P0sixspwn: iOS 6.1.3 – 6.1.5 Jailbreak for A5+ devices is now available [Updated]

Screen Shot 2013-12-30 at 2.03.34 AMIf you were waiting for the iOS 6.1.3/6.1.4/6.1.5 Untethered Jailbreak for you device tonight, the wait no longer. iH8sn0w and winocm have both just tweeted that p0sixspwn is now live. 

As stated in an earlier post, that the jailbreak was coming tonight, the untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3-6.1.5 is now available.  p0sixspwn is currently available only for the Mac. The Windows version is still work in progress.

p0sixspwn supports the following iOS devices:

  • iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5
  • iPod touch 4g, iPod touch 5g
  • iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, 1st gen iPad mini


To jailbreak your iOS device on iOS 6.1.3 – iOS 6.1.5, follow these simple steps:

Note: Before you proceed, please take a backup of your device using iTunes, and disable Encrypt iTunes backup if enabled.

You can download the latest version of p0sixspwn from this link. If you need help, check out step-by-step guide.

Keep in mind, you may have issues downloading the file with Safari and get an error stating that the file is damage and must be moved to the trash.  If that’s the case, use Google Chrome or Firefox to download the file.


iH8sn0w and winocm have released a Cydia package called p0sixspwn v1.3-2 to fix the issues with LTE and iMessage reported by users after jailbreaking their device. If you’re having data connectivity or iMessage related issues, then please install the package from Cydia.

Let me know if you have any issues going through the process in the comments below.

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  • Tran Hai

    Great !!!

  • Laura Grassano

    I downloaded and unzip when i run the program it keeps quitting unexpectedly. Won’t work for me

    • Cris

      Same here :(

      Quitting unexpectedly

      • Patel

        may be you don’t have mac os x 10.7+?

        • Cris

          I’ve got 10.7.5

        • Eric Lang

          same i have 10.7.5

        • Laura Grassano

          have 10.7.5

    • Eric Lang

      and the same here :(

    • i05fr3d

      download with firefox or chrome. The download site supports HTML 5 if you download with safari it will download using flash workaround resulting in error.

    • Eric Lang

      upgrade free from app store to mavericks and it works fine now

    • Abdul Hadi Khatri

      Same problem here

  • Ashvin Savaliya

    Is it possible to jailbreak a factory locked device???

    • Mik

      Yes that will fine Ashvin

  • S

    No windows version ;(

  • Txdevildawg

    will this work on atv3?

  • naveed

    Supported iOS version:

    iOS 6.1.3

    iOS 6.1.4

    iOS 6.1.5

    Supported devices:

    iPhone 5

    iPhone 4S

    iPhone 4

    iPhone 3GS

    iPod touch 4

    iPod touch 5


    iPad 2

    iPad 3

    iPad 4

    iPad mini 1

    • Daas (Saad)

      Original iPad with version 6.1.3? Wow, you’re an idiot.
      Think before posting that useless topic, 5.1.1 was a final update for the first iPad.

  • hypnopotamus

    I have 4s on 6.1.2 on evasion jb. Is it possible to install 6.1.3 and jb it with this or somehow install ios 7 and downgrade it to ios 6?

  • Jose Matias Pinto

    So all you Windows users out there will still be waiting a few days before the tool is available!

  • burro

    sopport new brood

  • Eric Lang

    downloaded 1.0.1 and it will not open on my mac. it keeps saying it quit unexpectedly. I downloaded it again to no avail, any news?

    • Laszlo Lingura

      i have the same problem

    • Chang Liu

      the same, OS X 10.7.5

      • Eric Lang

        upgrade free from app store to mavericks and it works fine

  • Carolyn

    Anyone get this to work? Keeps quitting unexpectedly.

  • Jhonnyp

    Try downloading with Firefox instead of safari. It fixed my issue with the app not loading

    • Eric Lang

      safari? im not that dumb lol. chrome didn’t work, firefox doesn’t work

      • Benji Brozovich

        i did the same thing doesnt work on chrome or firefox and luck

  • Guest


  • wtf


  • alex

    Great, i ll try to jail my ipod

  • Omri

    ATV3? please!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I am at work till 7pm, so i have not tried this , i have a brand new 4s 6.1.3, been waiting for this, has this worked for anyone? i have a new mac at home also, just have to download firefox then try, just want to know if anyone had his jailbreak work for them. thank you :)

    • http://ing.im/ Æ.

      Well it jailbreaks the phone and the Cydia icon is nowhere to be seen. Fortunately, it doesn’t brick the device. It couldn’t hurt to try.

  • Owais

    can i do untethered jailbreak iphone 3gs new bootrom with this tool?

    • vira1969

      go to the site and read it,tool.

  • Benji Brozovich

    i downloaded the whole thing on my mac and when i go to open it it says p0sixspwn quit unexpectedly and click repopen to open and still doesnt open andy ideas??

