Mobile Substrate 0.9.5000 for iOS 7 and 64-bit A7 chip released; renamed Cydia Substrate


The day all iOS 7 jailbreakers have been waiting for has finally arrived, as Jay Freeman aka saurik has just released an update for Mobile Substrate.

Mobile Substrate 0.9.5000 supports iOS 7 and 64-bit A7 chip.

saurik just tweeted the good news:

Even though evad3rs released the evasi0n7 jailbreak for iOS 7 more than a week back, jailbreakers with an A7 device such as iPhone 5s, iPad Air or Retina iPad mini haven’t been able to take advantage of the jailbreak as most of the jailbreak tweaks haven’t been working.

As saurik has mentioned with the release of Mobile Substrate for iOS 7 and 64-bit A7 chip, Cydia developers will now be able to make their compatible with iPhone 5s, iPad Air or Retina iPad mini by recompiling their tweaks for ARM64.

Please don’t expect the tweaks to magically work after you’ve installed the new version of mobile substrate, they will only work on your iPhone 5s and other A7 devices when the developers release an update for their tweaks with 64-bit compatibility, so please be patient.


Please note Mobile Substrate has been renamed as Cydia Substrate. Follow these simple steps to install it:

  • Launch Cydia
  • Tap on the Search tap, and search for Cydia Substrate
  • Tap on Cydia Substrate from the search results
  • Then tap on the Install button, followed by the Confirm button.
  • Tap on the Restart SpringBoard button when prompted

That’s it. This will install Cydia/Mobile Substrate and Substrate Safe mode package for iOS 7 and 64-bit A7 chip.

You can check out the video of how to install Cydia Substrate below:

Let me know how it goes in the comments.

Thanks Dangerous Dave for the tip!

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  • Crls9

    Bitesms still not working tho.

    • OvrDriVE

      bitesms 8.0.4 works fine

      • Crls9

        On a 5S?

        • OvrDriVE

          most likely not. but you didn’t specify 5s. hehe

          • willjones1989

            This discussion is about the A7 chip, so obviously he was talking about the 5S.

    • Steroc

      Add the repo ” test-cydia . bitesms . com/ ” [remove spaces] to get the iOS 7 compatible version (beta).

  • Anthony

    After installing, I got “Return to Cydia”, so I did, then went and installed winterboard, rebooted, had to hold volume + to boot up because it wouldn’t start, removed winterboard, rebooted, had to hold volume + again because it wouldn’t start. I feel like there may be a bug or something

  • IceCreamTruck

    Cydia is not showing me the update yet. Anyone?

  • sully

    activator is messed up

    • Oohwee

      If you want a working version of Activator, you have to all the repo in Cydia and then install it. It works, as far as I can tell, but each time you reboot your device or respring, you will get a message about the Activator being a beta version.

      • OvrDriVE

        activator got another update. i don’t see the msg anymore

  • Jon Speed

    Works fine for me. Happy days.

  • kassem

    I searched for Cydia substrate but it didn’t show up !!

    • averagejoe

      uninstall mobile substrate and start cydia again after the respring.

  • milad

    Preferenceloader updated,too

  • rob

    five icon dock still not working for me on 5s

    • Zann Bleamford

      Hi Rob, did the developer of FiveIconDock mention that the tweak has been compiled for A7 devices though?

  • OvrDriVE

    everything working great so far. had 8 other updates with it and so far so good.

    • n8r

      what else has been updated? I got nuthin but cyd sub

  • Jopo

    I did the search and installed it on my ipad air 7.0.4, no problem for now

  • asfour

    i think we need to wait more few hours because the hackers didnt update the tweaks yet,

    but the mobile substrate was successfully updated.

    *iphone 5s

  • Gh

    Has anybody tried hiddensettings7

    • OvrDriVE

      working on mine. just tryed it

    • sako sargsyan

      Not working for my iphone 5s :(

      • Zann Bleamford

        It may be that the developer of HiddenSettings7 has not yet compiled the tweak for A7 devices, like the iPhone 5s.

