Apple may have fixed exploits used for iOS 7 Jailbreak in iOS 7.1


Over the weekend, pod2g, a key member of the evad3rs dismissed rumors that the iOS 7 jailbreak was stolen.

As for the progress on the iOS 7 jailbreak, pod2g said that “the jailbreak stuff is moving on, but slowly.”

However, if you’re waiting for the iOS 7.x jailbreak then you may want to avoid upgrading to iOS 7.1.

iH8sn0w, developer of popular jailbreak tools such as Sn0wbreeze has tweeted that the iOS 7.1 beta patches “the mobilebackup2 exploit to write to /var via the MediaDomain symlink” when he was asked if it was safe to upgrade to iOS 7.1. 

We’re not sure if this is a major setback for jailbreakers. reddit user phonenixdev explains:

Mobilebackup2 is the system used to generate your user backups, as well as place them back on the phone. But it’s designed for only particular folders in the user directory.

It has been used in years past via path walking (prepending ..’s to walk up the directory tree) to let us put files in other places in the /var partition. I’m guessing that they found they could do something similar by creating symlinks to other places on the /var partition.

Actually, I’m not guessing. I know you could do that because a failbreak I once made used that. :P

P.S. root partition = where the OS is installed; mounted at the base of the filesystem ( / ). /var partition = where the user data is; mounted at /var. When you update your phone, the root partition is overwritten while the var partition stays around. When you restore your phone, both partitions are wiped.

Stefan Esser, aka i0n1c, believes that Apple has fixed some vulnerabilities that was being used for the iOS 7 jailbreak.

But that is just speculation at this stage as it is not clear if the exploit was being used by evad3rs to develop the iOS 7 jailbreak, so we will have to wait for them to confirm it.

But if you have been waiting for a jailbreak for iOS 7.x, then you should avoid upgrading to iOS 7.1 when it is released or even iOS 7.1 betas that has been released to developers.

If Apple has indeed fixed the vulnerabilities that was used in the in-progress iOS 7 jailbreak then it would mean that evad3rs will first have to release a jailbreak for iOS 7 to iOS 7.0.4. We thought that evad3rs may hold off releasing the jailbreak until iOS 7.1 is released, but if it does fix the vulnerabilities that is ruled out, unless they find another exploit to jailbreak iOS 7.1.

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[via reddit]

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  • rikirix

    so the 7.0 jb should be released very soon, right?

    • goze18

      No smh

      • rikirix

        yep, forgot to say that i was in ironic mode ON

  • pauldrew18

    ah this news is stressful.. i was hoping to update to iOS 7 only when there’s a jailbreak available already.. I guess I’ll have to wait a little longer..

    • Jack Smith

      I would update to ios7 now for ios 7.1 is released.

      • pauldrew18

        iOS 7.2 might be in the works already.. If an iOS 7.x jailbreak never comes, I don’t know, I might just stick with iOS 6.. I’m not sure. Many people hate iOS 7 and it might be a good-enough reason for me to stay on iOS 6..

  • JM
    • iPhoneHacks

      We’re talking about iOS 7.1, and not iOS 7.0.4.

      • JM

        Well now I’m confused. Thanks for the quick reply. I’ll go read some more info.

        • JM

          Oh ok now I got it. Need sleep :)

    • Romulo

      It is safe to update to 7.0.4, makes no difference for there will be no JB for that version either. The JBer’s are waiting for the release of 7.2 oh wait… 7.3?

  • Sean

    Ha, what a joke. I’m still waiting for ih8sn0w and winocm to release the JB for 6.1.3 for my iphone 4 already… still waiting.

    • Muhammad Shafeeq

      same here hope jb come befor 2014 …

    • BMWIIIMPower

      You do know there is a tethered jailbreak for 6.1.3 on the iPhone 4, right?

    • Romulo

      In 15 days you will have it, look at few posts back and winocm stated it will be release before 2014, unless 2014 is missing a zero somewhere.

      • Jonny Smith

        ETA= ESTIMTED TIME OF ARRIVAL. Estimated is not exact.

        • Romulo

          “ETA for it is before 2014. ” BEFORE is NOT AFTER eh? l2read, how about ETA unknown and not BEFORE! if people are on their back, all they have to do is stop reading tweets and such, sucks to want the lime light so bad and when you’re there you can’t stand it and have to lie to get “people off your back” ROFLMAO.

