Apple hiring specialists in the medical sensor field to develop biometric technologies


There is little doubt the next wave in innovation will be in wearables. Looking beyond the Fitbits of today, there will be sensors-laden devices that track our movements and our health for our own benefit. These products are still years in the making, but companies like Apple are already working on this technology. A recent report by 9to5Mac reveals how Apple is cherry picking the best scientists and specialists in the medical sensor field.

One recent hire is Nancy Dougherty, who was the hardware lead at startup Sano Intelligence. At Sano, Dougherty was working on a sensor-laden transdermal patch that would measure the metabolic profile of your blood. Though some consumers may be creeped out by a device that tests your blood, people, like diabetics, who regularly test their blood would love an iWatch with this functionality.

Other hires are working on iris scanning and other biometric technologies. We are in the early days of innovation in the field of medical sensor technology and it’s exciting that Apple is exploring this technology to figure out how it can be used to make our lives better.

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  • Jin

    50 years from now, Apple will be making iPhones into contact lenses.

    • bcsc

      Google is already converting contact lenses for the medical field, so I’d say you are accurate with Apple being 50 years away.

  • Ant

    Google=Theory Apple=Action

  • Yunik

    It has been about 2 month since I have heard many things about apple. They are really working on many things. Not only bigger screen, eye scanner,Iwatch,itv but other things too. But since this is only rumors it could not happen. And since Tim cook has also said they are doing great things for 2014 this rumors and other rumors may come true.

  • james braselton

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