iPhone or iPad not charging? Try this simple tip for a solution


If you find that your iPhone isn’t charging with your Lightning cable anymore, try this simple tip for a solution.

According to reddit user bedell37, a little tinkering around the Lightning port with a toothpick should do the trick, and get your iPhone to charge again. He writes:

Was at dinner with a friend who works for Apple. Told him my charger wasn’t working, so he went to the front of the restaurant and got a toothpick. Started picking in the lightning charger input, picking out tons of lint. Like it had to be BURIED in there. He said phone gets lint built up in the pocket. Picked it out, and it’s good to go. Said they would probably have charged me at the Apple store, but it took all of 2 minutes.

I doubt an Apple Store would actually charge you for such a small thing, so if you have one near your house, you could go there if you don’t want to mess around with the device yourself.

Let us know in the comments below if you were facing such an issue with your iPhone, and if so, did this solve

[via Reddit]

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  • zemetras

    What about unofficial cables ? Got some from dealextreme, 3m length, nylon coated durable, but useless – no charging, no data sync with my iPhone 5S @ 7.0.4 …. Any solution for this ?

    • Brian Keith Minnick

      Probably because Apple fixed it with the new iOS where third party cables wouldn’t not work. I remember reading an article talking about something to the effect. That could be why it’s not charging.

    • Damage3108
    • Sam McCully

      Try a tweak in cydia by biteyourspple

      • zemetras

        Thanks a lot for the tip ! But unfortunately I get rid of all non working cables so cant test it :(

        • Sam McCully

          It’s worth remembering next time you need a new cable :)

          • zemetras

            I gave it to my brother, So next time I will go home that I am far away from now, I can test the very same cables with this fix.

      • j

        did not work for me

  • Steve

    Has anyone looked at the reviews here? http://store.apple.com/uk/reviews/MD818ZM/A/lightning-to-usb-cable-1m?page=3&rs=mostUseful
    NOT one good review, what going on?

  • Brian Keith Minnick

    Toothbrush or brush from electric razor works good as well. I had this problem with my 4S and used an electric razor cleaning brush to fix the problem.

    • raebaybee_02

      do you know what problem I might have? I charge it and when I hold the power button it shows that battery logo and lightning picture.PLEASE HELP !

      • Brian Keith Minnick

        Usually when you see that logo it means you need to charge. Charge it overnight and if it stills shows that logo then try another OEM cable. If that doesn’t work then most likely need a battery change

  • FurryToe

    This is what I use on my iPhone 5.

    • http://rounak.me/ Rounak Jain

      Nice, any link to buy it?

      • FurryToe

        Search eBay for “iPhone 5 dust plug”

        This is the one I bought. 281121431629

        • http://rounak.me/ Rounak Jain


          • Gautham0123

            Buy a Capdase case it comes along for free

  • Guest
  • Gautam
  • iGold

    Using 3rd Party Lightning iPad isn’t charging.

  • Indiablo

    Same goes with all kind of jack stick, have been working with HTC phones and they come in with jack problems, all due to lint… ;0)

  • Kumar Shah

    Just suck on it and the lint will come out (in your mouth!)

    • Bala.

      that worked :) interesting how we can find simple solutions for other complex problem. Way to go!

    • G-Mon

      If replacing the cable works the problem was most likely a bad cable and not lint in the charging socket.

  • Sam McCully

    Biteyourapple have a cydia tweak to enable unauthorized lightning cable to be used

    • http://bit.ly/VomboMultimedia Liam

      What is the tweak called?

      • Sam McCully

        Hi Liam, it’s called unauthorized lightning cable enabler.
        In the byte your apple repo
        Also parrot geek repo

        • http://bit.ly/VomboMultimedia Liam

          Thanks Sam!

          • Sam McCully

            No probs, hope it helps :)

  • Chris

    this worked – i got a small knife to get the lint out – and boom! it started charging!!! Thanks so much for the tip!!!

  • http://gonzofan.mdcapper.com/ John Orban

    w00t! Worked for me!

  • ayce

    deff works !

  • Aibek

    Thanks! This helped me a lot

  • Thad

    Just did this and my phone works perfectly now. It started charging slower and slower and eventually stopped charging completely. Cleaned it out and had 3 giant things of lint that probably took up the entire back half of the port. Another sign is if your charger doesn’t go in completely. That’s what was happening with mine.

  • Avinash

    Did not believe this solution would work…. I picked a thick layer of lint from the lightning port and now my phone is charging flawlessly….

  • Spoiled

    I don’t know what apple store he works in but I took my phone in and I was not charged took all of 5 minutes and I was on my was. Was tols a can of air can help too

  • bruce t

    wow…..thanks a lot…….been struggling for days

  • Alex

    Where do you pricked the toothpick at ?

  • Manan

    Thank you So Much!!

  • tholly

    toothpick worked for me. picked out two fairly sizeable pieces of lint.

  • Fendi NoStress

    my problem is that while its charging and SAYS is charging, it won’t open. it has been 3days that my phone is charging and wont open

  • Ben

    it worked, thanks!

  • Rumel Jala

    My iPhone 4 is not being charged but the battery is being charged will give. Help me please, I’ll do it for you?

  • ESA

    SO HAPPY! It worked!

  • Tricia Martineau

    Not happy for the ios5 my family three of us are always buying new cords. What a freaking rip off and scam apple always changing things up and now the cord falls off by doing this turtle necking thing. Totally bogas dude!

  • Holly

    my ipad mini charger isent charging my ipad but its not open
    i dont have any tooth picks WHAT SHOULD I DO ?????

  • michellerocks

    Someone please help me ! My Iphone 4s is not charging it only shows me a battery picture, a Mini lighting bold, and the picture of a white charger. I have no idea what to do but if someone knows please tell me!! :) Thank you, God Bless.

    • Percabeth Caleo frazel jiper

      same happening with mines i need help and i don’t want to buy a new one

  • Morgan Campbell

    I have a iPhone 4s which, up until recently, didn’t give me any kind of battery problems at all. It actually was a very fast charge and then lasted quite a while considering how much I use it each day in between charges. I had shattered the screen of it about 3 weeks ago and the battery was still fine and about a week ago I took it to a accessory store that fixed screens and fixed it. Even after that, the battery still worked great. Well, up until yesterday. I bought a cheap little portable charger and tried to start to use that. It was charging oddly slow, but I figured that it was just because of the size of the battery and I was just using up more power than it could put in, because I was using it while it was charging on the portable charger. I didn’t get home til late last night and hadn’t tried to plug in my phone to a outlet until I did, and when I did, I was unpleasantly surprised. It took my phone over 6 hours just to increase the battery percentage from 64% to 73%. I was able to use the little portable charger and was able to keep it plugged in all of today, between actual outlets and the portable one. I have tried several different cords, which come to find out, may not have been worth it, and I’m not aware of where the original cord is that came with the phone, but my mom has one and I will try that tomorrow when I see her. I’m guessing from how it didn’t help to dig for lint, that my battery is shot and I just need to go replace it? And if that’s the case, how much does it typically cost to replace it?
    Sorry for the “book”, but I am in desperate need to get my phone up and running ASAP. Thanks.

  • Courtney

    This saved my life! Literally just had a meltdown because my phone wasn’t charging (my phone = my life) and I found this article. Thanks for saving my baby!

    • Gautam

      Glad to know it worked :)


    Works %100. Found the mother load of lint and dust deep inside the port

  • Cai

    My ipad 4 does not charge to it’s original charger but do charge with ipad mini charger. So i bought a new charger and still does not charge with my ipad. How come?