was restoring your iDevice. It worked for me.

  • gr

    i have an iphone 4 and it doesnt work.i install Bootstrap and nothing happens then i install Hidden SBSettings for iOS 7 and still nothing.What can i do?

    • Guillermo

      Try to tap the sbsettings icon and go down untill you see mobile substrate addons, tap on it and close libhide

  • Andrew

    HiddenSettings7 from BigBoss work perfectly delete any bootstraps previously installed then install HS7 from big boss then bobs your uncle spring board settings appear

  • Neil Patrick Mendez Quiniquini

    does it work on ipad mini?

  • rk

    this error show….

  • Guest

    sry for my english

    I got it work on iphone 5

    by deleting the :


    2-mobile substrate.

    Now the try to install the bigboss HS7 again.

    it works for me :)

  • Abady.

    sry for my english

    I got it work on iphone 5

    by deleting the :


    2-mobile substrate.

    Now the try to install the bigboss HS7 again.

    it works for me :)

  • MOrz

    What would be great if they would add the option to change icons, for example I don’t need Air plane mode, I would rather use 3g/4g toggle on and off.

  • Lê Anh Tài

    ipad not supported

  • Pete

    i downloaded cydia substrate and some other tweaks like simp lock and barrel but when i added the sources the text came up red but still added them to sources then when i went to add bootstrap it said i had to remove tweaks and cydia substrate and it also put cydia substrate in a box called depends

  • Pete

    i installed cydia substrate on iphone 5s installed barrel and simplock zepplin and some other tweaks when to do this hidden springboard tweak and it said i had to install bootstrap but it says i need to remove some tweaks including the new cydia substrate. so whats good? how can i do this?

  • Justin Brody

    word to the wise DO NOT CHANGE ALPHA SETTINGS TO ZERO. i did it, and now all my control center icons have disappeared and are unresponsive. working on fixing it.

  • Justin Brody

    also this comes bundled with cctoggles and works with mobilesubstrate

  • chrissoes

    Works great on 5C

  • Guest

    My springboard setting is missing. I had it before but now it is missing. Is it because of my other tweaks ? Here is the list of tweaks that i have. zeppelin, sicarius, share widget, no slow animations, no percent sign, ncallonly, message customiser, live battery indicator, killbackground7, infinidock, dockshift, controltask, bigify and activator.