iPhone 5s Compatible Jailbreak Apps and Tweaks [Updated: January 8]

evasi0n jailbreak

If you’ve jailbroken your iPhone 5s with evasi0n7, then you might have been quite frustrated to find out that many of the jailbreak apps and tweaks don’t work on your device.

However with the release of Cydia Substrate (or Mobile Substrate) for iOS 7 and A7 chip, we’re seeing developers releasing new versions of their tweaks to add the much needed support for iOS 7 devices.

Here’s a list of jailbreak tweaks that support 64-bit A7 chip, so should work on iPhone 5s, and most probably on iPad Air and Retina iPad mini as well:


Jailbreak Tweaks Comments
3G Unrestrictor 5 (iOS 7 & 6)
Assistant Unrestrictor
Background Manager
Bigify Some readers have reported issues with it
Browser Changer
Burst mode
Call on GV Pro
CallerID Greece
Chinese Calendar for Notification Center
Core Utilities
Cydia Substrate
Disable Parallax Effect
Erica Utilities
Fake GPS Lite
Find My iPhone China Corrector
IB Graphics Selector
Icon Renamer
Icon Tool
Lock Screen Tool
Menu Button Emulator
Movie Box
Navigate From Maps
No Skype Preview
Open In App For Photos
PhotosEnhancer Pro 2
PowerDown Enhancer
ProTube Extension for YouTube
ProTube HD
Record ‘n’ Torch
Remove Badges
SBInfoGrabber iOS 7
Slide2Kill 7
Still Capture Enabler 2
TVLocker Pro
UIKit Tools
Unrestricted Folders Naming
Video Zoom Mod
Virtual Home
Volume Amplifier
WiFi Booster

This list is courtesy Twitter user @iAdam1n (via @cammywrites) who has been maintaining a document with the list of jailbreak apps and tweaks that are compatible with iOS 7 and iOS devices. I hope this list of 85 tweaks and counting will help you get started, and make it a little less frustrating.

Update (January 2nd):

This list has been updated on January 2nd. There are 117 or more jailbreak apps and tweaks that are compatible with iPhone 5s and other A7 devices.

Update (January 3rd, 8:00 am ET):

Here’s the list of jailbreak tweaks that are now compatible with 64-bit A7 chip:

Action Menu
Action Menu Plus Pack
Caffeine 2
Chinese Calendar Pro for Notification Center
Fake GPS
iCaughtU Pro
OneByOne Contacts
WiFi Passwords

Update (January 6th, 11:00 am ET):

Here’s the list of additional 95 jailbreak tweaks that are now compatible with 64-bit A7 chip. With today’s update, the number of iPhone 5s compatible jailbreak apps and tweaks stands at 234 and counting.

5 Row Custom iPad Keyboard
5 Row Customizable Keyboard for iPhone
7Folder Relayout
AirBlue Sharing
AirBlue Stack
App Language Switcher
BytaFont 2
CallerID Greece
Capture View
CC Deseparator
Exchange Unlock iOS7
FB Unlimited Chat Heads
Find My Friends Location Spoofer
Flat Notes
FullForce for Phone
iKeyMonitor keylogger for iPad/iPhone/iPod
iTunes Radio Unlimited
Messages Customiser
MongolKeyboard for iPhone
Multitasking Gestures Switch
No Alerts Private Browsing
No Page Bounce
No Percent Sign
No Skype Preview
NoSpot iOS 7
Open in YouMail
Parallax enaBlur
Photo Blackground
PhotosEnhancer Pro 2
PowerDown Enhancer
RecordMyScreen (Tweak)
Remove Recents
SBRotator 7
Screenshot Dam
SMS on GV 7
tsProtector P
Tweetbot API
Userscripts Loader
Wake With Weather

Update (January 8, 11:00 pm ET):

Here’s a list of 35 more tweaks that are compatible with A7 chip:

AquaBoard – Liquid SpringBoard
Australian BOM Weather+
Awake Speech
Fake Operator
FMFIP Spoofer
gUICache for CCToggles
No Icon Badges
No Switcher Icons
Piano Passcode
Push for Gmail
Reboot Flipswitch
Uninstall Application Size

Please let us know if you’ve found any jailbreak app or tweak compatible with your A7 device.

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  • Jeremy Taco Patterson

    THANK YOU!!!! For this list!!!!!

    • Gautam

      Hey @jeremytacopatterson:disqus, You’re Welcome! High time we covered it :)

      • The Truth

        Thanks Gautam!!! Can you please keep this list active and updated for many of us with ARM64 devices? Many thanks again.

        • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

          Yeah, will keep the list updated

          • Kamy

            can you also point out which new tweaks you`v added, it can be quiet frustrating going through hundred of tweaks to find one we haven’t viewed.

            Kind Regards

          • Abel Goddard

            Yeah a date & time added to list would be great.