    • Eugene

      Eject device from iTunes then close iTunes…

  • Moinul Alam

    useless. doesn’t do apple TV and it wastes a useful exploit… I am very disheartened by this developer…

    • Foff


  • Jkidd

    Has anyone had any luck yet??? i have an iphone 3gs running on ios 4.1…..really in need of an upgrade

  • FckYou

    No LTE or 4G after jailbreak

    • http://ing.im/ Æ.

      Check the ih8n0w blog. They released a fix.

      • FckYou

        Got it! Thanks!

        • http://ing.im/ Æ.

          Your welcome!

  • Sicilian Girl

    Well it says my Iphone is jailbroken, but nothing is different with phone and no Cydia…huh??

    • http://ing.im/ Æ.


  • whynot

    no LTE or Cellular Data working after JB

  • Brad

    A ATV3 jailbreak will either never happen anytime soon or never happen completely. More money is made off of keeping Ipads, Iphones, and Ipods jail broken. Most people use their ATV’s to install XBMC and that’s it. There’s no money there.

  • blah

    bah.. of course the windows version isn’t ready… at least they kept their 2013 release promise

  • Thankful guy.

    Thanks for the instruction about downloading using Chrome, I was at my wits end figuring out why the friggin thing didn’t work on my mac using Safari

  • de

    same here wont open ny help

  • goblintim

    Just jailbroke my breand new 4s on 6.1.3, worked awesome and fast with p0sixspwn. i installed ssh after cydia update, then for fun installed the zipper slide to open package. after it respiring, the zipper slider was there, i opened it, and now the cydia icon is gone. in settings i have winter board, it must of installed itself, so how do i get cydia back?

    • http://ing.im/ Æ.

      I have the same problem. I jailbroke my iPhone 4S 6.1.3 but the Cydia icon is not there.

  • Idiots

    Useless unless it’s out on *nix or Windows. Macs are overpriced pieces of shit.

    • Asshat

      Says the guy who can’t afford a Mac. :3

  • Chhun Leang Bbn

    For window how to download it?

  • awong

    I ran the program and the program said it downloaded Cydia, but I don’t see it on my phone. Any ideas?

  • Oba Ma

    Where I can download iOS 6.1.5 soft for iPad 3? Right now I have iOS 5.1.1, and I don’t want to upgrade to iOS 7?

    • Malak

      :( you can’t do that, but you can jailbreak ios5.1.1! (with Absinthe)
      i hope it was helpful!

  • Ashvin Savaliya

    Make compatible with windows OS as soon as possible!!!!!!!!!!

  • i05fr3d

    my ipad2 isn’t supported? I’m running 6.1.3 and my device meets requirements? Am i missing something here?! I’ve ran jailbreaks before but have never run into this problem. HELP would be greatly appreciated.

    • Guest

      any help here would be greatly appreciated. iPad2 running 6.1.3

  • Eric Lang

    for those having trouble opening the tool on 10.7.5, do the free upgrade to Mavericks from the app store (its a free download to 10.9.1) and the tool opens fine

  • Benji Brozovich

    wtf this is bs I’ve installed opera, firefox, and chrome, and notta and yes for those that are gonna say or ask yes!!! I’m on 10.7.5+ still get the quit unexpectedly anyone get any results ?????????????????

    • Eric Lang

      yes read our posts idiot. it doesn’t work with 10.7.5. upgrade to mavericks for free

      • Benji Brozovich

        well we may not a lll be as smart as u dumbass

        • Eric Lang

          Well “dumbass,” if you would read the 3 different times that I posted to update from 10.7.5 instead of just posting your problems you would have answered your own question. Has nothing to do with being smart buddy, so calm down because I answered your question before you asked it

  • Jaegyun Park

    I finally got it. 2 reasons for errors.
    1. Mac OSX 10.7.5 is not working. Maverick works fine with the file.
    2. In case you can’t find cydia after jailbreak, just do it again after making more space in your iPhone. For my case, 2G free space was not enough. 10G worked.

  • DandaMan Aninerfan

    jailbroke my i5. it worked fine but now cydia has dissappeared about a day ago… any suggestions. cant do the connectivity update since i cant see cydia app..

    • STR8TeK9

      same here just redo the evasi0n and cydia comes back

      • DandaMan Aninerfan

        all good… Thanks

  • Justin Shepherd


  • a

    I can not open the file. When i click on the p0sixspwn it just opens a menu where i browse for programs to open it with… So – what to do now?

    • a

      use mac not windows dumbmy

  • a

    I downloaded to my computer, not to the phone. Do i need to download to the phone?

    • Kw440


  • Mohsin Rehman

    Does not work for me. Software shows jailbreak complete with all the restarts properly done by it but in the end there is no cydia.

