iOS 7 Compatible Jailbreak Apps and Tweaks [Updated: January 8]


The release of the evasi0n7 jailbreak for iOS 7 – iOS 7.0.4 has taken many of us by surprise, including Cydia developers, so even though you may have successfully jailbroken your iOS device it is advisable to proceed with caution as many jailbreak apps and tweaks are not compatible with iOS 7 currently.

pod2g has also tweeted that jailbreak apps and tweaks relying on MobileSubstrate may have issues and has advised jailbreakers to avoid installing them for now. They’re working on a fix.

We thought it may be a good idea to keep tab of the list of compatible jailbreak apps and tweaks to your life a lot easier. It also looks like some apps don’t work on iPhone 5s probably because of the 64-bit A7 chip, so we’ve also mentioned if a tweak doesn’t work on a device.

So here’s the initial list of jailbreak apps and tweaks that are compatible with iOS 7 – iOS 7.0.4.

iOS 7 Compatible Jailbreak Tweaks
2×2 Folder Icons
360 Vault
3G Unrestrictor 5 (iOS 7 & 6)
5 Row Custom iPad Keyboard
5 Row Customizable Keyboard for iPhone
7Folder Relayout
Action Menu
Action Menu Plus Pack
AdBlocker Flipswitch
AirBlue Sharing
AirBlue Stack
AndroidLock XT
App Language Switcher
AquaBoard – Liquid SpringBoard
Assistant Unrestrictor
Australian BOM Weather+
Awake Speech
Background Manager
Blue & Gray
Browser Changer
Burst mode
BytaFont 2
Caffeine 2
Call on GV Pro
CallerID Greece
Capture View
CC Deseparator
Chinese Calendar for Notification Center
Chinese Calendar Pro for Notification Center
Core Utilities
Cydia Substrate
Darwin CC Tools
Disable Parallax Effect
Dreher App
Erica Utilities
Exchange Unlock iOS7
f.ux Flipswitch
Fake GPS
Fake GPS Lite
Fake GPS Pro
Fake Operator
Fast Forward
FB Unlimited Chat Heads
Find My Friends Location Spoofer
Find My iPhone China Corrector
Flat Notes
FMFIP Spoofer
Front HDR
FullForce for Phone
GroupRinger Lite
gUICache for CCToggles
Hong Kong Carrier Logos
IB Graphics Selector
iBlank for iOS 7
iCaughtU Pro
Icon Renamer
Icon Tool
iFBA – Multi-Arcade Emulator
iKeyMonitor keylogger for iPad/iPhone/iPod
iTunes Radio Unlimited
Jailbreaking 101
LLVM + Clang
Lock Screen Tool
Lockdown Lite
Lockdown Pro iOS 7
Lunar Calendar for Notification Center
Mail More Photos
Menu Button Emulator
Messages Customiser
MongolKeyboard for iPhone
Multitasking Gestures Switch
MyWi 7
Navigate From Maps
No Alerts Private Browsing
No Icon Badges
No Lockscreen Camera
No Page Bounce
No Page Dots
No Passcode Block
No Percent Sign
No Skype Preview
No Switcher Icons
NoSpot iOS 7
OneByOne Contacts
Open In App For Photos
Open in YouMail
Parallax enaBlur
Photo Blackground
PhotosEnhancer Pro 2
Piano Passcode
PowerDown Enhancer
Prayer Time in NC Today
Private Space
ProTube Extension for YouTube
ProTube HD
Push for Gmail
QuickGestures 2
QuickShoot Pro 2
Reboot Flipswitch
Record ‘n’ Torch
RecordMyScreen (Tweak)
Remove Badges
Remove Recents
Reset-Safari Flipswitch
Rich Text For Mail
Rotation Lock Flipswitch
Safari Resetter
SBInfoGrabber iOS 7
SBRotator 7
Screenshot Dam
ShakeToUndo Killer
Share Widget for iOS 7
ShowIP for NotificationCenter
Signal 2
Slide2Kill 7
SMS on GV 7
Software Update Killer
Spoof CallerID and Voice changer
Still Capture Enabler 2
TryGpsOut5 for iOS 5/6/7
tsProtector P
TVLocker Pro
Tweetbot API
UIKit Tools
Uninstall Application Size
Unrestricted Folders Naming
Userscripts Loader
Video Zoom Mod
Virtual Home
Volume Amplifier
Wake Info
Wake With Weather
WiFi Booster
WiFi Passwords

Updated (December 23, 2013:

This post has been last updated at 12 noon EST on December 23, 2013 based on comments from our readers and other sources mentioned below. Thanks everyone for the help in identifying iOS 7 compatible jailbreak apps and tweaks.

Updated (December 25, 2013):

Check out this Google doc to find out the comprehensive list of iOS 7 compatible jailbreak apps and tweaks.

Updated (December 30, 2013):

Please note that most of the jailbreak tweaks won’t work on A7 devices such as iPhone 5s, iPad Air and Retina iPad mini as Mobile Substrate is not yet compatible with the 64-bit A7 chip.

Other users can check out this post to find out how to fix issues with jailbreak tweaks that have dependency on Mobile Substrate.

Updated (January 8, 2014):

This list was updated on January 8th, 2014. iPhone 5s users can check out this post for the list of jailbreak apps and tweaks that are compatible with their device.

Please let us know if you’ve found any jailbreak app or tweak compatible with iOS 7 so we can update this list. We’ll also update the list when Cydia developers release updated versions of their tweaks to add support for iOS 7.

[via reddit, Google doc]

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  • Steve

    five icon dock don’t work for me, installs only

    • Randall Cobb

      Thats me as well

      • JNAS?

        It works but it looks shit… bunches the apps

  • Mashhood Farooque

    For installing activator beta 5 add to your sources

  • Guest

    How about only posting the ones that DO work like they asked???

    • Mashhood Farooque

      I think we should have the ones that don’t work so others can avoid running into problems we find

      • Erick121

        That’ll be wayyyyy to many

  • kareka

    audio recorder doenst work on my iphone 5

  • iMoe

    appsync 5+

    • kareka


    • Steve

      Appsync is not even listed on Cydia now

      • iMoe

        you have to install the sources for it
        google best cydia sources :)

  • Mashhood Farooque

    Blurried NC Background not working

  • abeldid

    unlimtones and movie box not working

  • LiLiAN

    Music Box shows white screen, maybe they will update it but right now the app isn’t working

  • Zrizt

    I’m still on 6.1.3; should I update to iOS 7 and jailbreak, or wait for a 6.1.3 jailbreak? My device is CDMA iPhone 5.

    • mE.!

      Do you like the iOS7 look and feel or would you prefer to stay with the iOS 6 look and feel? It’s really as simple as that.

  • kareka

    Activator works once, and than starts to not work…..

    • David

      What are you trying to say? It is buggy?

  • Ǝɥʇ Puǝ

    Please update this tweaks : LocalIAPstore – AppSync – IAPcracker – Springtomize 2 :) thnx for all hacker’s and developers

  • ConduciveMammal

    Anyone know the status of Flex?

    • Gautam

      It is not yet compatible.

      • ConduciveMammal

        Damn, okay thanks

        • David

          The flex 2 beta is semi working tho (and is fairly stable). Get it from their beta repo.

  • logan

    movie box works!

    • Rpj5

      When I click on a movie it says “not available now.”

      Can anyone help??

      • Ngbun

        Have to download The new version from Xsille to get it to Work

        • drduker

          what version 2.4?

        • Guest
        • Rpj5

          I tried that and even used a VPN and still the same thing.

          • James

            Make sure you aren’t using version 2.3 as they stated that version is no longer compatible with their servers, use the 2.4 version which can be found in the insanelyi repo.

          • Rpj5

            Yeah I checked that too. And it’s 2.4 but maybe it’ll just be for awhile. Hopefully I can use it soon though.

      • A1d3nh0

        You need to use a VPN.

    • quitsine

      delete it and re install it from xsellize

    • Me2

      Would be nice if firewall ip worked with moviebox!

  • Hessam

    clever pin???

