Kiki Winterboard Theme brings Circular icons to iOS 7 [Video]


Kiki by Karthikye Mittal not only changes the default iOS 7 icons, it also allows you to change the shape of icons.

You can make the icons circular, diamond shaped, square or a peculiar shape which the developer calls squircle.

Kiki is a Winterboard theme, which is available in the BigBoss repo. After installing the tweak, you need to select Kiki from list of themes in the Winterboard app, along with the mask you want to apply to change the shape of the icons.

You can also apply the “Lettered Numpad theme” to replace the numbers of the passcode lock screen to letters.


Kiki with Square icon mask


Kiki with Squircle icon mask


Kiki with Circular icon mask

You can check out the video demo of the theme below:

Kiki is available for free on Cydia. Let me know what you think of the theme. Which one is your favorite theme for iOS 7 so far? Let me know in the comments.

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  • Jay Freeman

    Where did u get that background from coby?

  • BMWIIIMPower

    + 1 for background

  • Jluva

    Anyone know of a tweek

  • Jluva

    To make folders circular as wel

  • JimJamUrFace

    Kiki theme Doesn’t work on my original iPad mini.

  • Jason

    what repo do i need to add to get the circular status bar icons?

  • sir

    need circular with whiteborder. so osem.

  • sir

    how to get this theme ?

  • Iphonehater

    works for my iphone but not for ipad

  • Justine

    Doesn’t work with iPhone 5s

  • Guest

    where can I download the icon

  • Greg

    where can I download the background

  • Iylia Najmi

    The background name is Geom by MikailDesign.

  • Nicole B.

    What’s the name of that signal strength tweak? Thanks!

  • John Doe

    My icons display circular shapes fine, but when I tap on it to open the app, it momentarily shows the original square shape. The same happens when I close the app, as it zooms back out to the home screen, that particular app icon momentarily appears squarish.

    I have tried this with several themes, uninstalled winter board and reinstalled it, no fix. Help!

  • David

    Where do I download it