  • silencer2g

    pandora downloader works too on iphone %s

  • jru

    I opened Cydia and now its trying to refresh at the top but it keeps saying Error: POSIX: operation timeout on (iPhone 5s)

    • jru

      Nevermind…i fixed it by delete DevTeam Source.

      • Prince K

        ty…. i was having same issue, it did correct the problem….

  • Kamy

    Thanks a lot my friend.

  • Xay

    Thank you for the list. The NES ADX emulator is working with the wii remote

  • A1

    iCaughtU Pro is one of the best mods ever.

    • jordan

      doesnt work that well on iphone 5s

      • ari

        How come?

        • iOSFan

          I have the 4S and iCaughtU Pro is freezing up my phone as well. Removed and reinstalled and still having the same issue. Also seeing redirect to App Store issues as well.

  • whatsapp crash

    Anyone elses iphone respring when whatsapp takes a photo or video? is there a fix for this?

  • Gh

    Anybody tried speak event

  • DeltaCutie

    I can’t get Barrel to work :-(

    • Mike

      I had to uninstall barrel and than uninstall Cydia substrate and safe mode. Than you install them again and than you install barrel. Now it’s working!

      • King C

        Try installing barrel from the hack your iPhone repo! worked fine fore me!!

        • DeltaCutie

          Just tried that repo and Cydia won’t load it.. :(

  • Richie

    do these tweaks work for other iPhones like the 4S???

    • Adrian

      It’s safe to say that if it works for the 5S it should easily cover older devices.

  • Ralph Häring

    Bigify+ icon scaling has bugs! Icon scaling does exclude some icons in folders and also the icons in the dock. And the folders do not have the miniature icons anymore. The folders are just light blue coloured.

  • Ralph Häring

    Also working: Activator, biteSMS, Clean Master, Iconoclasm, Protect My Privacy. Tested on iPhone5

    • Mike

      You got these working on iPhone 5s?

      • Ralph Häring

        uuuups. the post is about the iphone 5s. Sorry, I was too fast. Have only iPhone 5.

    • jordan123

      bitesms doesnt work on iphone 5s

  • cityhallguy

    No Page Dots and TapDeWiggle both work also!

    • Lewis

      No Page Dots doesn’t work with 5s

  • JD

    I’m still getting the error message can’t load preference bundle.

    • John Agnew

      me too, on every app that is suppose to work on the jailbroken 5S and I have updated all that cydia has asked to update, any ideas anyone?

      • Wille

        Same to me, tryed some:
        Allmail Datecarrier doesent work (Preference bundle error)
        Navigate from Maps work

        • Wille

          Allmail got an update some minutes ago now allmail works

  • jordan123

    movie box

  • Justme

    iCaughtU locks up the phone and it needs restoring Remove Badges doesn’t work nether does My3G and now Cyria wont let me remove it

    • justme

      Igotya not working either :(

      • Mrblackjapa

        For the 5 because I have the 5s and so far so good ,what is it doing

  • Just sayin xD

    You forgot the TAIG app store ;P

  • Gh

    Is anyone having an issue with cydia automatically switching over to the App Store

    • Luism27

      I’m having the same problem.. some tweaks in Cydia redirect me to the App Store

    • Bloop

      (For me) it only happens when viewing packages from repos I’ve manually added (insanelyi and sinfuliphone etc). Hasn’t happened with the preloaded ones like BigBoss and ModMyi.

    • Roystan Ang

      Thought it was just me

      • odod

        yes it is insanelyi repo .. get rid of it .. and change to iphonerm repo much better .. otherwise you could use modded hosts file or adblock tweak

        • Ryu

          Weird, I am having no issues with insanelyi on my 4S

          • odod

            lucky you :)

        • StrongIsland

          Adblock does not work with Cydia. Cydia runs a root and is not possible to inject code into it therefor adblocker will not work with Cydia.

          • odod

            its called NoCyads .. and it works for some repos

    • ahay

      yes, me too.. a little bit annoying though

    • Giant707swsr

      Yea i agree i think it may be just an advertisement

    • Smitty

      I am

    • Toolman

      Yes, I am also having the same issue. especially with the insanelyi source packages. Very annoying.

      I see a post where a 4s user (Ryu) isn’t having this issue… Wondering if it has anything to do with the A7 processor or that it is a 64 bit processor.

      Anyone trying to figure that out?

      • Robert

        i have an iphone 5s a7 processor and everything no issues for me

    • david

      yes it does that while the page is loading.

    • Toolman

      Found this post from a few days ago…


      Anybody with the redirecting issue should get something called”redirect fix” from the insanelyi repo.

      This did work for me. :)

  • moses

    hiddensettings, noslowanimation, ikeywi not working, those what i just downloaded hehe wthell

  • Maine

    Any word on pdanet for ios 7?

