Purported photos of iPhone 6 metal housing surface; reveals thinner design, larger screen

Chinese site CTech has posted photos of what it claims is the metal housing of the next-generation iPhone, that is widely rumored to feature a larger screen.

The photos show a frame that is very thin, and is much larger than the current iPhone’s 4-inch screen.

A major portion of the iPhone is taken up by the battery, and with a larger screen, the battery could be spread over a wider area, allowing the phone to become even thinner.

iphoen 6 1 iphone 6 2

Rumors claim that the iPhone 6 could be as thin as 6 millimetres, as compared to the iPhone 5s’ 7.6mm thickness, and the iPhone 5c’s 8.97mm thickness. The screen size is said to be somewhere between 4.7 and 5.7 inches, with some rumors even saying that Apple could release two iPhones with completely new sizes.

If these photos are indeed accurate, do you think the next iPhone is big enough?

[Weibo via 9to5Mac]

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  • potag

    great!!, can’t wait to sell my shitty 5S and buy the 6 !

    • Ken

      Sell ur 5s to me dude!

    • Lenny

      Dude, are you serious? I love my iPhone 5S and shit ,but you dear sir, you’re the reason why people with different OS think that we are stupid.

      • bcsc

        Don’t kid yourself, there is way more to it than that.

  • $78171484

    I want it! Even if that’s all it is!!

  • DJ

    What’s the use of a so slim phone if the battery aint 4000mAh and won’t last at least 2-3 days use??

  • Björn Bork

    As an apple fan for many many years, they eventually lost me when they released IOS 7. A terrible OS for an outdated design of mobile phones.

    Many apple users had been crying out for a larger phone from Apple for many years, and only stayed with them because of the OS. But as soon as IOS 7 came out, there was no need to stay with Apple.

    A real shame.

    • Kirit Sankar Gupta

      Winterboard for the win :P
      It’s a matter of personal choice and I am fine with iOS 7. Just that I liked iOS 6 better. Control Center, the new Notification Center and the new lockscreen is definitely an improvement for me.

      • Pete LP

        Just an Out-Dated Improvement , that is alredy available in jailbreak and most of the smart phones..

        • Kirit Sankar Gupta

          Yes. Apple is somehow very slow with updating it’s software interface when compared to its competitors in the market.

    • revivalstore

      Haha.. Efter att ha kört dubbelt i två år (galaxy note2,htc one,Lg g2 och avslutat med en Sony z1) år så säger jag bara en sak en iPad och en iMac och en iphone är ett komplett system och iOS 7 har
      Ett sk straight forward system .. Det bara klickar o funkar.. android som är mer av ett klipp o klistra system som är framgmenterat och illa programmerat i många fall besitter ty ärr inte egenskapen av ett komplett och smidigt och välfungerande operativsystem ..

      • Björn Bork

        Yes, but it was 1 step forwards, two steps back.
        iOS 6 needed updating, but iOS 7 made more errors than improvements.

  • Johnny Romero

    Looks more like a galaxy phone housing.

  • jay

    ios 7 is awesome….. perfect OS that fits every user…….. @bjrnbork:disqus bjorn Bork u can switch to the lame android if you wish

    • HiGhGuY

      speak for yourself. The features of iOS 7 are good, but still no where near perfect, as they never will be. Neither will android. There’s no such thing as a one size fits all, that’s why Jailbreaking and rooting for android is such an important thing to many. As for iOS 7’s UI design… COMPLETE CRAP. That is why I am still on 6.1.4. Mr Ive seriously needs to get shit canned

      • Jeremy Taco Patterson

        No, he doesn’t. He just needs to stick to physical device design and leave UI alone.

  • Hinds

    Not sure why it’s taken apple this long to make a larger screen “if they do”. I had the note 3 and switched back to a iph5s simply because iPhones hold their value longer and are easier to sell and pick up the ip6

  • Retina

    Dont look like an actual Apple’s flagship iphone design…

  • Brian

    Why hasn’t Apple done this before???? It’s called marketing. They give you a little at a time so you keep coming back for more. They are the crack dealers of technology.

  • systemupdate

    Damn, I gotta change my iPhone again. Just got it a couple months back. :..[

    • Marszczak

      No, you don’t. It is only what THEY tell you to do.

  • Erik Saucedo

    I like what I’m hearing.

  • Pete LP

    Making the change in size dosent bring a big diff , Technical spec need to be enhanced,while the technical spec stays behind most of samsung smart phone :( . Wish Steve was there,This wouldnt be happening with apple right now.

    • Kirit Sankar Gupta

      Doesn’t really matter. The Dual Core A7 in the 5s which is clocked at 1.2GHz still beats Devices like the Galaxy S4 upside down, and barely edges past the Note 3 in some benchmarks, both of which have quad core CPUs with much higher clock speeds. As a result the iPhone 5s with a 1500 mAH battery has almost the same battery life as the Galaxy Note 3 with 3200 mAH battery. The point of contention here is the display, but that doesn’t warrant an almost 2.5x larger battery giving the same battery life, and the phone still falling short in benchmarks inspite of have double the cores and the clockspeed (on the Galaxy Note 3).

      • Pete LP

        Hi Buddy , Benchmarks has nothing to do out here … can you just tell me what is major tech diff among IP 4S to IP 5S ? Its just a 30X faster than the previous One , with the same Functionality.

        • Kirit Sankar Gupta

          Ok I agree, that benchmarks aren’t the end of the story, but have you used both? If you had, you wouldn’t have said that :p And it’s not 30x but around 3-4x.
          And in that case tell me what major technological difference there is between the S3 and the S4? Air View etc are all software gimmicks. nothing when it comes to hardware except a couple of new sensors. There weren’t any hardware innovations in the mobile industry last year sadly.
          Oh and hold the iPhone 5s and the Nexus 5 in each hand. Reboot both of them simultaneously. 5s does it around 2-3 seconds earlier. Also after a month of use, try opening the Phone app on both phones. The Nexus 5 actually takes almost a second more. I’ve actually tried these out before commenting. Somehow Apple does everything faster with half the cores, RAM, clock-speed and battery.

          • JSScott

            The difference between iPhone and Android devices is Android is doing anything they can to make their phones prettier, bigger processors, etc. Apple (usually) focuses on making the hardware and software run smoothly. This is one reason the iPhone is less customizable. Everything is tested to just work. There are too many hands playing with Android before the phone reaches yours. You will never see carrier software on the iPhone running in the background. I actually like both operating systems. I have an iPhone 5s for my personal, an iPad 2 for work, a Nexus 7 2013 for fun and an HTC One for business calls. I also had the Galaxy S3 last year. They all have their good and bad, but my iPhone always seems to run better and a little bit faster.

          • Kirit Sankar Gupta

            Couldn’t agree more!
            And the only way in which a rooted Droid is more customizable than a jailbroken iPhone is that you can’t flash custom ROMs and kernels. I can’t think of anything else.

  • Joe Schmoe

    Stop making it thinner…just use the gained space to have a bigger battery. Battery life is the only feature that hasn’t changed in years. They keep focusing on making things thinner. If the other internal components get smaller, make the battery bigger to utilize this gained space and provide more battery life.

  • revivalstore

    Btw.. Fake..