Lightroom for iPad makes brief appearance on Adobe’s website


Adobe may be close to releasing a version of Lightroom for the iPad. A mobile version of Adobe Lightroom made a brief appearance on Adobe’s website, but was quickly removed.As spotted by 9to5 Mac, a product listing for Adobe Lightroom for mobile appeared on Adobe’s website. A representative confirmed that, though the listing said mobile, the product was actually designed for the iPad. Feature-wise the mobile version is expected to match up with the desktop version. Lightroom for the iPad may be released with a subscription that’ll cost $99 per year.

The iPad version of Lightroom will allow users to manage a large numbers of photos on the iPad, including RAW images that’ll use the processing power of the iPad Air. The app also will be able to synchronize content using Adobe’s Creative Cloud system, allowing customers to edit on the Mac and pick up on the iPad.

It is likely Adobe will officially introduce Lightroom for Mobile in the coming weeks.

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