Apple to issue update that’ll fix the white screen of death


Apple has told Mashable that the white screen of death reported by some iPhone owners running iOS 7 will be fixed in an upcoming update. Reports about this glitch started appearing in Apple forums shortly after the release of iOS 7.

The white screen of death is a bug that causes the phone to quietly reboot when you least expect it. I’ve had it happen to me on occasion, with no clear cause. All of sudden the screen would turn black, and the Apple logo would appear. A minute later, the phone was back at the login screen. In my case the screen would turn black because I have a slate gray iPhone. A white phone supposedly reboots with a white screen.

Speaking to Mashable, Apple spokesperson Trudy Miller acknowledged the existence of the glitch and confirmed a fix was coming soon.

“We have a fix in an upcoming software update for a bug that can occasionally cause a home screen crash.”

The white screen of death fix is expected to land alongside iOS 7.1. iOS 7.1 is now in the hands of developers and is in its fourth beta version. The final release is expected to arrive in March. Besides bug fixes, the next version of iOS 7.1 is expected to introduce some UI tweaks and may close the hole being used by the evasi0n7 jailbreak.

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  • Vidar Andersen

    This happend to me twice really annoying..

  • bcsc

    Try Android, it just works.

    • Gautam

      Is it? I have Galaxy S4, and its crap.

      • bcsc

        Well then, you should have bought a true Android and not a heavily bloated Samsung.

        • Gautam

          Agreed, but when I bought it, it was the best Android device and manufacturers hadn’t launched the Google Play editions.

          • bcsc

            Put CM11 on it or if you happen to be AT&T a ROM called Task650. That’s an amazing piece of hardware, it just has the wrong software on it. After using proper AOSP, you will have a hard time hating Android.

          • Zangpakto

            How about instead of using stupidity and talking about true AOSP, which if you did not know, does not support hardware acceleration and needs to be programmed separately.

            Why not create your own OS using android as a base…

            ROMs are nice, but they are never perfect, nor designed for full compatibility.

            I guess however if your a fandroid and can’t program… Your stuck with stupid ROMs where you cannot develop your own OS…

          • bcsc

            Why cook my own ROM when I can just use Multirom and run 7 at once including Ubuntu. And how would you figure that a Rom cooked from AOSP on a Nexus device would not have full compatibility. The AOSP code is specific to that device and built specifically to support it. What I said was he should have bought a true android, that being a Nexus. And as far as the S4 goes, it is properly supported by AOSP with the GPE, which is portable. And BTW hardware acceleration has been supported for years. Go ahead and hit the Developer Options tab and do some fact checking instead of using stupidity and talking about knowing AOSP. Hit up XDA, learn some, then come back and chat.

  • RShah405

    Ever since i installed 7.1 Betas i am yet to experience a crash. It’s just drains battery faster other than that it’s just working great. :)

  • melvynm

    I get this often when I use the multitask-switcher (after double-taping the home button). My slate-grey iPhone 5s is running a non-jailbroken stock iOS 7.0.4 (no betas).

  • Scott

    I am running ios 7.04 5s. i had this issue quite a number or times when i use the finger print sensor.

  • Brad Hodson

    It’s annoying, but it’s FAR from being a “___ screen of death”. There’s no _death_ in the screen, it just restarts the springboard. It doesn’t mean your device is screwed like if you see the Blue Screen of Death on Windows.

  • mwiz123


  • Fagdroid

    Lol all android does is apologize because all the apps stop responding android is a joke and a pos

  • seadoc

    2nd iPad Air and blue screen of death constantly on both. Done with Apple… Had bought and still have a128k Mac more reliable than this crap. Jobs must be fuming at the downward spiral of Apple.

  • Jessica Tubbs

    My phone has been experiencing the white screen of death off and on for a day. Please HELP!