Obama not allowed to use an iPhone for security reasons


US President Barack Obama confirmed on Wednesday that he is not allowed to use an iPhone because of security concerns. Instead the president must use an aging, but secure BlackBerry handset, says a report in Security Week.

Speaking to a group of young people who were attending a White house event, Obama confirmed that while his daughters spend a lot of time on their iPhones, he is not allowed to carry one for security reasons. He carries a BlackBerry that he fought hard to keep when he became president.

Despite its struggle, BlackBerry remains popular in government circles because of its strong encryption. The White House won’t detail how it goes above and beyond BlackBerry’s encryption to lock down the president’s phone, but it is secure enough that Obama can use if for email with minimal concern that the device will reveal his location or be the target of a hacking attack.

[Via AppleInsider]