CES 2014: Yahoo announces News Digest app that uses Summly technology


Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer used CES to announce a new iOS app, among other strategies, that’ll move the company further into the digital news and online magazine realm. Not surprisingly, the new app is a news aggregator that’ll package up the top news and send it off to you in easily digestible chunks. The new Yahoo New Digest uses the core technology acquired when Yahoo bought Summly to delver news to your iPhone or iPod touch. The service will select the top news stories and send them to your device twice each day. Both the morning news and the evening news will include additional contextual information like maps, infographics, videos and more. The Yahoo News Digest app is available now in the iOS App Store for free.

Here is how Yahoo describes the new app in it CES 2014 press release:

Yahoo News Digest: Yahoo launched Yahoo News Digest for iPhone and iPod touch, built using insights from Summly. Yahoo News Digest delivers the most important news of the day, twice per day, right to a mobile device. Evolving the concept of summarization a step further, the digests provide a definitive summary of all the important, need-to-know news to help people stay on top of what is happening in the world. In the morning and evening, users will be notified when the top stories are ready to read. They can scan the Summly summary, as well as read units of information called “Atoms,” which provide context to each story, including maps, infographics, videos, photos and more.

Are you interested in getting your news from Yahoo? Will it find a home on your iPhone or iPod touch?