How to add new Dynamic Wallpapers to your iPhone in iOS 7


One of the major new features in iOS 7 in the looks department was the dynamic or live wallpaper.

Unfortunately, the feature is quite crippled as iOS 7 comes with only the same type of dynamic wallpaper in 7 different colors.

We have some good news for you, as a Cydia developer has just released a new jailbreak app called iDynamic that adds new dynamic wallpapers to the collection.

Here are the simple steps to add more dynamic wallpapers to iOS 7:

  • Launch Cydia
  • Search for iDynamic
  • Select iDynamic from the search results
  • Then tap on Install, followed by the Confirm button to install the jailbreak tweak. It will add an icon for the jailbreak app on your iPhone’s Home screen.
  • Launch the iDynamic app. You will notice that the app includes some free dynamic wallpapers and some paid ones. You can either buy one for $0.99, or the entire set of 5 new dynamic wallpapers for $1.99.


Free Custom Dynamic Wallpapers


Paid Custom Dynamic Wallpapers

  • To add a new Dynamic wallpaper to your collection, all you need to do is tap on one of the images from the list.
  • This will display, the complete set of Wallpapers for that dynamic wallpaper. Tap on the circular tick button at the top right corner. It will inform you that the “New dynamic wallpaper should take effect after respring,” tap on the Respring button to respring the device.


The new dynamic wallpapers via iDynamic also come with subtle animation just like the original ones. You can check out the video below to see the free and paid dynamic wallpapers.

The only issue I noticed was that iDynamic replaced the old dynamic wallpaper with the new ones instead of adding them to the dynamic wallpaper library. I’m not sure if it is some limitation or it will be fixed soon. Update: If you want to revert back to the default wallpapers, then you’ll notice that the fourth wallpaper in the list is the default ones, tap on the circular tick button to restore back to original dynamic wallpapers. Warning: The tweak seems to promote a Touch ID app in the App Store, which looks quite shady, so stay clear of it.

I have been eagerly waiting for custom dynamic wallpapers, so it was great to see iDynamic on Cydia. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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  • zemetras

    Hi, how can I remove these dynamic wallpapers ? I removed iDynamic from cydia but default themes still remains owerwritten by these from iDynamic.

    • Gautam

      If you want to revert back to the original dynamic wallpapers, then you’ll notice that the fourth wallpaper in the list in iDynamic is the default one, tap on the circular tick button to restore back to original dynamic wallpapers. I’ve updated the post.

      • zemetras

        Your advice works ! Thanks a lot, totally missed it.

  • ConduciveMammal

    It also promotes a fake TouchID app within the App Store

    • Gautam

      Thanks for pointing it out. I have added it as a warning.

  • yodadm

    followed the instructions but all i get are the free ones. paid the 1.99 and did the respring but still only the free ones. any help is great!

  • Wale

    Some one wake me up when Safari download manager is out for iOS 7. All this other tweaks are jokes to me.

    • mE.!

      you must have a laughter filled life!

  • Khan Rulzz

    Doesnt work on my ipad mini

  • Tirath Ganpat

    is there a way to get my money back? it doesn’t state anywhere that it doesn’t add a dynamic-wallpaper-function for devices that didn’t had it already. i presumed that it would add such function, because otherwise, there is no point into being able to download this app on iPhone 4

    • Gautam

      You should contact the developer at

      • Tirath Ganpat

        Thanks! I will send him an email right away ;)

    • Xpepsicocax

      I have the same issue, thought it worked on iphone 4

      • Tirath Ganpat

        I still haven’t gotten an answer from the developer, maybe we’ll reach him quicker if you send him an email as well? Xpepsicocax

  • tariq

    anyone likes my homescreen?

    • tariq1

      its not showing my pic-.-

  • tariq

    i have the best homescreen in world. and learned to combine tweaks. but i cant upload pics for some reason.. id like for ppl to see my screen and what i did. so kik me at persian 10. and i will send anyone the screenshot so they can post it on here. thank u

  • AaronD

    I can’t uninstall it from cydia. Now I’m stuck with the app.

  • thedogcow

    Installed and reinstalled on my 4s but no icon ever appeared on the springboard even after a respring! Strange!

  • Hana

    This tool just for iphone 5?
    Or for iphone 4

    • iPhoneHacks

      iPhone 4s or higher.

  • iPhonemods

    Batter killer i remove it after use 1 day.


    Cheap and un useful app

  • Maxx

    How ’bout for iPad?

  • mat

    all my normal wallpapers were gone after i added this tweak. now im stuck with only the dynamic ones. and yes i can restore but then i lost all my tweats that are installed :s

    • iPhoneHacks

      Selecting the fourth wallpaper will bring back the original dynamic wallpapers. You don’t need to restore.

      • Zoheb Khan

        any tricks to get all wallpapers for free ??? my credit card not working :'(

        • PhilJordan

          Try my solution above ;-))))

      • Minh-tri Bui

        I think they had updated and it’s no longer the 4th one? I’m missing my still wallpaper and it’s still missing after restoring the iPhone?

      • PhilJordan

        They are asking about normal (not dynamic) wallpapers.

    • PhilJordan

      Try my solution above ;)

  • l

    this works only for 4s/5 not for iPhone 4 :(

  • Minh-tri Bui

    For some reason my “still wallpapers are gone/blanked” even after restoring my iPhone. Can someone please help me, I’m losing my mind here.

    • PhilJordan

      Try my solution above.

  • Angry Kreyon

    it’s a nice app for jailbroken phones, but the slection of wallpapers is no better than the ones that come with IOS7, we need the ability to add our own wallpapers, so we could have something cool instead of these laim wallpapers, andriod phones have dynamic wallpapers that include real video like views of clouds in the sky or rain or other realistic things rather than simple floating flat looking crud!

    • speller

      I think you mean “lame”, “android”, “selection”, “CAN have something”, and a few others.

  • Devin Lovelace

    This app is making my iPhone 5s blink when putting it to sleep. Any advise?

  • Echo

    dumb only jailbroken devices can get it

  • PhilJordan

    For those people who wants to get original wallpapers install iFile and go to /var/stash/Wallpaper.jRq478/iPhone and you will find all the original wallpapers same thing for iPad

    • PhilJordan

      Tap the picture and open it with Image Viewer then press on the folder icon on the bottom ( Second icon from left ) it will save it to your photos from there you can put it as wallpaper. This temporary solution till the developers fix this issue.

      • J

        Can you explain more i only seem to open the pic and then when i click it goes to back to full view. I just want the superman one, thats all

  • tristen briggz

    How to delete wall papers??? I uninstalled and still there?? I resprung already. Help? 16gb 5s?

  • amir

    is it works on iphone 4 or not