    • Ace

      Not sure about pdanet. I search online and no information on an update. Someone please let us know of you found something. Thanks

  • Freddy Born

    is there a tweak that allow more rows and icons on springboard (ipad) ?

    • Abel Goddard

      Iconoclasm. Paid app, totally worth it.

      • Freddy Born

        what about springtomize?

        • Cece

          They’re working on it. It should be available this month and it’s called Springtomize 3

  • http://lukejc1.com/ Luke

    I see Bigify on this list, however when I install it and go to the settings app, it says “There was an error loading the preference bundle for Bigify”

    • Matt

      Same thing for me

  • Bogge

    Purge does not work on My 5s.

    • R Gallegos

      Confirmed. When I tap and hold an app in app switcher, the apps seem to close, but then my iPhone 5s reboots.

  • Erick121

    New tweak “virtual home” is pretty good if you have the 5s pretty much never have to click the home button again

    • Rac

      @Erick 121 try “BioProtect” u’ll love it.

  • Hinds

    Virtual home is also a nice tweak that should be added.

  • Ferdz

    Pandora downloader works

    • Erik Saucedo

      Yes, yes it does.

  • Mike

    DateCarrier doesnt work on 5S

  • seb

    categories tweak

  • Axl Rose

    Bigify does not work on i5s..

  • Balam Andón Ordaz

    Unlimtones Works perfectly

  • LancasterPete67

    Gridlock 2.0,Music4Me,Pwntunes Are Working For Me. On My Ipad 2

    • A. Landers

      How’d you get gridlock?

    • Flyballmom

      Gridlock 2.0 comes up with Unable to purchase on your iOS verision. That’s on my ipad2 with iOS7 and my Iphone5S.

  • noodles

    Barrel doesn’t work on my iPad air.

  • Jeremy Taco Patterson

    Zeppelin worked until the first time I locked my phone. Once I unlocked it again, it shows AT&T, when I go into zeppelin in settings it shows that it is enabled but when I choose a new icon, nothing changes.

  • BMWIIIMPower

    GBA.emu (gameboy emulator) and snes4iphone works on 5S. Haven’t gotten wiimote to connect though.

  • Abel Goddard

    Will this article be updated as more apps/tweaks update?

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      Yes, we will update this every day.

  • Lovely123

    Does winterboard work on the iPhone 5s ?

    • David Bell

      As of now…No, At least it’s not fully working on my iPhone 5S. I was able to install Winterboard, I can access it launching from the app icon but in the general setting I get this error message” There was an error loading the preference bundle for winterboard” I’m not able to get any themes working do hopefully it will be updated soon.

  • John Agnew

    problem loading preference bundle on all my apps with 5S even after re-installing jailbreak and cydia substrate. Don’t know what to do?

  • Mike

    Lockdown Pro for IIS 7 released, working on Ioad Mini but keeps crashing on 5S…

    • Mike

      Lol meant working on IPad Mini but not 5S

  • Giango78

    congratulations for the excellent job. thank you

  • Jeremy Taco Patterson

    Anybody know if CyDelete is A7-compatible? I installed it but it doesn’t work, curious if I need to try something or just wait until it’s updated to work on iPhone 5s.

  • jimihendrix465

    Lastapp was just updated for iOS 7!!

  • Dreas’en

    I hope the creator of middlewhat and facetime hacktivator would update their apps….. i really need it for my iPhone5 JB IOS7.4. as my phone (ME region) have no facetime in stock app! Phew!

  • Golden430

    Infinite folders, infinite board and infinite dock are also available :)

    • Phil Couturier

      On the 5s I believe Infinifolders is causing a problem, I put apps in there folders, as soon as a pull a single app out of one folder I lose all my folders, repeated it several times also after rebooting

  • cndymn

    a little description what every tweak is doing, would be nice

  • Kevin Knox

    I dont get it–I am still not able to use any tweeks, Updated Jailbreak–IOS 7..7.0.4,,update Cydia and Mobile Substrate, but none of the Jailbreak Tweaks work,,on 5S

    • Gautam

      What exactly is the issue?

      • John Agnew

        I’m the same, problem with preference bundle on ALL apps that are suppose to work. Re-installed jailbreak several times also removed and re-installed Cydia substrate several times and still have the problem

        • Likii111

          one of the tweaks causes this,try finding wich one and remove, had this problem with LockDown Pro for IOS 7

          • John Agnew

            I have no tweaks installed (that i know off) clean jailbreak and cydia substrate is all i have and none of the apps work, all report problem with preference bundle

          • Fred

            Cc quick was my culprit on 5s

        • Kevin Knox

          Yeah–I feel ya pain–are u on a 5s

          • John Agnew

            Yes Kevin 5s but in the last hour or so I have installed f.lux, infinidock and Swipey and they work. I can only assume the ones that are not installing still have issues that need to be fixed

          • Fred

            If you have cc quick or cc settings, uninstall it. It seems to kill substrate. Took me too restores and many substrate uninstall/installs to find the substrate killer. Now all the tweaks work.