    • M Last

      not yet
      I am waiting

    • David

      The tweak “Better Wifi” also has this functionality but i’m not sure if that is working on 7 either.

  • cityhallguy

    Music box is working on iPhone 4s 7.0.4

    • MikeeeeP

      Your not getting an error with music box? Askingn you to enter letters?

  • cityhallguy

    Movie Box also

  • Erick121

    Xbmc app works

  • Bob

    Am I the only one who can’t get gridlock to work?

    • Erick121

      Seems like some apps work on certain devices and not on others accerlate won’t work on my 5s

      • an

        none of the apps working on my iphone 5s.grid lock,activator,five icon dock…none of them….are u facing the same problem or is it only me….thanks in advance..

        • Erick121

          Same here tried them all it’s probably either because mobile substrate isn’t working or cause respring don’t work on the 5s just need to wait till they update that

  • cityhallguy

    When you go to install anything, if it needs to install mobile substrate, it won’t work right now.

  • robert reid

    what repos do we need to add to get these tweaks

  • oba ma

    How about “User Agent Faker”??

  • Burakxx

    i cant find iPhone4Parallex, iphone 4 ios 7.0.4

  • JodizzleTKR

    five icon dock looks horrible also pandora dowloader still works

    • JNAS?

      agreed, five icon dock looks shit… bunches the apps…

  • nevik

    Appsyncs ios 7

  • Mashhood Farooque

    How to get iphone4parallax to work?

    • Burakxx

      i cant find it in cydia, can u help me?

      • Mashhood Farooque

        Use the ipwned apple source

    • cityhallguy
      • Mashhood Farooque

        Wallpaper has gone gray only the dock is coloured

        • m

          get the roller & emulsion out.nice cherry blossom white i think

          • Mashhood Farooque

            I think you should avoid commenting and spamming the forum unless you have something helpful to contribute

  • Kyle Figula

    I’m using Android and refuse apple unless dreamboard will work on ios7, so… Does it… Thanks!

    • Seany Mc Donagh

      Ill check it now.

      • Seany Mc Donagh

        didnt take long haha. no its not working

  • Anthony

    Signal 2 won’t let you purchase it because it is not yet compatible

  • cityhallguy

    For anyone looking for repos for installation, just google cydia and the name of the app then repo. It will give you the info you want.
    We can’t post the links on here.

  • Mashhood Farooque

    I can not see my installed tweaks and apps in settings

    • cityhallguy

      me neither

      • cityhallguy

        I just installed icon renamer and it’s in the settings list, but the app itself is glitchy. You have to respring each time.

    • kareka

      me too

    • Frank

      Same thing!

    • chandler

      me too too

      • Mashhood Farooque

        Well guys i deleted mobile substrate which removed all tweaks depending on it with it then i reinstalled it and installed all of them one by one and i can see them in the settings app now

        • chandler

          work for me thxxx

          • Anonymous

            Unnecessary, just reinstall the following together in one queue: Mobile Substrate, PreferenceLoader, and Substrate Safe Mode

          • matt

            can’t find preferenceloader , where is it?

          • Alex

            change to developer instead of user in cydia settings and then search for it

          • Mashhood Farooque

            I did that and it didn’t work that’s why i tried this

          • Dimebag

            it doesn’t work. I did it 3-4 times, even with restart. Anything else? I uninstalled them all, and then reinstalled all those 3+activator+flipswitch in one queue

        • Ryan Seaman

          What about Activator?

          • Mashhood Farooque


          • naftali85

            not working in my iphone 4

    • Anonymous

      Reinstall the following together in one queue: Mobile Substrate, PreferenceLoader, and Substrate Safe Mode

    • an

      me tooo on my iphone 5s

      • Mashhood Farooque

        Reinstall mobile substrate ,preference loader and substrate safe mode

        • an

          Reinstalled but still can’t see any apps in settings of my iphone 5s… Plz help.. Thanks in advance…

          • Mashhood Farooque

            You can modify property lists of apps in library directory

          • an

            Can u plz be a little specific n explain how to do it if u don’t mind …thanks in advance…

          • Mashhood Farooque

            Install ifile or some file browser if you dont have one and go to the root directory of your phone then open library then preference loader folder and then open the preferences folder inside and then open the folder of the app you want to modify the settings and open its plist and modify to your will

          • Dimebag

            So do you want me to always change settings like this?! seriously?!

            Should do something with this jailbreak. Nothing is working actually.

          • Mashhood Farooque

            If you have a better solution do it

    • ĄbŎød Ąl-bøkĥárŷ

      same to u :

  • kareka

    tetherme doenst work. I have a iphone 5. I install but doenst do anything

    • DSG Kaspr

      Does work need to reinstall mobile substrate and substrate safe mode after installing to see the menu

      • usvi4me

        I did as you suggested above. Even after signing into my account, It states Unable to purchase – This product is not supported for your iOS version. I am trying this on the iPhone 5. How can I switch from user to developer or hacker?

        • usvi4me

          Figured out how to switch the developer to download preference loader. Keep getting operation timed out. Cydia overloaded?

          • Flyballmom

            Can you let me in on how you did this? Also is TetherMe better or the same as MyWi?

    • ruxpin810

      tetherme not working for me on 5s. was able to install it and have mobile substrate and substrate safe mode installed but nothing appearing on settings

  • sikeward

    it seems that any tweak that creates a menu within the settings option hasn’t worked so far on my iphone 4 ios 7.0.4. I was able to get icleaner and respring and appcake to work just fine though.

  • Erick121

    Activator don’t work on the 5s

  • zulle

    on ipad 2 keeps on poping the apple logo and need to restore with itunes for it to live again… so no jailbreak for me, too bad cause i lost all the stuff i had with the previous JB

  • cityhallguy

    FastrRespring seems to work. You’re gonna need it!!!

  • Murat Özdemir

    Could someone test if these tweaks are working on iPhone 5s:
    Safari Download Manager
    User Agent Faker

    Thanks for helping out :-)

    • Frank

      I’ll try

    • Frank

      FolderEnhancer, not compatible

    • Frank

      iBlacklist works!

    • Frank

      iFile works!

      • Frank

        But you can’t buy a license.

    • Frank

      MuteIcon doesn’t work.

  • kareka

    where it goes the installed tweaks and apps??? It is not in settings……

    • m

      u need to DL them i think

      • martha

        what is that?

      • Please help me

        How do u dl them

        • Shadowz

          You need to reinstall preference loader,mobile substrate, and substrate safe mode then they show up in settings. To find preference loader in list you have to change your Chadian settings to developer

          • Matt

            It works! However every time i reboot my device they disappear again, should I keep doing that every single time I reboot. Is that normal??

          • Eric Young

            This doesn’t fix on CDMA 5s. Tried 3 times.

          • Omar Habej

            BECAUSE those things wont even run on your processors since it is 64 bit.

          • Tim

            How do you change Chadian settings

          • Ryan

            its supposed to say change.

    • mE.!

      I noticed them not showing up in Settings as well.

    • FlutterDash

      All you have to do is reinstall the mobile substrate and restart your springboard and it will show up in your settings again.

  • Sam Lambert

    How do I get the tweaks to work? None of them appear in my Settings app

    • kareka

      i like to know too

    • chadler

      same here

    • an

      same here…i have iphone 5s n i cannot c any apps in phone settings.

  • MikeeeeP

    Is anyone else getting “please enter these letters” box when trying to use Music Box? That, Grooveshark and Mewseek are not working. Movie box is. Any ideas?

  • Pompom

    Iapfree Works for some apps like candy crush

    • johram515

      what soucre to download to get it

  • Zack

    MyWi 7 works

    • Frank

      Yep, me too!

  • Minh

    Any working iAPFree for ios7? :)

    • Frank

      The install works, but you can’t download the Core Plugin yet.

      • Andrés Vargas

        Sinfuliphone have the iapfree whit core plugin

        • Jynzgreen

          Thanks Frank iAPfree works fine on my iphone 5 with iOS 7.0.4

          I downloaded from sinfuliphonerepo.(com) without ()

          • Mahmoudh

            Unsupported url

      • Umer Sheikh

        IAP FREE PLUGIN PACK working perfectly on my iPhone 5 (7.0.4)..