  • chirag

    Luck me… my ipod touch 5 is Jail breaked !!! thank you :)

  • Peter Jean

    I ran the jailbreak and now my IPad is stuck in a loop rebooting itself. The Wifi no longer works. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Peter Jean

    Help! I ran the jailbreak and now my iPad is just rebooting itself over and over. My wifi no longer works…

  • jman995x

    When I plug in the iPhone 5, nothing happens (ie: the software doesn’t recognize the device). What do I do?

  • lironmazaki

    They released a Windows version http://p0sixspwn.com/ (1.0.4) your welcome

    • Name

      This jailbreak is a joke. It does not work, so they may release even a Linux version if they please. It’s crap, that’s what it is.

  • Kashif

    (WINDOWS USERS) Those Whose Facing ” ERROR 03″ They Should Change The Compatibility Mode To ” WINDOWS7″..

    • Salim

      how do u change compatibility mode?

      • Kashif

        Right Click on a Application “P0sixspwn.exe” go to properties.. then go to tab “Compatibility” then Check “Run this program in compatibilty mode” Choose Windows7.. SIMPLE

        • http://www.gwcomputers.al eroldruzi

          did not work :/

  • Lexi

    Tried downloading the p0sixspwn for my iPhone 5 iOS 6.1.4 on my 10.7.5 MacBook on both Google Chrome and Firefox, but after clicking on ‘Jailbreak,” it continuously pauses the download when it says, “Gathering information to generate jailbreak data…” I have deleted and downloaded this file several times again and again, but I still have the same issue. PLEASE HELP! :-(

  • Neil


    I’ve just done the jailbreak on my wifes ipad 2 running 6.1.3 using p0sixspwn-v1.0.4 and now its stuck in the reboot loop and cydia isn’t showing. Please help

    • Varun Saraf

      I am having the same issue. Did you have any luck?

  • jaja

    every time when I reboot it it crashes

  • Jared Bray

    It won’t even start the jailbreak, it will say (not responding) whenever I click jailbreak

  • Milad

    I have ipad 2(gsm). I download the program and after pushing jailbreak, it restarts my ipad then it says that this device is not supporting. so, what is the problem?

  • dread

    Just for all those people out there talking about upgrading to Mavericks and it will fix the issue: Mavericks doesn’t work, OSX 10.7.5 or any OS for mac…I have over 5 different mac with 3 different OS’ on them, not one works. Neither does the different browsers. Every time i press that damn “Jailbreak” button, it closes. I don’t understand how people can release a Jailbreak, back it and promise results but not even have a stable dl…such a joke. Very hard to believe that iH8sn0w had anything to do with this program…good luck, i am so glad that this is just for my iPod, my iPhone is already Cydia approved and working flawlessly with evasi0n

  • Justin

    Disaapeared my all icons. iPod 4: 6.1.5 please help

  • Benji Brozovich

    i gave up this is a joke, upgraded my and the wires a5 to 7.0.4 and used evasi0n work flawlessly plus iOS 7 is way better, this jailbreak is junk

  • ra

    Jailbreak failed Error 03 !!!??

    • BALdman

      Kashif • 3 months ago
      (WINDOWS USERS) Those Whose Facing ” ERROR 03″ They Should Change The Compatibility Mode To ” WINDOWS7″..

      • harry

        again same problem

        • Cami

          you need copy or cut the program to “C:” and choose The ” WINDOWS7″ in Compatibility Mode.

          • http://www.gwcomputers.al eroldruzi

            Does not resolve the error. :/

  • vir2oz

    Зависает в конце на RUNNING HELPER… iphone 4s 6.1.3 что делать?

    • Name

      As you surely have noticed, we speek English here instead of some ruski bull crap.
      Hope this helped you.

  • Disappointed

    Don’t bother, it doesn’t work anyway.

  • supertallguy

    i ran the jailbreak but now its in a reboot loop and i have no wifi and no cydia. Any idea on how to fix this?

  • Pepijn

    when i pluged in my device into the computer (my mac) it worked pretty well but when i was jailbreaking the device and there comes the popup time for magic it says that the program unexpectedly was closed. could somebody help me i try to jailbreak my ipod touch 4G

  • Dx

    shit shit shit this doesnt work on win7

  • spartanman

    I tried everything and I still can’t jailbreak it. getting so damn frustrating

  • R4ND0M P3R50N

    it used to work with my and my sisters ipod touch 4th gen. i then forgot my ipod passcode so i restored it and restored a backup. now it always quits unexpectedly. any help pls pls pls?!

  • Alex

    Uhm, i plugged in my iPod to do this, I have Windows 7 (acer) and like it will not recognize my iPod.. Any way to fix? Downloaded w/ Chrome.

  • alex63

    Here is the Fix to the jailbreak crashing. The problem is the newest ITUNES 11. You either need to use a computer with an old version of ITUNES, or remove ITUNES completely and install an earlier version. I installed on a clean windows install and it worked for me. It doesn’t matter what version of windows you are running.

  • Avi

    I am stuck on this step in my jailbreak. I have a GPP sim previously installed, does anyone know where I go from here?

  • Avi

    this is picture i meant to post