      • Kevin Knox

        Everything basically, Jailbroken work fine,,can get on cydia,,I can add/delete sources no problem..Install jailbrake tweaks no problem,,it just nothing works,,,and I see all these post and updates for 5s tweaks that have been updated and working I cant get anything to update,,i go to my setting — Tweak is there, option on use are there..But nothing works…UUUggghhhhh–and I am deff wiating o DreamBoard and WinterBoard—but if dont work either — I may be done with apple all together. any help–P.S> updated Substrates too ,,,any help —appreciated

    • John Agnew

      I have the same problem, it’s so annoying…I never have probs jailbreaking but this is a pain

      • Kevin Knox

        I followed these steps,,and I am all good to go—http://youtu.be/MfIrSyhGdvo

        • Flyballmom

          That link won’t open a video on youtube. What did you search to get this tutorial?

          • Kevin Knox

            Cydia Substrate–>

            iOS 7: Mobile Cydia Substrate & Activator (iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad mini Retina – A7 Devices)

    • wolverinemarky

      did you get Cydia Substrate??

      • Kevin Knox

        Yup,,,,I am actually going to redo the substrate again,,I didnt want to rejailbreak,,,I may do that—-At one point I did have a Zeppelin Logo (batman),,for about a second,,,then it went away,,,running on a 5s

        • JimGresham

          Did you OTA update your iOS?

        • wolverinemarky

          yea you may need to rejailbreak and if you used OTA to get to 7.04 then thats all the problems your having with the jailbreak. you would then have to restore via itunes and update on 7.04 with an itunes version

  • moimoi

    i just jail broke my 4s .. and all whent well but i cant download any thing

  • moimoi

    when you try to dowmload something it just says sub-process/usr/bin/dpkg returned error code (02) can any body help???

  • Apex Schizophrenia

    infinidock available at iphone 5s but unavailable at iphone 5 :(

    • wolverinemarky

      if it works on the 5S then it works on the iPhone 5

  • Dave

    Any word on an updated BT Stack GPS for OS 7?

  • SamuraiGuy

    Is there a way to disable the horizontal view in the music player on the 5s? Because of where the audio jack port is located, I have to have my phone lay horizontally while I work out. The horizontal view in iTunes annoys the hell out of me because I can’t see what song I’m playing.

    • Joshua Smith

      IDK about a tweak, but you could just lock your orientation during your workouts. That would prevent the horizontal music player

  • BMWIIIMPower

    I made this wallpaper to use with TransparentDock on my 5S because I personally liked the iOS6 dock better. Adds a nice custom feel without the use of Winterboard. You can create a lot of nice looking “docks” just combining this tweak with a custom wallpaper.

  • wolverinemarky

    definitely got this page bookmarked and keep an eye on it, yea if you could put a date next to each item when it was updated to work or even a new sign so i know whats new that would be appreciated

  • Jakob Lundin

    Someone thst knows why xsellize doesn’t work for me? I Can add the source but when i want to download somthing i get 2 errors, it says something with http, i use iPhone 5s and iPad 2, doesnt work on both

  • Guest with 5s

    The WiFi hotspot feature of MyWi is working great for me



  • frah

    let me participate; I’ve tested fullforce and screenextender; fullforce isn’t ios7-ready yet, neither is screenexenteder, but that last one can be installed nevertheless. and it works great !

    • frah

      er I’m talking about the iphone version, and it was tested on an iphone 5 7.0.4. sorry.

      • frah

        wtf am I doing. “iphone version” only applies for fullforce, screenextender not concerned. sorry. my bad. excuse me. sorry. long live canada.

  • Frank

    Icaughtu pro was on the list yesterday now it’s gone, tried to reinstall but now it doesn’t even show up in cydia, says it cannot locate package. Anybody else have issues with it?

    • R Gallegos

      Hi, do you mean ICaughtYa instead? If so, that’s there now and I just installed it.

  • mixedboi85

    do they have a alter app for IAP APP CRACKER YET? i miss that jailbreak… anyone know of any ?

  • Lewis

    Currently installed and tested with my 5s: Activator, CCToggles,HiddenSettings7, iFile, Lock Screen Tool, NCAllOnly, No Lockscreen Camera, NoNewsIsGoodNews, TransparentCameraBar, TranspartentDock, Unrestricted Folders Naming, Virtual Home, Zeppelin. Thanks for the list!

    • David Bell

      After several tries I can confirm HiddenSettings7 is now installed on my iPhone 5S (IOS 7.0.4) along with these now working Cydia apps- iCleaner Pro, iFile, NoNewsIsGoodNews, Purge, Flip Control Center and Activator … Waiting for WinterBoard to be updated !!