    • Pang

      localiapstore works

      • SwagFeg.

        What source is that on? i don’t see it.

        • LukeMateee
          • Agarwal Manisha

            not working

          • Omar Habej

            it does work, although it wont work on the iphone 5s because it runs on 64 bit version. Basically you can download the IAP but you can’t enable it in the settings, because you can’t see the setting.

      • henry

        work on ios7 ?

        • hamed


          • Mahmoudhakim96

            He tell me bad url what should i do ?

          • asim

            hameda bhai yar mery iphone main cydia howa hai but iphone baral ko support nhi kar raha or na he cydia ki game ko main kya krn ???

      • hishamage

        i install it.. and i have no settings or on home screen?? help>>

        • Omar Habej

          It won’t work on the Iphone 5s or any other device running a 64 bit version because the program “Preference loader” doesn’t work on those processors. Thats the program that allows you to acces jailbreak tweeks from the settings list. Basically, you can download and install it, but you can’t enable it in the settings because you cant see the settings.

          • hishamage

            i fixed it..i installed the localappstore again .. and then re installed mobile substrate and it worked

          • Minh


          • hishamage

            no problem

        • Xfm836

          Reinstall mobile substrate and mobile substrate for iOS 7 and respring. Don’t restart.

    • Alvin

      i can confirm working iapfree on chino010 myrepospace ios 7.0.4 iPhone 5

      • beast

        go onto developer mode

      • Austin Steffen

        Can confirm this doesn’t work on the iPhone 5s 64bit processor

        • Brandon

          Alot of tweaks wont work on the IPhone 5s because it uses a 64bit processor

    • Harry

      Yeah,I am using it right now.Just install it and update it when it alerts you.

    • Yuriy Zibrov

      No. But there is LocalIappstore. This is analog iapfree

    • Minh

      Well, to be a bit more specific, any working iAPFree for ios7 iPhone 4? :)

    • wasimie

      is ther any unlocking tweak working on cydia for ios 7 ip 4 like ultra snow or SAM packg or any other unlocking tweak… please reply must if anyone knuww….

    • Recoat

      yeah use the normal ios 6 one its called lacalapstore

    • Hello

      What about iAP Cracker

  • Yashira Oyola

    Does anyone know if bitesms is working?

    • AlaaGh

      It crashes when I open it.

      • Mentality

        Same here crashes everytime.

  • Michael Morgan

    Music box and movie box working great on iPad air 7.0.4

  • Randall

    Is that just me that the installed tweaks don’t have setting configuration in “Settings” app?? I installed most of the tweaks above but Settings doesn’t show any configuration of tweaks!

    • kareka

      if you read below, there are more people with the same problem

    • Slackerman

      mobile substrate is unstable, just reinstall and it should work

  • kareka

    Bytafont works on iphone 5

    • KalebG

      Byta font ,for me, only works in certain apps. The don’t doesn’t change in lock screen or on springboard. Just in Safari, and cydia.

      • Erick121

        bytafont dont work on the 5s stuck on apple logo restoring now lol

  • David Poghosyan

    How to use tweaks after downloading them??

  • Rajat

    ifile is also working and whatspad too…

  • specialllama

    anyone know a carrier unlock thats working?

    • cityhallguy

      Waaaayyyyy too early for that! Don’t expect one soon!

      • specialllama

        :( meh, cheers for the reply .

    • eise

      i have one working hehe

      • specialllama

        Geif deets! :D plz

        • eise

          reinstall mobile substrate
          add source:
          search for carrier7 in the source
          thumbs up if it worked

          • specialllama

            could only find fakecarrier7 in that source :/

  • Randall

    Is it just me that tweaks don’t have configurations in Settings?

    • eise

      reinstall mobile substrate and all should work now (worked for me) thx to the guy below

  • Mashhood Farooque

    I have figured out that the gray wallpaper but coloured dock means safe mode.For me it was caused when i installed iphone4parallax please avoid it and uninstall if you go into safe mode

  • m

    am i missing something here? why would ya wanna JB your iphone if theres no apps for the ios yet?

  • Serj

    Safari Download Manager Working or Not? Still Didn’t JB :D

    • Mashhood Farooque

      Tried safari dlm and safari downloader both are broken

  • Mashhood Farooque

    Zephyr not working

  • Cody

    zeppelin installs and is in settings but doesn’t replace carrier info

  • iOS 7

    Swipe selection does not work on 5S

    • matt lim

      same here

  • Jamie Blatt

    Anyone tried Push Tone or Barrel?

    • Erick121

      Tried barrel doesn’t work

  • JNAS?

    Music Box works :)

    • Andre

      How did you get Movie Box to work, this thing is driving me crazy!

  • Joshua Marquez

    Are there any repo’s???

  • JNAS?

    BytaFont works but it doesn’t apply the change of text style to everything….

  • Big J

    Working with Iphone5 with 7.0.4 loaded SBsettings but don’t see the dropdown menu? does SBsettings work yet?

    • JNAS?

      SBsettings is pointless now, due to the iOS 7 upgrade

  • JNAS?

    WelcomeMe is pointless

  • Phil Desamour

    yea does sb setting work yet?

    • Ben

      Yes it does using the beta version of activator that is found within Petrich’s repo

  • Mashhood Farooque

    Winterboard working barrel causes safe mode

  • Phil Desamour

    does ifile work

    • Stijn Hoste

      iFile does work

  • Vhen

    My 3G in iPad mini works

  • Pulse555

    iWep pro 5 is working with all dics installed to.
    iFile is working from what ive used it for which is to just install my deb files i need.
    Winterboard is working from what ive seen so far.
    all working on iphone 4s.

  • kareka

    when reboot, configurations in Settings disappear

    • Aafi

      Just uninstall the mobile substrate and then install it and install apps and tweaks one by one

  • Justin R

    Gridlock does not work on iPhone 5S running on iOS 7.0.4 does anyone know what is working for my device?

  • Mashhood Farooque

    Color keyboard not working

  • Mashhood Farooque

    Siri for iphone 4 from bassam kassem repo for ios 7 is not working

  • Bobby Bonilla

    No BiteSMS?

    • cityhallguy

      icon shows up but it closes right away

    • AlaaGh

      does not work, instant crash!

  • Niels

    iFile is Compatible! works Great on iPad Mini! :)

  • Brock

    Does anyone know if pdanet works?

  • Frank

    the zeppelin tweak is not working

  • Frank

    yay the icon renamer works at least. Is any tweak like the zeppelin one working so far?

  • John

    So my screen (background screen) went gray and nothing is working. Anyone knows what’s going on?

    • Mentality

      Safe mode – respring (doesn’t seem to notify you until you click the status bar)

  • Martha

    The tweaks I download won’t appear in Settings…!

  • Gj

    localiapstore works, you just need to delete mobile substrate and then reinstall it,then enable local iapstore in settings,

  • iJLD

    is LastApp working for iOS 7?

  • Owen Brady

    wifi analyzer works on 7.0.4

  • ____JMS

    Do not forget iFile, I installed it 20 minutes ago, and it runs smoothly with no bugs.

  • Tony

    Is there a wifi app working on 5s ie mywi or tether me? Or even a tweak to use the built in hotspot

    • johram515

      mywi7 i think

  • Tony

    Is it true my wi doesent hide it from your carrier and they will shut you down?

  • Owen Brady

    openssh works – the tool ssh connect does not show up in settings… none of my apps seem too.

  • shmoo

    If tweaks aren’t showing up in settings, go to /Library/PreferenceLoader/Preferences/, then select which tweaks that have options and select “Property List Viewer”. Then toggle things on and off, no need for settings. (Install preference loader first)

    • mathew

      where is library??

  • tagebebe

    XBMC works perfect on both iPad 2 and iPad mini

  • MadFace

    Ikeywi working fine on iphone 5 ios 7.0.4

  • MadFace

    localapstore working fine on iphone 5 ios 7.0.4

    • bilz

      what source did u use for this?