        • sako sargsyan

          Thats exactly what i was thinking, and there are some more needs to be updated. Lets hope and wait.

  • Wucash

    I’m on a 5c, after installing cydia substrate Safari doesnt work anymore (aswell as the calcilator….) it looks like the weather bug in ios 6. any hints?

    • kanekar

      mine safari is als nt working

      • Wucash

        I rebooted, tried to hardreset and also booted without substrate, still not working :0 (mail,safari,calcilator)

        • Sam McCully

          Same problem for me

          • chris88340

            go to ifile and find systemversion plist file. change the version to the one you jailbroke with. maybe you changed it?

          • Sam McCully

            Can you explain in abit more detail plz? I’m a bit of a newbie to all this I’m afraid. Thanks in advance :)
            p.s. I removed apysync & apcake & all stock aps now working if that sheds any light on the issue

          • Chris88340

            Go to /system/library/coreservices in I file. Scroll all the way to the bottom. Touch the one that says SystemVersion.plist. Click on the text viewer that comes up. You should see somewhere in the file that shows the version of your device. I jail broke with 7.0.4. If the version does not match with the one that you jail broke with, change it. Do this by clicking edit and typing in your device’s version. The problem should be fixed. I could not enter App Store but then I fixed it using this method. I hope this helps you. :)

          • Sam McCully

            Arrrh thanks your a star :)
            Il give that a go now

          • Sam McCully

            Just checked & it matches with the version I jailbroke on.
            Was worth a try though & might help someone else out.
            Thanks again :)

    • Steroc

      Non of my stock apps worked. Simply switching the phone off and on got everything working again. Was worried at first as my photo app contained no photos but then it said updating and slowly restored them all. So try rebooting if having problems, worked for me.

  • Gh

    The cool tweak switch spring works

  • kanekar

    transparent dock not working

    • Jauhari

      it’s working without any worries… we use DockShift to make it Transparent ;)

      • Robert

        Thanks for this comment. I started to think nothing was going to work! DockShift is the only tweak that I’ve seen preferences function properly.

  • Sako

    In the settings after downloading tweaks i’m getting this, anyone else?

    • Sunny

      Yes same on 5s

      • Krk

        Same on my 5s

        • Gustavo Moncada

          The tweaks aren’t recompiled for ARM64 yet

    • Justin Herron

      I’m having the same issue with AppRadio Extensions
      BTW i just downloaded winter board and same shit also lol
      guess we gotta wait for them to update it ?!?

      • Grayson Anthony

        I heard AppRadio extensions isn’t working on ios 7???

    • Daas (Saad)

      I have the same issue too. :(

    • Waleed

      Kindly reinstall “preference loader” and also “substrate safe mode”
      Reboot phone
      If still problem is same, please wait some hours or a day for winterboard update. They are working hard :)

      • Sako

        Thanks for replying. I’ve tried that, but still don’t work. It ok I will wait until developers update their tweaks. Even hiddensettings7 does not show up. It shows installed, but nothing in settings.

        • savage

          Remove cydia subtrate, and everything will be uninstalled, then install a known working tweak like zeppelin, or barrel, and cydia substrate will automatically be reinstalled. Then reinstall whatever tweaks.

      • Paulie Neira

        U can’t reinstall preference loader cus it’s not in packages to reinstall !!

        • Waleed

          It is. I re-installed it many times. Look the image attatched

      • Paulie Neira

        And preference loader doesn’t show in my packages

        • Paulie Neira

          I’m just going to rejailbreak

    • Paulie Neira

      Mine too on the 5s

    • Sebastian

      Yea I keep getting that and none of my tweaks work ! Anything I can do ?????????

  • Rizal

    Font changer anybody? The working one?

  • Sunny

    Sb settings does not work on 5s
    Activator works ! Little restarts needed
    None of tweaks involving toggles ( hidden settings , NC settings ) work on 5S

    • Steroc

      Read the tweet posted above. All extension need to be recompiled to work with ARM64. You’ll have to wait for developers to update.

