New iOS 7 jailbreak tweak will allow iPhone 5s users to protect apps and folders with Touch ID


If you were a fan of Lockdown Pro, the tweak that added password/passcode protection for select apps on your jailbroken iPhone, you’ll love this. Elias Limneos, developer of tweaks like SBRotator, CallBar, has posted a teaser of a new tweak in development that uses the iPhone 5s’ Touch ID sensor to authenticate a user before an app is opened.

Apple currently restricts the use of Touch ID only for unlocking the device and authenticating iTunes purchases. There’s no (public) way for third-party developers to use the Touch ID for authentication in their own apps.

In the minute-long teaser video, Limneos demoes opening certain apps on the iPhone 5s, which then pops an alert asking the user to “give me the finger.” If the authentication is a success, the app is opened, else the alert pops up again.

Apple says that the Touch ID stores a mathematical representation of your fingerprint in an encrypted fashion in the A7 chip’s Secure Enclave. While it is normal to be concerned about this tweak from a security standpoint, we’re guessing it uses a high-level, albeit private, framework to access Touch ID functionality, that doesn’t have access to the actual fingerprint data.

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[via Reddit]