    • johram515

      what source did u use

  • Max

    Movie box doesn’t play anything for me :(

  • Rahat Khan


    • helpneeded

      Sadly no, im waiting for that one the most!

  • Shadowz

    Does Vshare and app sync work

  • Daniel

    safari download manager, bridge, multiiconmover all not working

  • Shadowz

    What about vshare and app sync

    • Shadowz

      Also what about the emulator retro-arch

      • Shadowz

        Vshare works it’s just app sync I need working

  • Daniel

    can anyone confirm what source 5 dock icon is on? i cant find the ios 7 one neither for killbackground7 thanks.

  • anhaa

    hey guys how about movie box ? is there anyone using Moviebox

    • basic noob

      what is moviebox for? just saying…never use it before..

  • I need help

    if you download tweaks that are not available for the newest version there will be an upgrade later or I should delete them and download them once they are on the newest version? Help!

  • johnathan

    When will tweaks be ready for IOS7?? How long will it take?

    • AlaaGh

      It depends on the devs, you can get the upgrade tomorrow, when you wake up, or in 6 months…

  • Romi Kurti


  • Richard

    I wish Springtomize was compatible:(

  • Aji

    zephyr? I need that slide-from-bottom-to-top for closing app.

    • Mashhood Farooque

      Not working

  • KalebG

    Color Keyboard is somewhat working. I have a custom image behind my keys.

    • Romi Kurti

      yea i am not able to change the color

    • David

      Can you upload that background somewhere ? Or link to it?

  • tweaks brah

    Okay well half of these tweaks posted above wont even let you install them because it doesnt support the iOS version.. fail

  • Saroo

    Iphone 5s 7.0.4 jailbroken (second attempp after boot loop) Working for me so far
    perfectly –
    movie box, music box,zeusmos. “Activator & winter board” (Cannot do anything with them though)

    Partially working & crash –
    vshare, freeiapstore

    all i’ve tried so far that even came close to working

  • cola5000

    Is anyone else unable to see there tweaks in the default settings app?

  • August Cabling

    Question. I have not yet jb my idevice, i want to but
    im hesitant that my unlock ticket for sam unlock exploit wont still be
    useable due to cydia not yet fully updated. any idea if i can use it
    now? thanks in advance happy holidays

  • Jimbo

    done the jailbreak on iphone 5 and facebook messenger crashes every time. trying a factory reset on handset and it is taking forever. will re jailbreak when done and try facebook again. will upsate when I can

  • dingler

    iconoclasm works fine

  • maxwell smart

    Also youtubetomp3 app is working perfectly. Thank u for the list.

  • Garey

    Tweaks not showing up in settings, I tried reinstalling preference loader,mobile substrate, and substrate safe mode, and deleting them and installing but no luck

    • johram515

      how do u download preference loader help

      • garey

        you change your settings to developer, but re-installing it isn’t helping me so far

        • johram515

          ok thanks though very much

    • abdallah

      i did a restore and jailbreak again

  • Boris Nguetie

    do someone know how to get btstack?? i dont see it on the bigboss repo

  • Richard

    Showcase is supported:)

  • deception

    Every time I use icon renamer it restarts and I loose every tweak I had so far…

  • Richard

    Zephyr is not supported but will have to work around the new control center.

  • hyder

    my home screen wallpaper disappeared when i used POOF

    • Person

      I think thats like a really buggy mobile substrate safe mode…

    • Mashhood Farooque

      Its caused by safe mode.Open cydia delete poof and respring

  • Randall

    Tweaks don’t have configurations in Setting on iPhone 5s!!! Anyone has same problem ??

    • abdallah

      yes i had i did a restore and jailbreak again

  • Arif Ullah

    TetherMe does not work on iPhone 4S, running iOS 7.0.4 and evasi0n’s jailbreak.

  • Axiom101

    After reinstalling mobile substrate Tetherme worked on iPhone 4 IOS 7.4 personal hotspot is visible APN settings there as well, took a few tries but works like a charm after third attempt…

    • johram515

      yeah thanks again just re downloading preference loader it gave me setting preferences

  • Jaden

    I can not get jack to work on the 5s. :-(.

    • Coney

      Me either. Only thing I got to work is Music Box and I dont even want that

    • Jose Correa

      iFile is the only thing I have gotten to work, on my 5s, nothing else.

  • Spearman873

    Does anyone know if Bridge works???

  • Coney

    If I could just get Pandora Downloader, ProTube, BITE SMS and IAPfree to work on the 5s I’ll be a happy man. I dont need anything else. Hopefully they will be updated very soon

    • Flyballmom

      I just downloaded it onto my 5S and it’s working great. Try it now that they new Mobile Substrate has been updated. :o)

  • vixzor

    Best xmasgift ever, but now my home butten doesnt work when i singelpress it….

    • vixzor


  • Will

    Signal 2 is showing as “not supported on your iOS version”

    • Will

      Signal Booster does not work on 7.0.4 either

  • ASD

    i am having a hard time with how to make the tweaks show up on Settings. I tried reinstalling mobile substrate, preferenceloader, and substrate safe mode. but no luck…

  • Zcs626

    Does anyone know why killbackground7 and swipetorespring don’t work after installing “poof?”

  • Bryan Sosa

    i keep getting size mismatch

    • arthet

      just update one by one
      Make single update

  • dadditude

    SIGnify works.

    • Will

      Might work but cant download from Cydia (Unsupported iOS version)

      • dadditude

        Odd. I was able to install it just fine. Maybe because I had purchased it previously?

  • helpneeded

    Can anyone confirm if any of the following tweaks work? Greatly appreciated!

    And if so, the repos would be amazing!! Thanks!

    • helpneeded

      nvm about swipe selection*

      • Mashhood Farooque

        Zephyr and jellylock not working

        • helpneeded

          Thanks a lot bud! So is smsreply working or you dont know?

  • tc

    Not a single problem on my 4GS. Thanks to all involved

  • EdP

    It would be great if you edit this post to add a one-sentence description of each app. I just spent an hour searching on Cydia to find out what they were. Thanks for the post.

    • -X-

      Totally agree

    • idownblog

      lol i feel your pain brother i did the same thing

    • Manny C

      I think the author’s intention here was to give users a quick and easy reference list to check if the tweaks that you are currently using (or are most important to you) have been made compatible.

  • Laith Salman Muhamed

    browser changer works like a charm

  • phinedemolish

    MXtube works!

  • Cobalt

    Respring is working on my 5s… It shows the Apple logo but I know it can’t be resetting because its not forcing me to type in my passcode.

  • Aaron

    Fake carrier on iPhone 4 iOS 7.0.4 does not work

  • Griffin

    any hack to enable facetime on middle eastern iphone 5 running 7.0.4? thank you.

  • njjkkj

    iFile is working on iphone 5 ios 7.0.4

  • Shhhhhhhhh

    People need to learn to stop complaining and wait for bug fixes. There was obviously going to be bugs with a pushed release.

  • Cobalt

    AFC2add works for root access through ifunbox if anyone with a 5s is having stability issues with ifile for the time being.

  • naftali85

    can anyone post a list of IOS 7 supported sources?
    i think my sources are old..

    • naftali85

      Cant find killBackground7

  • Hayden

    CarrierPigeon works!

  • nishaan jariwala

    no any aap work in cydia even cydia crack aplication not work

  • nishaan jariwala

    plzzzzzzz reply admin what is the problem of jailbreak no any aalication work

  • Lauro Mafra

    iFile is working for me!

  • Bdiddy

    Do we have AirDrop for iPhone 4?

    • Mashhood Farooque

      Yes just search for airdrop iphone 4 ios 7 on google and add whatever source it is available in

  • Trevor_Philips_Original


  • Raschen

    DeleteMail works!

    • Raschen

      SwipeSelection works also!!!

      • AlaaGh

        But when you reboot it no longer work.

  • Aditya Krishnan

    WiFi Booster works !