    • flyballmom

      HiddenSettings7 resets every time I respring on my 5s. :o(

  • Ryu

    Confirmed Working:

    Wifi Analyzer
    Pandora Downloader

    Maybe working:

    xBackup = seems to work to create/restore new backups – old backups (pre iOS 7) hang although this is likely what it is trying to restore not he program itself.

  • Jordan

    Moviebox won’t play any videos… Help?

  • Surge

    Anyone in here having a problem with the camera app. the clock, battery and carrier doesnt disappear and makes switching to the front camera difficult.
    Only happens when launching the camera from the main screen

    Sorry for my english.

  • flyballmom

    This might have been addressed earlier but a lot of my apps are coming up with the Preference Bundle error. ie AnimateAll how do I fix this? iphone 5S

  • Kevin Knox

    Installed Infinite Dock 2.1–updated,,,,shows up in setting with options,,,nothing working…. uuuggghhh

    • wolverinemarky

      infinidock works fine for me did you try dragging an app down to the dock? i’m on 5S.

  • Sid K

    Bridge and music box

  • Ulises Jofrá Rodríguez

    Voice Changer is not working :(

  • Guest

    Anyone having issues with playing music, mine seems to be playing at 1.5x speed? Tried removing some non working tweaks but can’t find a solution.

    • wolverinemarky

      your own music? or pandora? or itunes music?

      • Lewis

        Found the issue id downloaded a video tweak without realising what it did. Cheers

  • Abellomeli

    I was looking for a tweak that allows you to chamge the color of my clock on the lockscreen so if anybody finds one can you let me know

  • dynamo

    would love to see Prime being ported to the new cydia platform (or an equivalent) tweak! thanks!!!

  • JimGresham

    Disable Parallax Effect works on iOS 7, but not on iPhone 5s.

  • Murat

    Does anyone know if iTransmission is working on iPhone 5s ???

  • Aaron

    ApptoDeb also works. Off of insanelyi

  • Su Hung Chang

    i got infinite reboot with CCquick, FYI.

  • flyballmom

    Has anyone found a tweak like Aquaboard that works on 5S?

  • Frank

    Lockdown pro doesn’t work with icaughtu pro, had to remove lockdown pro to get Icaughtu you work.

  • robo

    I’m trying to remove the mobile substrate fix that came out before the official cydia one, can seam to via cydia , any ideas ?

  • SimplyAyo

    Just a word of warning for everybody. There is one working tweak NOT currently on this list that you should avoid (for now). It is called Secretary (version 1.2.0-13). This tweak will cause your phone to crash into safe mode when you plug any earphones into the 3.5mm jack.

  • Sasux

    Install NoCyAds, works with my 5S no more redirection to app store anymore

    • flyballmom

      Which repo did you find that on?

  • R Gallegos

    Pandora Skips works with iOS 7 and iPhone 5s

  • R Gallegos

    Call on GV Pro on my iPhone 5s makes the Phone app close and no call is made. Removed it for now. I welcome ideas. I tried using direct call, and ask me setting, no go.

  • David Bell

    I have a list of tweaks that depend on winterboard, How soon can we expect an update that will work with 5S ?

  • Sergio Grussi

    What tweek do I need to get for in app purchase on ipad 2

    • Gautam

      It’s called the App Store.

    • Flyballmom

      I downloaded iAPFree it doesn’t work on my 5S yet but it works great on my Ipad2.

      • Sergio Grussi

        Were do I get the core plugin

        • Flyballmom

          Sinfuliphone repo. I downloaded the 4.0.1 version not the 4.0 version and the iAPFree Plugin.

  • Kevin Knox

    For all who want a fix to the same problem I was having I got it figured out—–http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MfIrSyhGdvo—-

    I got Barrel–Zepplin,,and other tweaks and mods working after doing this—-

    • DeltaCutie

      Hey Kevin..what video did you post? I can’t get it to play…What did you use to search on YT?

      • Kevin Knox

        Serach this in you tube ,,,

        iOS 7: Mobile Cydia Substrate & Activator (iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad mini Retina – A7 Devices)

    • John Agnew

      Yes Kevin buddy, sort the link m8 we can’t wait any longer…lol

  • TDashDog1

    Activator. Works on my iPad Air. I can’t believe it’s not on any list I find. In fact, it just got an update that clearly says it’s working on A7.

  • JR

    is there a JB app that show contact picture in both message and contact?

  • Krk

    Anybody with the redirecting issue should get something called”redirect fix” from the insanelyi repo.
    That worked for me.
    Now i never get that annoying redirection to the appstore..

  • Matt M

    i really hope they update opennotifier soon

  • quro2008

    What ab8 winterboard themes not working on ipad2 wifi?