      • Sunny

        Yup I know ! Just posted ppl will know they r nt working no need to try them

  • x3sphere

    worked well with my ipad air.

  • Rayz

    iPad Air 32gb working fine with this. Thank!!!

  • HD

    every goodie disappeared after rebooting!!

  • Finn

    Works fine for me. iPhone5 – 7.1Beta2

  • sashusmom

    So Hi guys. It’s been a while since being jailbroke!!! Since Cydia substrate was just released I loaded Evasi0n7 on my 5s and hello Cydia.! :) Just a note to those old timers who were with android for the last couple years like me and then went back to apple. When you sign in to cydia, with google or facebook, make sure you link the device with both accounts to find all your past purchases with cydia- not that they will be compatible, but eventually they will. Had a little trouble, but now all is A OK! Happy New Year and Thank you Jay!

  • Justin Herron

    I’m getting this error message AppRadio Extensions

  • Justin Herron

    (For extensions to work on ARM64, they must be recompiled to ARM64.)

  • Kipper

    Didn’t any of the iPhone 5s read the post. It says the developers need to recompile their code to 64 bit before it can work

  • Pedro

    None of my stock apps work .. What can I do to fix this? Help please…

    • Steroc

      Had the same issue. Switching phone off and on solve it for me. Just respringing didn’t.

  • Massimo

    Did anyone notice a very slow boot time after Cydia Substrate 0.9.5 ? I am on 2 minutes (120 seconds) on both iPhone 5 and iPad 2. That started since the installation of Mobile Substrate Fix, but now that I removed it and installed Cydia Substrate, the boot time is still quite long. Any idea ?

  • Massimo

    No one noticed a veru slow boot time ? I am on 2 minutes (120 seconds) on both iPhone 5 and iPad 2. That started since the installation of Mobile Substrate Fix, but now that I removed it and installed Cydia Substrate, the boot time is still quite long. Any idea ?

  • iPhone4sUser

    messaging app doesn’t work anymore on my iPhone 4S, do not install this!!

  • Waleed

    Okay so now for those who are compaining about the tweaks and stuff not working still after updating mobile substrate.. Guys its just a mobile substrate update, now it is done, means now all the other tweaks amd stuff gonna be updated according to this new substrate, all of this stuff gonna be available time by time in cydia, keep refreshing, they are working hard.
    All the stuff like “winterboard, all themes, tweaks, ringtones, modifications gonna work fine. Best of luck

  • Anonymous

    So does this mean we won’t need to re-jailbreak our iPhones with evasion7? And my iPhone has gone somewhat slower with this update. I also have accelerate installed.

    • cesco2205

      Dear all i’ve been trying to install jb 7 on my ipad 3 with os 7 and nothing is happening, the jb icon is on the ipad screen but the cydia no!! i’ve tried it on my laptop with win 7, on my pc with win 8, nothing!! any help pls?

      thanks a lot

  • Kevin Knox

    Yeah–I guess we are right in saying–If you have a 5S with A7 chip,,,most if not all tweaks in Jailbreak/Cydia will not work properly,, I am getting some things,,I see some things,,but most of my tweaks will not work—its a wounder I havnt breaked the phone,,,thats the first thing I try to do–after a jailbreak is released,,,that tell me if the break is good or not,,,So far I havnt locked up the phone,,,but mainly no tweaks are workinh,,WinterBoard & Dreamboard—-are a must

  • FreeBeer

    My Activator is not working, iPad Mini Retina, any ideas ?. Mail me

    • FreeBeer

      This is all I get with Activator and nothing much else working either. Anyone got any ideas ?. Mail me plzzzz.

      • HappyNewYear

        I’m using 5S 64gb on 7.04 and just install cydia substrate and activator is working fine. I’ve assigned single & tripple home button functions.

        • FreeBeer

          I guess I just have to restore iOS 7.04 and start all over again ??.

      • kandowontu

        Download activator…when you open it, if you get an error message, you
        are in “safe mode”. Open sbsettings icon, hit mobile substrate addons,
        and start disabling things until the activator message stops appearing. (respring on every attempt)
        Now you are in substrate mode!

