iOS beat Android in online sales and mobile traffic on Christmas


IBM Digital released its online shopping trends report for December 25th, Christmas Day, and it was a banner day for mobile and iOS. Mobile sales grew 40 percent year over year, with mobile devices accounting for 29 percent of all online sales. The driver behind this big jump was iOS, which lead in both mobile sales and mobile traffic on the holiday.According to IBM, mobile traffic was up 28.3 percent and accounted for 48 percent of all online traffic. Most of this traffic comes from smartphones, which drove 28.5 percent of all online traffic. Tablets were strong in the traffic department (18.1 percent), but the category couldn’t compete with smartphones.

Though tablets fell behind in overall traffic, the device category excelled in online sales. Tablets drove 19.4 percent of all online sales, with users spending about $95.61 per order. Smartphone owners grabbed 9.3 percent of sales and averaged $85.11 per order.

On a platform basis, iOS beat out Android in both sales and mobile traffic. iOS accounted for 23 percent of all online sales, as compared to 4.6 percent for Android. When shopping, iOS users spent significantly more than their Android counterparts, averaging $93.94 per order as compared to $48.10 for Android owners. iOS also led in overall traffic, accounting for 32.6 percent or traffic as compared to 1.8 percent for Android.