  • heyitzmoni

    Looking for a tweak to get rid of all icon labels before springtomize is released. Any suggestions?

  • Kevin Knox

    For the fix with 5s and getting tweaks to work I looked at this video on youtube—Working fine for me so far,,,

    iOS 7: Mobile Cydia Substrate & Activator (iPhone 5S, iPad Air, iPad mini Retina – A7 Devices)

  • Gkdm

    When will winterboard themes available for ios 7? Thank u

  • Flyballmom

    Is there a tweak for the 5S that changes the iOS7 calendar back to the way it was on iOS6? I hate having to click on a day on the Month then scroll through the day to find the event. You use to be able to click on the day from the Month screen and see ONLY the events for that day not each hours time slot.

  • John Schur

    CallBar is iOS 7 & ARM64 compatible.

  • ETC

    iOS 7+ iPhone 5S version of Bytafont: Bytafont 2 working with fonts. Any fonts related to Bytafont 1.7.1 isn’t tweaked.

  • Tony

    I would looooove to find a working app/tweak for iPhone 5s ios7 to remove this damn hotspot/tethering double flashing status bar that gets in the way of everything and also won’t let mew tap the top to scroll up…… Anyone? Pleeease

    • Maurizio

      hey, have you found something? i need it too..

  • iPseudoNym

    Display Recorder now works on iOS7 arm64

  • James

    Still no Bitesms compatibility? lame

    • Jesse Padilla

      Updated now and working perfect on 5s!

  • Amsterpelli

    Ryan Petrich updated Activator yesterday & it appears to be working well on my 5s with the few actions I’ve setup

  • Erik Saucedo

    Where’s the January 4 update good sir?

  • SamuraiGuy

    Needs more updates.

  • Ryan Rebar

    Bytafonts 2 and messages customiser is working on my 5s

    • tishatweets

      Message customiser is working fine, but BytaFont is not playing nicely! :(

      ETA: Yes it is. Turns out you have to be smarter than the phone. LOL @ mySELF!

  • Erik

    Any updates? Lots have happened in two days – just wondering what all is compatible now…

  • Toolman

    First and foremost, thank you for putting the list together.

    Is there any chance on the next update that there could be a short description added to each of these? It would help to prevent everyone else having to go in and look them up.

    Thank you

  • SamuraiGuy

    I have a 5s using the current iOS but fake GPS lite refuses to open for me. After selecting the icon, it just sends me back to the home screen

  • Elie Assaf

    guys i removed all my passcode from my iphone 5S but still when i plug the device to jailbreak it, it says errorr there’s a passcode go to settings and disable it and i already removed alllllll the passcodes

    • Jay Pee

      I just had to go to Settings > General > Auto-Lock > set to Never

    • wolverinemarky

      did you disable find my iphone?

  • Fadzly

    iapfree working, gameplayer working

    • flyballmom

      IAPFree 4.0.1 doesn’t work on my IPhone 5s but it does on my IOS7 ipad2.

      • Fadzly

        it works for me flawlessly. u must see the apps that compatible with the iapfree. u must also install the core provided by the third party like xsellize

        • Flyballmom

          Yeah it worked a few times with Candy Crush and now it won’t work anymore. Also it doesn’t work with any of the apps I have like Clash of Clans or any of my kids games. :o(

          • Fadzly

            Because u updating the apps. It will takes times to update the core to be compatible with the new version of yours

  • Fadzly

    the activator is popping out ads at my settings. need to close and reopen the setting apps to shut down the popup ads. very troublesome

  • Axl Rose

    Does anyone can get winterboard to work on. Ip5s?

  • JSScott

    Now the only major tweaks left for me is Shrink, iBlank and Five Icon Dock. Great job JB’ers and developers.

  • Wale

    Iphone hacks, passwordpilotmodoki also works on iphone 5 and below. Its a very useful tweak that helps to input your apple password every time u use App Store

  • Brian

    Anybody having crash problems with the device itself? iPhone 5, iOS 7.0.4, Updated JB. Sprinboard crashes but when asked to restart and I tap restart device does not restart. I have to do a full shutdown and startup to fix crash. Any ideas???

  • kareka

    Volume Amplifier, turns off the iphone and iphone doesnt turn on again. I have to do a deep reset to turn on again….

    • Mrblackjapa

      While talking made my phone stay black

  • SamuraiGuy

    Thank you for updating this post again. I wasn’t sure if you were going to.

    • Gautam

      @SamuraiGuy:disqus You’re welcome :)

  • SamuraiGuy

    Anything like “nocoverflow” for iOS 7? I hate the horizontal album cover view that iTunes forces you to see.

  • Flyballmom

    Still Capture Enabler 2 will not download on my 5S. It says Conflits cy+model.iphone what does this mean and how can I download it?

