Fix for Status Bar issues after jailbreaking iOS 7


Have you noticed an issue with the Status bar after jailbreaking iOS 7? You’re not alone.

A number of users have noticed that either the status bar shows up when it shouldn’t like when you’re seeing photos in the Photos app in full-screen mode, or it disappears when it should be visible such as the Stocks apps or the Phone app, or it just shows up in the wrong color.

If it has been annoying you then there is a now a tweak called StatusBarFix2 that can fix the issue.

The developer of the tweak, who goes by the handle pNre says that the bug is caused by Cydia moving system apps when it is launch for the first time. This is done to allow users to install third-party apps without the risk of filling up the root partition.

Here’s how to fix the issue. You will first need to add the pNre repo ( to Cydia to install the tweak. If you need help follow these instructions:

  • Launch Cydia
  • Tap on Manages tab, then tap on Sources
  • Then tap on Edit in the top right corner, followed by Add.
  • Enter the following: after http://
  • Then tap on the Add Sources button.
  • Tap on the Return to Cydia button when prompted.
  • You should now see the pNre repo in the list of Sources. Tap on it, then tap on StatusBarFix2.
  • Then tap on the Install, followed by Confirm.
  • Tap on the Restart SpringBoard button when prompted.

That’s it. This should fix most of the Status bar issues. If the issue is still not fixed in some apps, then you may need to use Terminal (Mac) or an SSH client (Windows) and ssh into your device. Here are the instructions:

  • Open the app in which you’re still facing the problem e.g. Stocks
  • Connect to your iOS device via SSH (check out the video below if you need help).
  • Run the following command in Terminal: killall -9 Stocks (you need to replace Stocks with the name of the app with which you’re facing the issue)
  • This will close the Stocks app

However, when you launch it again, the Status bar issue should be fixed.

Check out our detailed video walkthrough of how to fix the issue if you’re having any problems following the above instructions:

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  • Alan

    Thanks Gautam. You told me how to fix a problem that I didn’t even know existed.

    Note to self: Pay more attention :D

  • Manski

    Instead of using terminal you can force close an app on your phone.
    I was having stays bar issues with the stocks app. I installed the tweak above and I still had issues. I then opened the stocks app. Held down the lock button until it said slide to power off. I let go of lock button and then held the home button until the app was forced closed. Problem solved.

  • jimjamurface

    The fix didn’t correct the problem on my iPad 2.

    • Rachid

      Perhaps a respring or a reboot will help

  • hypnopotamus

    I never even noticed this until this article :D
    Fixed my 4s, except for stocks, and fixed ipad 2

  • @adamrebel

    Thank you!

  • Joe

    Thank you! This was annoying the shit out of me.