iOS 7 adoption hits 78% according to App Store metrics

iOS 7 was released in September this year, and in just a little over three months, over 78 percent of iOS devices are running the latest version of Apple’s mobile operating system.

According to Apple’s App Store Dashboard, iOS 7 has a 78 percent share, followed by iOS 6 with 18 percent and iOS 5 and earlier running on 4 percent of devices. A few weeks ago, similar stats had iOS 7 at 74 percent, iOS 6 at 22 percent and iOS 5 and earlier versions at 4 percent.

ios 7 adoption

Apple’s iOS adoption numbers have been quite remarkable, since the company delivers the update to all device owners at once, without any delay, and supports iPhone 4 and up, and all iPads except for the first-gen iPad. Android on the other hand suffers from poor adoption rates due to the involvement of multiple parties in delivering updates.

With the release of evasi0n7 the adoption rate could go higher as a number of jailbreakers were probably holding off updating to iOS 7 due to the lack of a jailbreak. Let us know what you think.

Thanks Rick for the tip!