    • Todd

      You’re slightly lucky,same situation with an Iphone 4S here…nobody seems to be bothering to work on it at all.

      iOS 7 is too slow on the 4S for my liking,so I’m stuck with unbroken 6.1.3 it seems

    • Captain obvious

      There is a jailbreak for iPhone 4

  • Sako

    We’re losing our hopes little by little :( Looks like Apple winning the game.

    • Vyan Yudix

      let’s pray for our spirit JB guys :)

  • Steve

    tbh im a little fed up with the JB status and starting to loose interest.

  • Steve

    Thanks anyway switched to Android, much better, more freedom!

    • BMWIIIMPower

      More freedom, yes. Better? Mmmm, that’s a stretch.

      • Romulo

        The Android is better and it has a bonus… no Apple Swastika on it.

        • Derwin

          of course in your oppinion, android is better. but why you show up in here? this is APPLE

          • BMWIIIMPower

            Because he is a troll.

          • BMWIIIMPower

            because he is a troll

          • Romulo

            no not an Apple fanboy such ass yourself, I have 3 android phones, ipad1, 2 and 3 and a mini, and iphones 5s, 5 and 4s
            It pays to work in IT, don’t QQ to much.

          • BMWIIIMPower

            Shine that armor!

          • icaal

            the one said so rich come here looking for free stuff ? get a life dear .

          • Romulo

            Because I have both moroneous, and android is better

          • pablo

            stolen phone

        • Chuck Finley

          Yeah, screw Apple and their facism, let’s replace that swastika with a hammer and sickle.


          • Romulo

            umm you make no sense, are you saying Android has a hammer and sickle, better check again, open source means open.

          • Chuck Finley

            I’m making perfect sense, you’re just a dumbass because you don’t get it.

            Here, I’ll explain it: You’re replacing one evil company with another evil company. You really think Google is better than Apple just because “HURR DURR ANDROID IS OPEN SOURCE OPEN SOURCE IS BETTER”?

            You really are dumb as hell.

          • iNomad

            I am
            confused. I am in the IT world and work for a very large company.
            We have banned the use of Android because it is “open source” and it
            is also way more open to security threats.
            We use to use a mix of android and apple and now only use apple. I would think that anyone saying that Android
            is “better” would understand that that has to be one’s opinion based of usage
            but that being said “out of the box” iDevices are definitely more secure, and
            is also why Jailbreak is harder to accomplish than rooting and android. All I am saying is that I do not understand
            people coming on here saying Android is better without facts to back it
            up. So if you would be so kind as to
            explain to me why Android is “better” even though it is less secure do to the
            same reason you are claiming it is better because of it being “open source”. Even when you Jailbreak your iDevice you are
            opening it up to be less secure unless you go in and change your devices
            default password, I am sure most people that are really into Jail breaking or
            even techy stuff know what I am referring to.
            When all said and done I would never sit here and try to tell you that
            one is better than the other but in my years of experience in the IT world I
            have found I prefer iDevices over Android and not just because of the security
            but because of the way the touchscreen works and other little details. I am still in a “Windows” world being in IT
            but I can use my iDevices very successfully to control the environment.

  • nite

    just give up hope for Jailbreak.. it is a dyeing a slow death

  • Perez

    OK you’ve got some more clicks onto the site but article after article of non-news zero-meaning rumours can only go so far.

    How are the other articles working out for you guys? I see you’re covering superhero wallpapers, fancy award banquets, and leather wallets. Thinking about adding any celebrity gossip?

  • BMWIIIMPower

    Has anyone asked Santa for a jailbreak yet? Jus sayin….

    • Romulo

      Santa got a new Mercedes from Tim since Mercedes are better than BMWs, so ask away you will get a piece of coal.

      • BMWIIIMPower

        It all depends on what you want in a car… that being said, some Mercedes cars are better at certain things than some BMW cars, and vice versa. If you are looking for luxury over performance – Mercedes all the way. If you want performance over luxury, its BMW. Mercedes AMG division is somewhat of an afterthought… BMW was built on performance with its Motorsport division’s rich history in racing. I am not biased. I daily drive a 2013 Mercedes C300 (for the luxury) – but I am mildly obsessed with BMW’s M cars and track my ’95 E36 M3 on weekends while my ’90 E30 M3 is reserved for fair weather cruising. Again, it’s a preference…wait a minute – what does this have to do with iPhones again?

