New note taking iPhone app includes custom keyboard capable of 120WPM speeds

Apple hasn’t allowed third-party developers to create custom, system-wide keyboards, so developers are doing the next best thing possible — creating keyboards for use in their own apps, and licensing it to other developers.

Hipjot is a new note-taking iPhone app that includes a “Two-hand slide” keyboard that is capable of letting you type at speeds up to 120WPM. The keyboard is quite similar to Swype, in that you can swipe your fingers over the keyboard rather than tapping on each letter. You can in fact swipe with both fingers simultaneously which gives your typing speed a boost over the Swype keyboard.

Here’s a video demo:

You can try the keyboard in the Hipjot iPhone app, that costs $1.99 on the App Store. It only works with 4-inch screens, and not with older iPhones.


There have been similar attempts by other developers to add custom keyboards in the iPhone, with Fleksy even having released a third-party SDK, but none of these tools seem to have caught on due to the lack of system-wide presence.

Download link:

Hipjot – $1.99

[via MacRumors]