Snapchat for iOS gets Replay, Visual Filters, Front Camera Flash and more


Ephemeral messaging service Snapchat has released a major update for its iOS app that brings some interesting new features such as Replay, photo filters, smart filters and more.


The replay feature allows you to watch one snap for the second time. The message is apparently still deleted after the first play, but after missing countless moments of missing friends’ snaps, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel says they wanted to give users a second chance. He says “You only get one a day, so you’ve got to use it where it counts.”


The update brings smart filters and visual filters, which are turned off by default, and can be enabled by navigating to Settings within the app > Additional Services > Manage. Smart filters add info like weather supplied by the Weather Channel, speed and time to your snaps. You can apply the smart filters by swiping left or right. You can also apply various effects to the photos, which can also be applied by swiping left or right.

The update also includes features such as enabling front-facing flash for selfies, an option to see up to 7 friends in your “best friends” menu.


Check out the video walkthrough to see how to use the new features such as filters, replay, front facing flash etc:

If the app hasn’t been automatically updated, you can download the update via the Updates tab in the App Store app or use this iTunes link.

Let us know what you think of the new features in the comments below.

[Via The Verge]