    • David

      WiPi (yes with a “P”) is better, “Better Wifi” and “Wifi Booster” both take up over 30mb of memory. WiPi **also removes the signal limitation**.
      If you must have Wifi Booster install it but disable the mobile substrate addon with iCleaner and only re-enable it when you really do need it.
      Here is another tip, set WiPi up so that activator and tripple tap home brings it up in any app or on the homescreen.
      I also setup tripple tap on the lockscreen (when unlocked) to launch soundhound or shazam. Then set those to listen at startup.

  • Guest

    Mes tweack n’apparaissent pas dans mes réglages normal ?

  • MFgaming

    HarlemShake7 how do i fined that its not coming up on cydia :(

    • Kush Bhimani

      I am trying to fine this as well!

  • JM

    ifile is working.

  • Sam Chintha

    Nitrous is working!

  • Brian

    My preference loader Wont reinstall it just freezes

  • Twig

    f.lux works, iphone 4s 7.0.4

  • logan bilal

    hey guys…actually i am stuck on APPLE LOGO..and i dont know how to troubleshoot it…plzz help me

  • logan bilal

    by the way if evad3rs will release a new update that fixes stuck on apple logo and it will not be detected

  • Jvifkfk

    Signal booster doesn’t work

  • jimmie

    does Accelerate work on iPhone 5 and IOS 7.0.4

    • Mashhood Farooque


  • Kush Bhimani

    Any idea where I can get Harlemshake7 ( which repo)

  • Kush Bhimani

    Any idea where I can get Harlemshake7?? Which repo?

  • Sam

    Tetherme works great on iPhone 4s iOS 7.0.4

  • Azeem

    swipeselection is not working in ios 7.0.4 :( tried reinstalling it couple of times and restarted my phone as well :( :( :(
    desperately need swipeselection :( :(

    • Azeem

      using iphone 5S……….. anyone has any solution?

  • larry

    should i not get activator since beta form

    • Mashhood Farooque

      It doesn’t work completely and annoys you with the beta message every time you respring or unlock so don’t install it if you don’t want that

      • larry


  • Jay

    Does unfold work

    • Mashhood Farooque

      Wait i’m checking

    • Mashhood Farooque

      Installs but does not work

  • adam

    how to enable activator cauce it says activator disable..anyone can help me?

  • Shadowz

    Anyone know if Safari download manager is working

  • adam

    how enable activator?anyone?

  • adam

    activator doesnt work..

    • kareka

      sometime works, sometimes doesnt works, u have to respring to work again

  • larry

    how do you get iAPFree

  • XO

    Why the tweaks aren’t showing in the settings

    • kareka

      When you reboot the machine, you must reinstall mobile substract and preference loader.

  • Jarod

    Gpsphone works iphone 5 GSM 7.0.4. A little buggy though.

  • NoNewsIsGoodNews

    NoNewsIsGoodNews disables its self if you reboot your device and the icon is back on the home screen, must go back into Cydia and reinstall to remove again.

  • AJ

    Openbackup doesn’t install

  • Bulleye17

    how do i get airdrop enabler and iapfree working?

  • emily

    Icon Renamer does not work on iphone 5

  • kareka

    tetherme and colourkeyboard doesnt work on my iphone 5

  • Jcarlo Montano

    WiFi Booster, Five Icon Dock, not working 5s

  • Jcarlo Montano

    Color keyboard …. Unable to purchase !!!! iphone 5s

  • Jcarlo Montano

    ikeywi …. Unable to purchase !!!! iphone 5s

  • Jcarlo Montano


  • Joe Benning

    afc2add works for root file system on iPhone 5s.

  • Ally

    It shows Color Keyboard is working. I tried to install it and it says not supported with this version of IOS i have IOs 7.0.4

  • Jcarlo Montano


    • iPhoneHacks

      This list is crowdsourced as it is impossible to check compatibility of so many tweaks. So if there is a tweak on this list, it means it’s working for someone.

      Some tweaks are not working on iPhone 5s, so feedback on which device it is not working would be helpful.

  • kareka

    crashreporter works on iphone 5 – 7.0.4

  • larry

    does zeppelin work

    • kareka

      install but not work

  • Dingus

    SwipeSelection works until you try and delete characters. the backspace key deletes two characters instead of one, is there a solution to this problem?

  • ice

    iapfree works

    • brandon

      how do u get iappfree working ive installed it and downloaded a game and i go to buy something then i press cancel and nothing happens.

      • AlexGoneGaming

        Make sure to have it enabled in the app. Also maybe try to install the plugins. If that doesn’t work, that app must not work with it.

        • brandon

          ill try it

  • ptmacey

    XBMC works great on ipad mini 32 bit but i had to use a external bluetooth keyboard to add fusion repo as i could nt find an enter key on the ios keyboard

    • brandon

      can u tell me how to get xbmc pls reply asap

      • ptmacey

        Add the repo Into Cydia Xbmc works best with fusion repo installed. There’s plenty of tutorials. Xbmc how to install fusion on google most of the tutorial showing how to install fusion are with the confluence background

  • Mike

    I can’t download “TetherMe” app. it says “this product is not supported on your iOS version”. I have a Iphone 5 running iOS 7.0.4

  • Noah Thorn

    For me, Color Keyboard doesn’t work. It says when I go into settings “Maybe, you didn’t buy Color Keyboard.” Anyone know how to fix it? I already tried removing it and re-installing it, but it still gave me the same message.

    • brandon

      i just got that do noy know how to fix tho

  • Edwin

    PandoraSkips works iPhone 5 ios 7.0.4

  • larry

    iapfree isn’t letting me get free in ap purchasing does it not work yet

    • EdP

      iapfree from sinfuliphone repo works fine.

  • TheAndreGomes

    Front HDR doesn’t work on my iPhone 5C

  • TheAndreGomes

    Does anyone know when all the tweaks will work for iphone 5s and 5c?

  • ellllle

    For me a lot of these say “Unable to Purchase – This product is not supported on your iOS version.” I have an iPhone 4 with ios 7.0.4

  • larry

    does biteSMS work

  • AlexGoneGaming

    So iAppFree works iOS 7? Right?

  • larry

    does anyone know if dream board works

    • Sly

      U can install, but crashes after opening

  • Joshposh2012

    “Respring app for iOS” works

  • Ryan M

    my tweaks i have downloaded dont appear in the settings. Anyone know what to do?

    • ruby

      You need to reinstall preference loader,mobile substrate, and substrate
      safe mode then they show up in settings. To find preference loader in
      list you have to change your Chadian settings to developer

    • kareka

      reinstal mobile substract and preference loader

  • Simche Apple Konstantinovic

    ‘SwipeToRespring’ doesn’t work AT ALL on iPhone 5s!!!!!

  • ruby

    do the themes work?

    • Joe Lennon-Phillips

      At the moment Winterboard doesn’t work, so no.

      • ruby

        Oh:( do you know when winterboard is going to start working on ios7?

        • Joe Lennon-Phillips

          I wish I did.. Saurik is working on it though.

  • ruby

    CarrierPigeon can be installed but doesn’t actually work..

  • ruby

    Color Keyboard doesn’t work at all

  • diablosim

    BiteSMS doesn’t work on iPhone 5 with IOS 7. The installation is ok, but when we open the app it crashes. Waiting for an update :(

  • Thankful User

    XBMC 12.2 Frodo work with Jailbreak!

  • larry

    anybody know about graviboard

  • Yuriy Zibrov

    Thanks from Russia!

  • Joshposh2012

    “Gpsphone” and “nes.emu” works

  • larry

    where Locallapstore

  • Maurizio Guerra

    Bluetooth dont work after JB iphone 5 someone can help?

    • kareka

      my works fine on iphone 5!

  • kareka

    Hidden Sbsettings ios 7, works fine

  • Josh Ellis

    bridge installs but does not work!

  • rob

    Poof app doesn’t work on the iPhone 5 either :/

  • patron

    On iPhone 5s 7.0.4, these don’t work:
    -Speed Intensifier (doest appear in settings when installed)
    -iBlank (creates black icons)
    -ShaketoUndo Killer
    -Folder Closer

    The only two i got to work that i use:

  • Jose Correa

    carrier pigeon does not seem to work on the iPhone 5S, I can’t find it anywhere in settings. iFile works, on my iPhone 5s but other than that I can’t get anything to show up in settings

  • rob

    How do you get poof to work on iPhone 5 ?

