• Nhân Phan

    I see you guys browse /jailbreak a lot lol

  • Eric Young

    nice, easy enough on the 5s.

    • Harris

      I have been confused in step no.3… I create the file ending .animate but I don’t understand how to move on. Can u assist me?

      • Cody

        Copy the name of the folder that you downloaded. Then once you’ve created org.chronicdev.animate, tap on the “i” next to it and tap on “Open with” and then select “Text Viewer. Once it opens, you should be able to paste in the name of the folder. Then continue with step 5.

        • Oohwee

          Hey! I’ve followed these steps (albeit I had to download the bootlogo animation from another mirror because dropbox is giving an overloaded error) but I did not get the glitchy bootlogo upon rebooting my device. Also, in settings, under bootlogo, I get an error message as such, “There was an error loading the preference bundle for BootLogo.” HELP!

          • Cody

            Do you have an iPhone 5s and follow the 5s instructions?

          • Oohwee

            Yes and yes. To the t. I’ve tried several different time, I cant get it to work at all. May I ask this: I download the file from safari, click open with ifile, then unarchiver, then click done and from there click edit, then select the newly created folder, and select copy/link? That’s what I need to paste into the file I create, correct? (this is what I’ve done). I have also tried to cut the new file from that screen and past it into /library/bootlogos/ and then copy/link from there. Alas, same thing…no results. Any ideas at all? This is super frustrating…

          • Cody

            You don’t need to paste the folder in the newly created file. You just need to type the name of the folder in the file. Try that and see if it works. And I’m not sure which file you’ve downloaded so I can’t be positive this will fix your issue.

          • Oohwee

            I meant I’ve posted the name/location of the file. Its never just the file name. I scrolled down through a reddit post and tried an alternate, which is this one here: http://www.filedropper.com/appleglitch5

          • Oohwee

            EDIT: I got it to work!! I had to cut and paste the downloaded bootlogo file into /Library/BootLogos – then, i simply had to type just the file name into the file. Resaved with “plist” extension and rebooted iphone. Works like a charm! Thanks for helping me, Cody.

          • Cody


          • Oohwee

            And when I copy the folder name, I get this:


            This is what I have been pasting in the “org.chronic-dev.animate” file before adding the “plist” extension, saving, and then exiting and respringing.

  • Gold

    What? No Gold color :P

  • Jose Carlo

    Can anybody help me? It won’t work for me with the iPhone 5 white!!! I did exactly the same as the instructions

    • Cody

      What’s the issue? Are you able to see it in the settings and toggle it on? Try using the black one and see if it works. If it does, then something may be wrong with the file

    • Stefan

      5/5s in White did not work for me either, crashes settings app on preview?? Black works fine?? Confused.

  • fakaff

    I can’t see the extra tab at bootlogo in settings. Am I missing something here? I doublechecked in ifile if the folder was still in the BootLogos folder and it was there. I already did a respring, it’s not showing up

    • Cody

      What device are you on?

      • fakaff

        I’m on a black 4s, I doublechecked if I have the right files


    Dropbox Says The account is Temporarily Disabled..
    any idea , when it’ll be availible ?

    • Cody

      There’s been too much traffic going to it so the account was disabled. I’m not sure when it will be available again.


        oh’k.. will wait

  • Mohamed Zidane
  • Waleedx27

    There is an error please Re-Lift

  • John Speegle

    • fakaff

      that’s scary :p

  • David Bell

    Sounds like way too much to go through just to chance putting your iPhone into a reboot loop and then spending hours trying to fix a problem you could have avoided in the first place … or you wake up the next morning forgetting you installed a new boot logo and go into a panic thinking your iPhone has gone all to hell ….

  • Spaan

    yeah, with double of the booting time. deleted right away…

  • Hawre Balak

    these links can’t be download anymore :( please fix!

  • martinrios

    does anyone know if i can use it as an animated wallpaper?

  • Daniel

    SALUT, am facut exact cum ai facut si tu, mi-a iesit perfect, bravo, felicitari, am un Iphone 4, functioneaza perfect. Thank you

  • Dakota

    It doesnt work for me? I downloaded iphone 5 white and followed instuction and it dosnt show up in settings :/

  • Aaron Doyle

    5s not working at all, followed instructions from video.

  • Batman

    It works occasionally I’ll turn it off and on and then I’ll do it again and it won’t work please help

  • Jöe Märcëaü

    cannot get to work on iphone 5s running ios 7.1.2 installed animate fix 7.x.x and animate tried everything

  • Birendra Yadav

    After update ios8 it’s hanging the mobile

  • john

    Do you normally steal content from reddit or is this a one time thing?