    • Flyballmom

      Never mind. It’s an unnecessary tweak for the 5S. Apparently it already comes stock with the ability to take still shots while video taping. Sorry I didn’t research more before I posted. I just figured that if it was on this list of compatible 5S tweaks it would be a tweak that the phone did not already have as a stock Apple function.

  • James David Thomason

    GBA Emu (Gameboy Advanced Emulator) works awesome, except I couldn’t seem to get downloads started in app. I downloaded ROMs in a free download manager from the App Store and then was able to find them in GBA Emu, worked awesome!

    • JRich

      Cydia is telling me GBA emu is not compatible with 5s

      • James David Thomason

        Version 1.5.8 (I got it from the hackyouriphone source) works. Just like I said you have to download games through a download manager and then find where it downloaded to through GBA

  • Jacek Wołpiuk

    I have a problem with iconoclasm. I can’t add any add on! Can You help me?

  • SnakePlisskin77

    ScreenDimmer doesn’t work on my 5s. Ever time I enable it, my phone screen never dims, backlight never turns off, phone never goes into lock mode. I’ve tried every setting adjustment, but nothing makes SD work. I e-mailed Yllier (author) but received no response.

    • Jesse Padilla

      Did you turn off Autobrightness in settings? The latest update turns it off automatically. Works fine on my 5s

      • SnakePlisskin77

        Yeah, I’ve done that and everything else I could think of to get SD working. I’ve still had no response from the author so screw it. Removed SD today.

        • Jesse Padilla

          Even though it worked for me, I also removed it. It dimmed too much for my liking, I wish there was a min/max setting for it.

  • David Bell

    The same now working tweaks for 5S have been updated several times for the past few days and I’m seeing new themes for winterboard which still hasn’t been updated ?? What’s the holdup ??

    • Gautam

      Updating Winterboard is not straightforward due to the UI changes in iOS 7. saurik had indicated that it may not be updated:

      • David Bell

        That would not be a good thing especially after paying for themes like I have… so what will be other options for changing icons or for themes ? I’m starting to regret giving up my very tweaked 4S for a 5S !! I don’t blame saurik but those who won’t support him !! So if Dreamboard crash and burns also we’re screwed !!

        • John Agnew

          That is really bad news, i jailbreak for the themes and if I can’t do it on my 5s I’ll be gutted :-(

          • David Bell

            I would try NextGenUI but it’s kinda geeky looking and overly complex for easy maneuvering– I guess we’ll have to wait to see the future fate of winter and dream board –
            what broken arrow finds me awake at night, a dream of winter falls before morning light

  • Peste

    Bitesms has been updated to run ARM64 :)

  • doctor

    does the tsprotector app block barclays mobile banking app in uk

  • doctor

    need urgent response

  • Bule Moon

    can’t use the miniplayer :(

  • David Bell

    Badge Customizer was finally working on my 5S after several updates but after the newest update 1.4.1-6 the preview is no longer working again ??

  • Scott Curry

    This list alone is getting me to sign up to and follow your site :)

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      Thanks Scott!

  • Flyballmom

    I love Aquaboard but it’s a bit glittchy. I started out with 60 frames per second then have moved down to the default 30. It still makes my springboards go black after I go into an app or it makes my Lockscreen wallpaper my springboard wallpaper even though it shows different in my Settings.

    • Mrblackjapa

      I know right ,I love it so much . I’m still trying to work with it

      • Flyballmom

        It’s been updated and now it’s working great!!

        • Mrblackjapa

          Works ok for me ,every bulemoon theres a delay when swiping the background to get the motion

        • SamuraiGuy

          Is it still glitchy for the 5s?

  • Mrblackjapa

    Iphone 5s ,I’m having problems with call bar speaker also having it on speaker and Dailing at same time and volume amplifier tweak

  • Lewis

    Is there anything to make apps think your device isn’t jailbroke yet that’s works on the 5s? Cheers

    • Elio

      Officer does that ☺️ found in the xsellize repo

      • Lewis

        Can’t get it to work with the Sky Go app :(

  • Ryan Rebar

    What can I use for the time being to customize the status bar icons, such as hide the orientation lock, bluetooth symbols ?

  • Yahel1978

    Multiiconmover is half working, I mean that you cannot move multiple icons into folders like on the old one,….

  • Mrblackjapa

    Aqua board is a awesome tweak but not working glitchy.

  • David Bell

    any word on Springtomize 3 ? which I’m guessing will work with iPhone 5S ?

  • Flyballmom

    Any word on Zephyr? I don’t do twitter so I’m not up on the developers posts. :0) The last time it was updated was February 2013.

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      We’ve heard that the developer has no plans to update it for iOS 7. We’ll you know if it is updated.