  • james bateman

    how do you get airdrop enabler, which repo is it in??

  • Ryan J Roderick

    When will winterboard be working? And bytafont completely working??

  • Joshposh2012

    Bridge downloads, but crashes

  • inewtonator

    isynergyclient installs and can connect but BT Mouse unavailable

  • Joe Lennon-Phillips

    Winterboard is now working!

    • Phil Desamour


      • Ryan J Roderick

        Not really

      • AlexGoneGaming

        Has anyone else tested it? Is it working? Because I heard you can’t use the themes but you can download the app.

        • Ryan J Roderick

          Tested, not working. Only tried a few themes but I’m assuming it applies to all until winterboard is updated

          • AlexGoneGaming

            Alright, thanks Ryan.

          • Ryan J Roderick

            No problem

  • AlexGoneGaming

    Gridlock not working on iPod Touch 5G

  • AlexGoneGaming

    iFile is working, iOS 7.0.4 iPod Touch 5G!

  • Murat Ozdemir

    Does anyone know if iTransmission is working???

    • Shoaib

      yes it works

  • Giancarlo Betteo

    LocationHolic works!

  • Joshposh2012

    When ever mobile substrate crashes (safe mode won’t show up, to find out check if tweaks work. ) reinstall mobile substrate and substrate safe mode from cydia.

  • Andy Brown

    When I install things that are supposed to be in Settings they don’t show on my iPhone 5S running iOS 7.0.4. I tried reinstalling mobile substrate, preference loader and substrate safe mode but this didn’t change anything. Any other ideas?

    • FlutterDash

      All you have to do is reinstall the mobile substrate and then restart your springboard. They will show up in your settings after that!

      • Andy Brown

        Did you read what I said? I said I tried reinstalling that already.

    • AndyTheGeeky

      The 5S has a 64-bit processor, so tweaks in general aren’t going to work until they’ve been recompiled for 64-bit.

  • Curtis

    Do the ones that dont work on the 5S also not work an a 5C?

  • Axiom101

    Tetherme Iphone 4 it works!

    • Axiom101

      Password has been changed :l

    • James Bateman

      i have an iPhone 4 and i can tether without a tweak ?:S

  • Jackhines22

    Does phantom work????

  • Itzhiss

    Gridlock no work iPhone 5s

  • flyballmom

    So far the only app that works on my Ipad2, out of the apps I want from the list, are Moviebox and ifile. I tried Activator and am going to wait till after the Beta Version and Killbackground sent my ipad into safemode every time so I’d have to restart it.

  • Ahmed Milon

    My iPhone 5 not working any Twaeks,
    What I can do. Any body tell me pls pls pls,
    Also I didn’t see anything for inside the setting app

    • Ryan J Roderick

      Probably gonna have to wait a week or two until everything is updated

  • PartyPoison

    Show my touch works

  • ryan

    iapfree,vshare and ifile are working

    • Minh

      iapfree from which source?

    • Coney

      What device are you using?

  • FlutterDash

    Color keyboard doesn’t work

  • Coney

    It would be helpful when ppl post what works and what doesn’t if they include what device they’re using. Just saying

  • Mo Ali Azzan

    applocket works im on ios 7.0.4 iphone 4

    ill be posting everything that i find that works


    • Mo Ali Azzan

      Movie box works!

  • Jose Rivera

    What happen to ihacksrepo?
    I’m looking for Signperm app.
    Want to hack Deer Hunter 2014.
    Does anyone know?

    • Kayla Riddle

      Color keyboard works but you need to official version

  • Willson

    gba.emu (HYI) works on my 5s

    • Jose Rivera

      What’s gba.emu?

      • Willson

        All is in the name, it’s a gba emulator

  • davidpartida

    does xbmc work on the ios 7 jailbreak

  • Erick9371

    I tried changin to developer and reinstalled preference loader,mobile substrate, and substrate safe mode and none of these tweaks still show up in my settings ? I’m on iPhone 4S running ios 7.0.4. Any suggestions??

    • Mo Ali Azzan

      try powering ur phone off and delte cydia from multitasking then reinstall mobile substrate

  • Jose Rivera

    Anyone tell me if Signperm app is working?

  • DarkXShadowX21

    I would like Webe++ to work. I have the paid version and license and the license won’t activate after the application installs.

  • Carlos

    Fake Carrier also works

  • DarkXShadowX21

    You can Queue Mobile Substrate, Preference Loader, and Safe Mode and run in all at the same time and you will see you tweaks in settings. Once you respring, you have to do that again because those tweak settings disappear.

  • Jose Rivera

    Anyone know of a binary utility in cydia that works? Anyone please.

  • Miguel

    Five Icon Dock it doesnt work on iphone4

  • Devin McGrath

    pandora downloader works

    • Antonio1321

      Do you have the new pandora update? Because there isent a arrow amymore!

  • Harshal

    Fullforce is working like charm for ipad.. whatsapp looking fab…

  • Joe Lennon-Phillips

    Has winterboard worked for anyone else? Just wondering, I can install themes on it fine on my 4S, I have C’UPS going right now.

  • moneymakesskevv ‘

    any tweaks for iphone 5s ? , and how can you see it in settings ???

  • Bunlorn Sun

    How about IAP cracker?

  • Antonio1321

    Poof isent working!

  • Steve

    How can I get I blacklist to work on 5s

  • Jose Carlo

    Does anyone knows if Barrel works for ios7?

  • Flyballmom

    Cydia worked fine this morning but now when I try to load it I get a Failed to fetch

  • wasimie

    is ther any unlocking tweak working on cydia for ios 7 ip 4 like ultra snow or SAM packg or any other unlocking tweak… please reply must if anyone knuww….

  • Dj Slim

    PandoraSkips and Pandora Downloader work

    • Antonio1321

      Not for me.

  • Sarah

    Gridlock does not work (cannot be installed on iPhone 5 with iOS 7.0.4)

  • chris

    what are some apps that localiapstore will work with for an iphone 4

  • chris

    datecarrier is also compatible with ios 7.0.4

  • pcjr7

    how come i don’t have some of the tweaks? like if i type “KillBackGround7″ only “KillBackGround” comes up and its not supported with my software.

  • Ashu Gupta

    from where should i download airdrop enabler it aint showing in my search

  • Ashu Gupta

    what can i do for the problem im getting as size mismatch

    • alex

      update 1 by 1

  • alex

    why i cannot use activator!! i nid help pls ( i5)

    • alex

      any help ?

  • apka bhai

    iSpanks Works :p (ios7.0.4.. iphone4 insanelyi)

  • A1234my

    Applocker? Got it work but after resorting it gone

  • dartrell moss


    • alex

      got crash on activator ?

  • Patrick

    Splitmail doesn’t work

  • Raschen

    iLex R.A.T is working ;)

  • Mahmoud

    What is best cydia sources ?

    • Sam’s TechBite

      sinfuliphonerepo.(com) , insanelyiphone

  • kameko

    Swipeselection does not work properly on my iphone 5 7.0.4 (jb obviously). Functionally you can swipe back and forth but it breaks the delete button (it deletes 2 characters at a time now for some reason)

  • zakeru

    zephyr on iphone 5s??

  • danny

    i tried icleanerpro and it messed everything up i had to restore my phone and start all over again so beware of what apps to use on the iphone 5 but yes movie box and five dock tray works =) i wish barrel would

    • kareka

      to me it is no problem icleanerpro on iphone 5

  • D

    How do you get movieBox to show up on your home screen?

  • Jauhari

    Does SMS Delivery Message available after Jailbreak?

    • kareka

      for now, no. In the future with update

      • Jauhari

        with update? What’s app that I must Install to enable Delivery Report?

        • kareka

          Man, does not exist delivery reports on IOS 7. Wait….