  • daveholiday

    I still have nothing. Music box works, but it did before. Still have nothing in my settings, wallpaper is grey, uninstalled EVERYTHING from cydia aside from the necessary things, still grey, and still no tweaks work.

  • daveholiday

    Updated cydia substrate, no tweaks work, still nothing in the settings, still grey wallpaper. Music box still works.

    uninstalled everything from cydia that wasn’t a necessary piece. restarted. Nothing. Grey wallpaper. Installed a couple ios7 tweaks. Still nothing.


    • daveholiday

      Nevermind, my 4s is fine now. I downloaded winterboard again, unchecked all of the tweaks out of it and resprung, uninstalled it again, and now we’re cookin with fire.

  • Alius1

    ok so my device i5 (GLOBAL) iOS 7.0 is stuck in an endless loop of Safe Mode….i woke up and updated the 3 Packages Cydia Substrate, Preference Loader, and Substrate Safe Mode. After doing so my phone has been caught in the endless loop and when normally pressing restart to restart/respring the phone it’s not responsive. I’ve also tried reloading/reinstalling the packages and the same keeps happening…i would also like to say that my Mail and Safari app crash and will not open. Any help would be great guys!

    • katsushika

      also stuck in boot loop after substrate update on iPhone 5. Restored to fix – had the delta repo and flex 2 beta.

  • Guest

    after installing cydia substrate shall i uninstall mobile substrate??

  • Hinds

    Anyone getting “there was an error loading preference bundle” when accessing tweaks in settings. 5s model

    • Marcus

      I got that when trying to use Accelerate

  • Coney

    I cant find MyWi 7. What sources/repos are you guys using for it?

    • Hinds

      Should be on bigboss repo. Try refreshing changes. Cydia is probably a little backed up

      • Coney

        Nope not there. Ive been looking for a couple days now and its not showing up. Weird

  • Tom

    Every thing working great here! Iphone5s

  • Andy Walton

    Anybody got this working on iPad2 wi-fi? I have jailbroken and installed Cydia, but I get stcuk in safe mode, despite turning off all substrate extensions in SB settings and reinstalling substrate and safe mode.
    Any clues?

  • Erik Saucedo

    Pandora downloader is working beautifully on my 5S!!!

  • Ace

    Anyone know of a list of compatible iPhone 5s tweaks for the new updated Substrate ???

    • zer0ra1n

      HiddenSettings 7, iFile, MyWi 7 and Zeppelin so far.

      • Coney

        Still cant find MyWi 7 anywhere on Cydia ;(

  • substance44

    Can’t find it anywhere. Cydia only shows me Mobile Substrate 0.9.4001, even after refreshing, rebooting and uninstalling mobile substrate and all related tweaks. It shows as Mobile Substrate 0.9.4001 but has the 0.9.5000 description though… Any ideas?

    • Adam Levensohn

      After you launch Cydia go into Manage – perform the complete update when prompted – this will change Cydia to look like iOS7 – after that search for Cydia Substrate and you should be able to see it and install it – good luck

  • Jon Bow 7

    i’ve just upgraded with Saurik´s Mobile Substrate 0.9.5000 for iOS7.
    Thank you so much Mr.Freeman.
    iPAD 3 64GB

    • Erik Saucedo

      I heard ios6 ran horribly on iPad 3 so I still have mine running on 5.0. How does iOS 7 perform on the iPad 3?

      • odod

        who said that ?? it works flawslessly on my iPad 3 eventually problem at all up until now .. using 6.1.2

  • Kin Lee

    After I install it, Facebook no longer works, so I had to delete it

  • Mark

    Tether me 3.0.1 works on my 5s after I updated the new mobile substrate. The description says updated for 64 bit but haven’t tested it. I figured give it a shot and buy it because it will work at some point. It worked!. I restarted my phone a few times and the tether option is still there. I tested connected my ipad mini and computer to my phone. The entire reason I did the jailbreak to begin with. Well done everyone working on the jailbreak and tweak updates.

