Google-owned Bump to shut down at the end of this month


Popular file sharing app Bump was acquired by Google in September of 2013. Less than four months after announcing its acquisition, Bump CEO and cofounder David Lieb is back to announce that the service is shutting down in the next few weeks.Lieb explained that though the company intended to continue its work on Bump and Flock, they “are now deeply focused on our new projects within Google.” As a result, they no longer have time to dedicate to the two apps and their backend services.

On January 31, 2014, both file sharing tool Bump and photo sharing tool Flock will be pulled from the iOS App Store. After this date, neither app will work, and all user data will deleted from the company’s servers. To make the transition easier for customers, Bump is providing an data export tool from within the app. Opening the app between now and the end of the month will send an email containing a link that’ll let customers download all their data.

Do you use Bump or Flock? What do you think of this sudden shutdown?

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  • Franklin Richards

    Bump was an easy way to transfer contact lists from phone to phone. Shame to see it go. Google’s becoming way more destructive than they used to be now and it’s getting annoying. No longer are they the hallmark of free innovation.

    • Freddieboy217

      Agreed they shut down latitude to try and force everyone to use their service that IMO is nowhere near as good

    • bcsc

      Easy way to fix this……JUST USE NFC!

      • David hill

        What is NFC ???

        • bcsc


  • peter

    So instead of making it open source, google punishes apple and iOS users by taking away usable free services. Nice. What happened to do no evil.

    • bcsc

      No, Apple punished you bot not including NFC in your phone. The exact feature that all new Google phones come with. The exact feature that makes Bump obsolete. Why should Google support it? for Apple?

      • Andy

        So u think, they just spent money to buy and then shut down the service so that they could punish apple users. That is sick.

        • bcsc

          I don’t think they are doing it to punish anyone. Whether they bought it for patents, coders, or just to grab a couple small features, they are done with it and there are other services available on their platform(NFC), to cover the loss of this service. There is no benefit to them to keep a redundant service alive. If iDevices had NFC chips, this app would be completely useless and this article wouldn’t even need to exist. Seems like the shortcoming here is on Apple’s end. Don’t blame Google for that.

          • peter

            Why did they buy it in the first place? I highly doubt they needed engineers or a few features.

          • John Smith

            Don’t bother explaining it to a moron – their opinions are irrelevant.

  • Rick Jamessssss

    google has been making terrible decisions lately…. Reader, Latitude, and now bump… 2 of which were top apps downloaded…. You’d think adding in a couple ads would help with hiring developers….

  • blu

    That sucks. I like bump.

  • hypnopotamus

    This is so typical for Google. Every time I get used to some app or service they just shut it down. Because of this I’m trying to avoid anything from Google, cause eventually it will just be shut down and I’d be forced to find some alternative. So, whenever I need something I try to find anything but Google, thus avoid disappointment…

  • Oliver

    Shame on you Google!!! Greedy Corporation