Rumor: Google working on an Apple TV competitor creatively named the Nexus TV


Google may be looking to recoup from its Nexus Q disaster with a with a new device that could go head to head with the Apple TV. This new push into the living room will take the form of a set top box dubbed the Nexus TV, says sources close to The Information.Details on the Nexus device are sparse, but it’s expected to be a media streaming device that’ll pull content from online sources and deliver it to your HDTV. It’ll be similar to Google’s Chromecast dongle, but in a bigger form factor that could support a variety of services and offer an array of connectivity options currently not available to dongle owners. The Nexus TV may debut in the first half of 2014, with a Google I/O unveiling a very strong possibility.

If these rumors pan out, then the Nexus TV will compete with the Apple TV, which also pulls its content down from iTunes and other  online sources.  Apple, though, may be working on something bigger and better than its current Apple TV, which the Nexus TV seems to be duplicating. Details about a new Apple-branded home entertainment device are pure speculation, but Tim Cook has said that living room technology is years behind the times and has hinted that this is a strong area of interest for Apple. Adding fuel to fire of a rumored new generation living room device is the fact that Apple hasn’t significantly updated the Apple TV hardware in well over a year. This stagnation leads some to predict the company is ready to move beyond a basic media streamer and into something revolutionary.

What do you think of the Nexus TV? Is it a ho-hum device that’ll be eclipsed by Apple’s next offering?