  • matt

    Swipe Selection doesn’t work on my 5s running 7.0.4

  • steve

    how can i get iblacklist to work on jailbreak, have a 5s

    • kareka

      you have black list on ios 7 apple

      • steve

        it says its compatible with ios7 jailbreak, i just don’t know how to do it. keep getting errors

        • kareka

          Ios 7 allready have balcklist, u dont need it from cydia

          • steve

            yes i know you can block calls and textes ios7 but then you can’t see who called or texted. and blocked numbers or numbers not on your contacts still go thru

  • John

    Does safari download manager work

    • farshad


  • Yoad

    can somoene give me a free source too download Color Keyboard for IOS 7?

    • kareka

      doesnt work

  • Aidan

    Could someone tell me if there are any free app downloader apps on cydia for io7 like unstallous and any working inapp purchase apps that get you them free

  • Maxtor

    This is a joke. Nothing works. I’ll check back in a couple months. Cydia doesn’t even work properly let alone any tweaks

    • Dillon

      check your changes bud…. brand new cydia installer

    • HotStuff2

      Dude you must be doing something wrong. My iPhone 4S is running great with several tweaks.

  • Jose Rivera

    Speed Intensifier is working.

    • Nick Parker

      Not on the iPhone 5. People need to specify their device before claiming if something works or not.

  • HotStuff2

    PowerUp 1.1.0-2

    Works perfectly fine on iPhone 4S running iOS 7.0.4. Great way to add the easiest Respring/Reboot to iOS 7. :D

  • wolf39us

    Swipe Selection is not working on my iPhone 5S

  • Jose Rivera

    Anyone get Mewseek to work?

  • Ryan J Roderick

    Instead of asking stupid questions, people should be giving out useful information. NOTHING is gonna really work until everything is updated for ios7 and the 64 bit chip, so if you’re on an iphone5, 5s or 5c you’re gonna be waiting to use pretty much anything

    • Jose Rivera

      Some of us don’t have useful info to give that’s why we are here.
      Those that do, should post it.
      Questions will arise from people looking for info.
      No question is stupid.

      • Jose Rivera

        On that note, does anyone have Mewseek working? Lmao

        • Ryan J Roderick

          Nothing is going to work on a 5, 5s or 5c until all the devs have updated their apps and an updated version of mobile substrate is out. If the tweak relies on mobile substrate you’ll have to wait, if it doesn’t rely on mobile substrate then you could try and see what happens

  • Turna

    Does someone know any tweaks like Bridge or Mewseek to import music to your music libary? Cause Bridge and Mewseek don’t work… Mewseek only let’s you download music but you can’t import it…

    • Jose Rivera

      I use ifile to transfer my music to ipod.

      • Turna

        Can you tell me which folder I have to transfer it?

    • Jose Rivera

      Turna, how did you get Mewseek to work?
      I can’t get it to work.

      • Jose Rivera

        Mewseek keeps crashing on me.

      • Turna

        I didn’t download my music from mewseek, I downloaded it with pandora downloader and then tried to tranfer it to my music library with mewseek by copying the music file to the downloads folder in iFile, but when I try to import it to my music library it says “This feature is not compatible with your firmware”

  • Dave Brazier

    Anybody Know if XBMC works?

    • Erick121

      Yes it does

  • Shahan Ali

    swipe selection not wokring on iphone 5s .. can anyone help ?

    • Ryan J Roderick

      Nothing is going to work on a 5, 5s or 5c until all the devs have updated their apps and an updated version of mobile substrate is out. If the tweak relies on mobile substrate you’ll have to wait

      • Shahan Ali

        ok .. but the above mention list are the ones that should be working, right ?? i tried movie box and f.lux they are working fine …

        • Ryan J Roderick

          Yeah but even those most likely wont work on anything with a 64 bit chip ( 5, 5s and 5c), they might work on an iphone 4 or 4s but pretty much everything has to be updated for the new iphones

          • Shahan Ali

            oh well that’s going to take a lot of time I guess..
            and as far as I know iPhone 5 and 5c does not have 64 bit chip, correct me if I am wrong …
            Anyway thanks for your reply :)
            Cheers !!

          • Ryan J Roderick

            No problem, and yes you are correct only the 5s uses the 64 bit chip

      • liloo

        doesn’t work on Iphone 4 also…

  • jeff q

    anyone know if QuickReply for SMS work on OS7??? CAN ANYONE CONFIRM THIS???

    • Shahan Ali

      No its not on iPhone 5s.

  • Anonymous

    For me, iFile, movie box and respring don’t work. IFile doesn’t even show up on the springboard :/

  • Jose Rivera

    My ifile works 100%. On 4s.

  • James

    color keyboard doesnt work?

  • OSama

    can anyone tell me why no tweaks r working on my iphone 5s?

    plzzz help

    • Ryan J Roderick

      Nothing is going to work until everything has been updated to run on the 64 bit chip the 5s uses.

      • OSama

        how long will it take

        • Ryan J Roderick

          Only the developers of the tweaks could tell you, I would imagine within a few weeks everything will be working on the 5s. Total guess on my part though

          • OSama

            thnx ;)

  • kareka

    anyone emails crashs after open twice?

  • haidang001

    I think it will be better if the updated apps are listed in update time. Because I dont know which apps I already installed

    • Jose Rivera

      I agree.

  • Lowis

    Any tweak working on my iPhone 5S !!

  • Apel P

    What about blutrol. I was thinking about buying it

  • James

    For everybody saying they aren’t able to see tweak in their settings or they have to keep re-installing mobile-substrate, install “bootstrap” from this source http://cydia.myrepospace.(com)/PWN24K [no () ]. this will stop you from having to keep re-installing mobile substrate with every respring or re-boot.

    • kareka

      doesnt work for me on iphone 5

  • Alexisblack

    Swipe selection is buggy. Deletes by two characters instead of one

  • Jeff

    Byta Font, No Pass Code Block, and Activator does not work

  • marcio

    display out náo funciona

  • Xhackx

    you guys are all stupid. If you don’t know what your doing then maybe you shouldn’t jailbreak your idevice.

  • Rxdefi@nce

    Well said xhack

  • Coa

    CallerID-Format Fix iOS 5.x
    Works on iOS 7!!! :-)

  • evad3rsrule

    I think localIAPstore works right?

  • luky

    I cant find harlemshake7 in cydia plz help

  • Nihal Pandit

    What about carrier Unlock (iphone 5C)

    • Mashhood Farooque

      Not possible currently

      • Nihal Pandit

        Thnx BRO
        What about R-Sim mini+ or 9 Pro

        • kareka

          9 Pro works on my Iphone 5

  • Turna

    Hey can someone help me please? Everytime I try to download and install something from Cydia it downloads but when I respring/Return to Cydia there’s nothing on my homescreen or in my… I already reinstalled Mobile Substrate and PreferenceLoader

    • Mashhood Farooque

      also reinstall substrate safe mode and install them all in one go

  • Roger

    i Recently jailbroke my IPhone 5s, and nothing seems to work except MyWi, Moviebox, and Musicbox so what the point of having the jailbreak ._./

  • João Paulo Vaz

    I can’t download anything from bigboss..
    Error:HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found
    Any help?

    • kareka

      delete source Dev TEam

      • João Paulo Vaz

        Thank you! Now it works.

  • John

    BiteSMS is not working

  • hugo

    Iphone5, iOS 7.0.4, no tweak working … 7.0.4 at first upgraded over air, jailbreak, phone crashed, recovery via iTunes/cable, jailbreak again. installed / uninstalled mobile substrate a couple of times, hard-reset etc. installed tweaks were icaughtyou and HiddenSettings7 …

    • kareka

      on you! I have a iphone 5 anda almost everything works!

  • lai

    where did u guys downloaded the color keyboard?

  • naftali85

    Unlimtones is working!!

  • Jd

    The activator beta doesnt work as well.

  • kareka

    Infinidock 2.0.4-1 repo biteyourapple works on iphone 5

  • kareka

    anyone, after reboot in notifcation center stays empty?

  • james

    in what source can I found appsync7?

  • james

    whatspad works in itouch 5 gen?

  • fredy

    por que wifi booster no me funciona en iphone 4 gsm ios 7 ?????

  • Art

    I have iPhone 5s and tetherme does’t work. I just upgraded to new version but it still doesn’t work. Can anyone help?

