Video shows jovial start to Obama meeting with Tim Cook and other tech leaders


Apple CEO Tim Cook and other Silicon Valley tech executives met with President Obama to talk about the website, the NSA and more. The early meet and greet part of the discussion was captured on film, giving us  quick, albeit semi-staged, look at the meeting.

As reported by Politico, details on the serious topics discussed in the meeting were closely guarded secret. Thanks to the video below, we did get a few lighthearted gems about House of Cards from the President and Netflix CEO Reed Hastings.

“I’m just wondering if you brought advance copies of ‘House of Cards’?” Obama said to Netflix head Reed Hastings. The executive chuckled and invited the president to show up for a cameo, according to a pool report.

“I wish things were that ruthlessly efficient,” Obama said in reference to the show and its Machiavellian lead character. “This guy’s getting a lot of stuff done.”

Following the meeting, the White House announced that it was hiring former Microsoft Office exec Kurt DelBene to help fix the remaining issues that are plaguing the website. Bloomberg also caught up with Tim Cook after the meeting and he spoke highly of his time with President, saying it was “a great meeting.”

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