Amazon working on something bigger than the Kindle



Amazon is sending out invitations to an event in Boston that’ll unveil a new product. The topic should be interesting as Amazon claims it is something that will be bigger than the Kindle. As noted by ZatzNotFunny, the event will be held in the early evening of Thursday, January 30th at Mead Hall in Kendall Square. Update: It is interesting to note that the date on the invitation says December 30,  but most believe this to be an unfortunate typo as December 30th landed on a Monday.

Amazon confirmed it will use the happy hour event to introduce a new V1 product that’ll disrupt the current digital media marketplace. Details are sparse on the disruptive product, it is widely expected that Amazon’s mystery product will be a media streaming device. Amazon already has robust library in its Prime Instant video, so it makes sense the company would want to explore hardware that’s tied to the video streaming service. Others suggest it may be a smartphone, smart watch or tablet, but those choices seem unlikely given the media-centric wording of the invitation.


Whatever it is, Amazon is pretty confident that the device will be a game changer. You don’t claim a device will be going to be bigger than the Kindle unless it’s pretty significant.

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