  • Billy Tylaska

    A lot of these say unable to purchase for me. Running original 7 evasi0n file on 7.0.4

  • tom

    i think iKeyWi messed up something. After i installed it for my iPad it removed all other tweaks and won’t let me add them back…

  • Phoenix

    iKeywi can be installed and the layout looks fine, it just doesn’t work. The keyboard doesn’t change, only the layout does.

  • Jasmine

    Zeppelin works fine!

  • Kelal

    Zeppelin works after u select the thing u gotta reapring

  • Aman

    iFile freezes my 4S and needs a hard reboot, all tweaks are removed after the reboot like HiddenSettings7 and SwitchSpring??

  • Neil Patrick Mendez Quiniquini

    is any tweaks available for ipad mini? all tweaks i have tried does not works.

  • frivlink

    I think the author’s intention here was to give users a quick and easy
    reference list to check if the tweaks that you are currently using (or
    are most important to you) have been made compatible.

  • ArC

    Activator doesn’t work inside few apps probably cos its still in Beta…. Anyone else experienced this ?

    • kareka

      activator works 95% on iphone 5

  • roma amor

    Ler peler mebulu but dcabut cabut

  • Cheryl

    based on the new update on 25th December, is there bytafont?

    • jason

      I am able to install it and the fonts but after choosing the font and respringing, nothing changes and I am stuck with the same fonts.

      • Cheryl

        it only applies to some apps :( and my contact names all become qn marks

  • kareka

    Audio recorder works fine on a iphone 5. Repo: hackyouriphone

  • jason

    Does BytaFont work for anyone? I am able to install BytaFont and the fonts but when I choose the font and respring, it does absolutely nothing. iPhone 5 7.1.3.

    • Guest

      works fine with me with a iphone 5 ios 7.0.4. But the sms tones its to low.

  • AKR

    Does whatspad work for you guys..? I tried and mine just doesnt work…

  • Krum

    None of these work on the 5s.

  • Travis

    The new iap free for iOS is called. Localiap

  • Christopher Norris

    What devices qualify as the “A7 Devices”? Some jailbreAk apps and tweaks are not working with my iPad air.

  • Slim Brady


  • Giorgio

    iblacklist it is really working?it seams I cant register…

    • kareka

      for doesnt work, on an iphone 5

  • Professor.Moriarty

    pandora downloader, songza downlader, vinedownloader, moviebox, airvideoenabler all work for me iPhone 4S….only waiting for activator, forecast,themes,ringtones from cydia, legacy emulators and a ncsettings type tweak to work and ill be a extra happy camper

  • xingworm

    unable to make a new playlist in music box with the ios 7.0.4 jailbreak :S any suggestions?

  • Mohammad

    Wech taim airblue shiring is up for 7.0.4?!?

    • kareka


  • blufkin

    DeleteMail won’t download

  • trunk

    just tried to install moviebox on Iphone 4 ios7.0.4 jb … but is not working .. any solution available ?

  • kareka

    After jailbreak, app email, calculator, weather , safari and search iphone, doesnt work anymore. On an iphone 5 7.0.4. Happens to anyone??

  • kareka

    itunes doesnt sync with iphone 5, ios 7 jailbreak 7.0.4. Any help, tks

  • Peter

    its said (tetherme works on iPhone 4s and iPhone 5), but it look doesn’t work on my iPhone 4S iOS 7.0.4. please help every one… thank you

  • Ratha Samrith

    can some one help please? after i jailbroken my iPhone 4S iOS 7.0.4 then i installed TetherMe version 2.10.XX, first it work, but it later, its doesn’t show me any thing on Settings. Can someone find solution or its don’t work on iOS 7 any more?

    • dani

      Reinstall mobile substrate and substrate safe mode

  • Allen Loyd

    any of these make icons transparent (and remove labels)? for 4s

  • Brotherman7

    Color Keyboard, Screen Swipe Sounds, Aquaboard, Multi-icon Mover, does not work. Bytafont says it isn’t updated in red letters before you install, and their website says their working on it (iPhone 4s iOS 7.0.4 evad3rs jailbroken.

  • Christian Rogers

    anyone able to get gridlock to work?

  • Christian Rogers

    HEY! if you have an iPod Touch 5G you can get bolt for battery precentage . The tweak is called Bolt

  • cityhallguy

    TapDeWiggle and No Page Dots work perfect.

  • Happy iOS7 user

    Photos and Safari icons changed with IFile and added new 4 wallpapers.
    All manually

  • Apex Schizophrenia

    When will infinidock available for iphone 5 ?

  • frop

    firewall ip is NOT working. one can install it but it filters nothing. (iphone 5, 7.0.4)

  • Dreas’en

    can we have the facetime hacktivator or middlewhat updated? please!

  • xMerkuleSx

    Barrel works on ios7. Only the latest version


    Is there any way to get Barrel free or any other tweak that does the same for FREE?

    • iPhoneHacks

      Please buy the tweaks to support the developers.

  • Question

    what does MyWi on demand and MyWi 7 exactly do?

  • Questions

    Is there any tweak to have free internet conexion with an itouch when you are outside your wifi?

  • tugless

    any help on the movie box problems… im a bit of a newbie i get the vpn and i can watch but have to re set every 6 hours with a new password.. but my pal running the same works just over wifi ????

  • CherylC

    KG keeping 22 font for ios 7 ! bytafont 2

  • That Dude

    Firewall ip doesn’t seem to work with movie box. Nothing pops up when you start moviebox

  • We

    My movie box isn’t uploading anything, help?

  • Brydog

    Mobile Substrate (CydiaSubstrate) has been updated for A7/64-bit devices. I don’t know y the post didn’t mention it sooner but it says it still isn’t up, It is.

    • iPhoneHacks

      This was posted much before Cydia Substrate was released.

  • Mamisoa Randrianasolo

    Please! Someon can help? Music Box don’t work with my iPhone 5s! What should i do? It’s the one reason i jailbreak my device!

  • rw

    I can’t locate Movie Box can someone help?

  • Gtowndip

    color keyboard does not work on ios7 yet please update or include source thank you.

  • Guest

    Bigify+ does not work on iPhone 5s…

  • Axl Rose

    Bigify+ does not work on iPhone 5s..

  • quro2008

    What about winterboard for ipad2.

  • quro2008

    Plz tell me how can i change themes in ipad ios 7?

  • Kevin Ross

    Getting message below when I open activator. iPhone 5 iOS 7.04

  • Tirath Ganpat

    cascade and scrollingboard please!

  • NextMusician

    Please somebody check these tweaks, it would be very important to me:

    BTC Mouse & Trackpad

  • someone

    iTransmission 3 ?

  • deco9

    wifi analyser iphone 5 doesen´t work… i need help….

  • g-boy


  • xz

    any color keyboard app is available?

  • David

    Please add Firewall IP 7 and Protect My Privacy ( ProtectMyPrivacy ) to the list.
    They both are working on iOS7.

    Note: As of this posting ProtectMyPrivacy ‘s notification widget doesn’t work yet on iOS 7 but everything else functions perfectly.

  • ALex

    AppBackup works even though it has not been updated since ios5 :D One of the most useful apps to save yourappstore apps data (saves, messages etc). Please add it to the list!

  • dani

    i wold like to know if have some app for find wifi password compatible whit ios7

  • Viga

    does music box work

  • Zaid Ayeed Mannaa

    does anyone knows any app to download games or applications? please help?

  • framorin

    any of this work with mobage games, or games like Clash of Clans or DragonCity???

  • fadia

    i deleted my IAPFree core plugin & then I restored my iphone then I jailbreak it but my IAPfree core pugin still uninstalled & I can’t see it how to reinstall the coreplugin for iapfree because it’s gone. plz reply

  • Michael

    MyFile isn’t on the list, I noticed. 1.6-3 doesn’t seem to work on ios 7.0.4. Crashes every time I load it, including after trying that chmod solution on sinfuliphone. Wonder if anyone else has had this problem, and that’s why?

  • JailBreakMKTP

    iOS 7.1 is out. Jailbreak is on a frenzy!