      • Flyballmom

        That’s sad, it was a great tweak. Is there a tweak like Zephyr that let’s you scroll through your opened apps? I saw the one that lets you see the last opened app but I’d like to scroll through more. Thanks ;0)

        • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

          Yeah it’s one of favorite tweaks too. We’ll keep you posted.

  • Julian Johnson

    Downloaded nearly all of them!! I love this post, especially how it is updated, unlike others who post four or five and don’t update.

  • Ace

    Hey everyone!! They update PDAnet. Was waiting for this.

  • Ace

    Unfortunately updated pdanet seems not to work on iPhone 5s

    • Ace

      PDAnet 7.03 works !!!!

  • Julian Johnson

    Safari will NOT open upon reboot from one of these tweaks. Anybody experiencing this? Using iPhone 5S, 7.0.4

  • Jesse Padilla

    Anyone having issues when watching Facebook videos? I’ll be watching a video and towards the end of the video the Facebook app just crashes. I thought I had linked it to Activator Beta, but does it on current public release also now. iPhone 5s
    Thank you.

  • Flyballmom

    Callbar isn’t working for my 5s. The call comes through but when I try to answer I get the options to “remind me later” or reply with text message and there is no way to actually answer the call.

    • Jeremy Says Herro

      Swipe right on Calbar when a call is coming in.

      • Flyballmom

        Thanks, I tried to Swipe Right but it still is only giving me those two options and they don’t even work when I try to use them. :o( I’ll disable it and wait for an update.

  • Andrej Zrim

    Iwidgeds for iphone 5s works perfekt. But is not in the list.

  • David Bell

    WinterBoard for iOS 7 and iPhone 5s released !!

  • molly

    Unrestricted Premium WORKIN?? thx!

  • Risky_hard

    Why nextGeniUI cant use on jailbreak IOS 7??? and so many item download Desippear

  • austin

    biteSMS will not work on my iphone 5s. any thoughts?

    • Ace

      You have to download the beta version which has its own repo. Do a google search and you will find it. I have a 5s and it works great. Don’t use the regular bitsms from cydia- use the repo beta. Hope this helps Austin

    • Gautam

      You need to install biteSMS 8.0 beta. Check this post for more details:


      • austin

        awesome! thanks dude

  • Flyballmom

    I thought I saw a post on here about LocalAP but now I can’t find it. Has anyone had issues with it not working? Can I use both LocalAP and iAPFree so that they overlap with which apps they work on?

  • J5x


  • Jay

    iBlacklist is working fine for my 5S!!!

  • David Bell

    Is there a IOS7/iPhone 5S tweak that will change the plain old gray folders to something more colorful or creative ??

  • Flyballmom

    BiteSMS Beta has an update but all it did was change the app icon and move the setting to the other side of the search. :0( still no themes.

    • Ryan Rebar

      Final version should be out in a week or so and should return all functions !

  • Unbrokensparks

    You tube crashes every time my phone reboots after installing cydia on iphone 5s can someone please help me fix this and get you tube up and running again thanks

    • wolverinemarky

      have you tried updating it theres been like 2 or so updates lately, also if ur using 3G unrestrictor there was a conflict with one of the youtube updates which caused it to crash but he has fixed that within the last few days

  • Vall Jobs

    VoiceChanger not working for me on 5S. Any ideas?

  • http://www.twitter.com/adamrebel @adamrebel

    App Stat is one of my favorite apps and it seems to be doing great on my iPhone 5S.

  • Valerie

    Any notification apps compatible – like Open Notifier?

  • JR

    Movie box won’t stream movies … SOMEONE HELP

  • omega303

    sbsetting working?

    • wolverinemarky

      not really necessary anymore with control center, just get CCcontrols and you get basically the same functionality as SBSsettings

      • omega303

        yeah but i need how much memory the iphone is using next to the time :-)

  • Flyballmom

    I have two questions that I’ve asked in the Forum but without any answers. :o( 1. Is there is ios7 tweak that can detect which other tweak is making my 5S crash? and 2. is there a remote access tweak that doesn’t cost a yearly fee to access my Desktop from my ipad?

    • wolverinemarky

      no theres no tweak that will detect the incompatible tweaks your best bet is to install them one at a time and use them that way its easier to figure out which one is causing the issue. Also usually if it just starts crashing it might be one of the last few things you installed. Not sure about the remote access tweak ive been looking for one also

      • Flyballmom

        Thanks for the response! I did as you said and so far so good. As for the remote access I have LogMeIn but my year is almost up so if you come across something let me know. I’ll do the same.

  • Flyballmom

    Is there a 5s tweak that puts my weather app/ a widget on my lockscreen and stays updated?

  • Kathy

    iwhiteboard has taken over my ipad. I cant slide to unlock my ipad because iwhiteboard in engaged. anyone know a fix?

    • Flyballmom

      Same thing happened to me. I had to hold down the home and power button till it force shut down then I restarted and uninstalled iWhiteBoard.