        • Romulo

          lol, does not take much to get a rise out of you eh? rofl shine that armor!

        • Arif Ullah

          Don’t worry about the down votes; they don’t know much about cars. ;)

  • Romulo

    So wait until 7.1 is release but hey… Apple plugged your hole! bawahahahah!!!!

  • Darvius

    I thought they were working on this “checkmate” Jailbreak that could never be closed? Ya Im kinda done waiting also..

  • Joe

    I hope you actually create a program to erase all data and downgrade, install android, cydia stuff, because right now a lot of people have the gray wifi problem and they are making millions out of this, its a shame.

    • Jack Smith

      You can install android on an iphone 3g. probably doesnt help.

  • onespiritbrain

    So release the damn jailbreak already. Jeez don’t you get it??? WE DONT CATE ABOUT 7.1!!! Whatever is added with 7.1 can be outdone with a jailbreak… If there are fixed vulnerabilities then please go ahead and release the jailbreak. If people cry for 7.1 JB then too damn bad.

    I swear to god I wish I had switched to a F’ing droid…

    Sorry to be harsh but damn if your waiting for 7.1… NO ONE CARES ABOUT 7.1!!!

    F apple in the F’ing arse!!!!!

    • Andrew

      People with older devices who were smart enough to stay on 6.1.2 care about 7.1 because you’d have to upgrade to the latest firmware. And why burn 6 exploits to get 7.0 if it takes 7 exploits to get 7.1? Sorry, this may be news to you but you aren’t the only person in the world.

      That’s assuming they even have 7.0 jailbroken, which I doubt from the messages I’ve seen. Stop being self a self entitled asshole. No one has a RIGHT to a jailbreak. If you choose an Apple device you must be willing to except the fact that you might never have a jailbreak. Live with your damn choices and stop being a baby

      • Diediedie

        I hate you and I hate apple. I can’t wait until this F’ing contract is up and it’s goodbye apple. I hope you and Apple burn in hell together.

        • Joseph

          @Diediedie: Yeah, lets release the jailbreak for iOS 7 when iOS 7.1 was basically just released. Lets release it so Apple can find the exploits used for the iOS 7 jailbreak and then patch it in one of the iOS 7.1 beta’s. (Im being sarcastic)

          Your being very greedy for something that they don’t even have to release to you and just keep it for themselves,,,,your being greedy for something you don’t even have to pay for……you should like a little BITCH! If you like Android over iOS then switch to android….NO ONE GIVES A DAMN ABOUT YOUR CHOICE LET ALONE YOUR OPINION ON ANYTHING! If you want a jailbreak so badly then why don’t you go make one yourself?!

          • uhavealowIQ

            7.1 betas are all that’s out. They ought to just go ahead and release the JB for 7.0.4 since the var permissions exploit is patched on the betas. Once the GM 7.1 is released and they can’t find another exploit for var permissions the JBing really will be dead. I am right and your wrong dumbass. Once Apple stops signing 7.0.4 then the var permissionless 7.1 JB will be the only option. A JB without those permission exploits will suck since the most important JB app, iFile, won’t work worth a shizzit! What don’t you understand??? Idiot

          • vancouver03

            c’mon, stop licking asses stating that it’s allright the JB is not released. If it’s confirmed that 7.1 fixed the exploits there is absolutelly no reason why not to release the JB.

          • YespleasechargeWTF

            I wish they’d god d4mn charge for the JB… Seriously F’ing awesome charge $50 for the JB. I swear to god in heaven I wish they would just charge for the jailbreak… I’d pay it so fast your F’ing head would explode!!! Seriously!!!!!

  • JJ8X7418

    Really hope the new jailbreak comes soon. Growing a little anxious, this 5s is really nice, but it’s not worth it without a jailbreak.

  • iReadyPCs

    Successful iOS 7.0.4 tethered jailbreak iPhone 4 CDMA

  • Tia Winstead Vines

    Does anyone know how I can fix my internet with ios 7 iphone 4. Everything else works but my internet. It restored itself.

  • ecko

    Now if i phone phone is almost android phone users very difficult to use.Ugna loves i phone but consumer individually closed locked phone to use as my interest is greatly reduced.a lot of people believe that happened. really id lock carrier lock from…

  • Sam Nang

    why can i use youtube app when i’ve alr jailbroken ?
    how can i solve this problem