iOS App of the Week: Prismatic adds a social twist to your news feed



Prismatic launched as a news aggregator that recommended news items based on your interests. An update that landed today radically changes the app, adding a social layer on top of the news. Along with the new social features is a brand new look and feel for iOS 7.

Rather than an Instapaper-like approach to consuming news, the latest version of Prismatic focuses on social sharing. You can create a free account, follow other users and have them follow you back. There’s also the ability to comment, but unlike most blog commenting system, Prismatic appends your comment to the original and posts it your stream. There’s even a like or dislike an article in a manner that’s similar to what you see in Facebook. An activity feed keeps the news and your comments flowing in a steady stream.


Prismatic is a very social experience like Twitter or Facebook, but it lacks the noise you find on those other networks. It is all about the news and what people are saying about it, not pretty pictures of someone’s dinner. I get a lot of my news from Twitter and must admit that the pure news feed in Prismatic is a welcome relief.

Prismatic is known for its news recommendation engine and that feature isn’t lost in this update. If anything, these social features add a welcome, new dimension to the underlying news curation of the app. Previous users who prefer to read the news alone may find the update a bit jarring, but those who are used to communicating on a social network will feel right at home.


Prismatic is available for free from the iOS App Store. It is a universal app, so its available for the iPhone and iPad. Check it our and let us know what you think in the comments.

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