Chitika: iPhone gains in post-holiday usage share, while iPad slips slightly


The iPhone 5s and 5c dominated the holiday season earning Apple the honor of being the only smartphone manufacturer to gain North American usage share during the holiday season. Though the iPad didn’t show a similar gain, it still remains the dominant tablet in North America.

According to Chitika, the iPhone accounted for 54.3% of web usage share in North America. This figure is up 1.8% from the pre-holiday season. Apple was the only handset manufacture to gain usage share. Google stayed the same at a negligible 0.7%, while HTC, Motorola and others lost market share. Samsung, Apple’s closest competitor with 23.7% usage share, fell 0.8% during the holiday season.


On the tablet side of the equation, the iPad still dominates with a whopping 76.1% usage share. Despite its dominance, the iPad lost usage share, falling 1.3% during the Christmas holidays. Though the iPad dropped, other manufacturers like Samsung and Amazon showed gains of 5.9% and 9.4%, respectively. This trend is likely the result of the higher price tag of the iPad in comparison to its competitors. Though consumers won’t bat an eye at buying an iPad for themselves, they may be reluctant to pay a higher price tag for a gift.

According to Chitika, its survey is based on “a sample of tens of millions of smartphone and tablet online ad impressions from the Chitika network between December 20 to 29, 2013.”

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