  • Erik Saucedo

    Nitrous is also working for 5S. Definitely noticed speed improvements on several apps.

  • Ulisss

    Anybody having a problems with their emojis? Every time I try to use them the app crashes

  • Danny

    Is it necessary to have Rocketbootstrap installed now that this is released?

  • DJ

    My jb is jst great. Only 1 issue, my notification weather is gone. I cant reload it into NC, watever i try it aint appearing

  • F P


  • alexg2435

    i type cydia substrate but nothing comes up nor mobile substrate

    • Darius

      Same! Can anyone help with this?!

      • BigDin808

        I went to Mobile Substrate, clicked Modify, Remove. Then had Cydia check for Updates and Cydia Substrate was listed in the

  • alexg2435

    do i have to restore and reinstall ios 7 jailbreak ?

  • Darius

    I don’t see it under changes tab and when I search for it, it doesn’t appear, can anyone help?!

  • espen reynell

    same as sako, and have no preferenceloader in my bigboss repo no iphone 5S

  • Ray

    My Calculator and Weather app doesn’t work anymore afther the Jailbreak on my IPhone 5S Can someone help ??

  • Ray

    And my Cydia app loads long when i start it ? Please help ???

  • odod

    removing flipswitch beta works for me … pfftt almost had me to restore again, thanks god

  • Paulita De Jesus

    Installed updated mobile substrate on iPad mini and it does not let me open any of the books apps (Bookmate and iBook). Uninstalled mobile substrate and apps working fine. Any help?

  • THC187

    i keep getting the operation timed out posix error on iPhone 5s when refreshing changes in cydia..any suggestions

  • Thomas Courtenay

    I keep getting a error posix operation timed out when refreshing changes in cydia.Is there something i can do?

  • Rob Bob

    my preference loader wont install

    • iPhoneHacks

      Try to kill Cydia from the app switcher and relaunch it again. You should be able to install it.

      • Rob Bob

        What app switcher

  • zero

    Can’t find cydia substrate

  • Sam

    I Cant Find “Cydia Substrate” In The Old Cydia app Please Helpp!!!!!

  • Mani_rk

    Can any one tell me that i have lost all of my default wallpapers after my Jailbreak only dynamic i have

  • Zack

    I’m using the iPhone 5s. I have everything updated as well as the substrate, etc. I’ve had this problem occur randomly and google hasn’t helped, my phone has all these tweaks working fine like bio protect and zeppelin, when I woke up my phone was back to normal, as in no tweaks. I still had them all installed and on my phone but nothing was showing. Like it was in a normal safe mode. How can I get these tweaks to come back? It’s happened before and I just restored and got everything again and now after a day it’s the same. And ideas?

  • FreeBeer

    I have iPad mini retina, iOS 7.0.4. JB all ok and all updated but I cannot get the SBSettings drop-down menu to appear and there is no info in the status bar like memory left and date etc. Is anyone else having this problem and is there any way to fix it ?.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Pranav Kansal

    This Update also has issues :'(.

  • Pablo Santos

    Neither SAM or UltraSnow works in this jailbreak(Iphone 4s v. 7.0.4)…any suggestion?

    • iPhoneHacks

      You should try IMEI based unlock solutions, these are unlikely to be updated for iOS 7.

      • Pablo Santos

        Thanks for fast feedback, already trying this!

  • flyballmom

    Is anyone else having problems with their cydia tweak icons either disappearing or going white with grey lines? I respring and it sometimes brings them back but not always. I’m on a 5s.

  • Tristan

    I jailbroke my ipod touch 5g running ios7 with evasi0n but i cant find the cydia app.

  • Jake fussell

    I tried to download “cydia Substrate” and it said Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg retured an error code (2) …. It says that if i download everything , help?

  • hagereseb

    hello sir, i did all this but the apps aren’t working on my iPhone 4. any reason why? i can’t make them work or i can’t remove them. they are dark and just good for nothing. please help.

  • Dee

    Where is the cydia substrate folder in ifile?

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