NCSingleTapClear: Jailbreak Tweak lets you dismiss Notifications for an app in Notification Center with a Single Tap


Apple introduced Notification Center in iOS 5, but even after 2 major iOS software updates i.e. iOS 6 and iOS 7, you still have tap on the x button, followed by the Clear button, to dismiss notifications for an app from it.If you find it annoying then install a jailbreak tweak called NCSingleTapClear.

It lets you dismiss Notifications for an app with a single tap from Notification Center. When you tap on the x button, it will no longer show you the Clear button, and instead remove the Notifications,

It’s simple tweak, it doesn’t come with any configurations. I still hope developer of Lorem updates the tweak for iOS 7 and iPhone 5s, so individual notifications can be dismissed with a swipe.

NCSingleTapClear is available for free on Cydia. It is compatible with iOS 7 and 64-bit A7 chip so works even on iPhone 5s.

Let me know how it goes.

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  • Alan

    Nice, I have been waiting for something like this. It’s so stupid that you need to tap twice to clear the notifications. Now I want one that can clear all notifications in one go.

  • hypnopotamus

    Wish there was a way to kill all apps from NC like with WeeKillBackground. That is the thing I miss mostly in ios 7.

    • Gautam

      Yeah, let’s hope someone will develop one soon.

    • Ashvin Savaliya

      I think Remove background will work for you….Its compatible with iOS 7….

      • hypnopotamus

        As I saw, it appears to be working with SBSettings and SBSettings is not compatible with ios 7 :(
        I just hope WeeKillBackground gets an ios7 update, it’s the best tweak ever.

  • hypnopotamus

    Anybody tried CCQuick? It looks like it has kill all apps option, but I’m not sure how it works on iPad

    Tried it, not working on my iPad 2…too bad, it’s just what I’m looking for. Hopefully, they will fix if for iPad as well :)

  • HiGhGuY

    Cool. Now I’ll hit the wrong button 50% less. Whenever I go to hit the X/Clear, I often end up hitting the stupid yahoo icon that opens up yahoo finance in safari. I could of swore back before I got an iphone there was a JB tweak where you could move that yahoo icon, and or the x/clear to other locations, like the other side or even in the middle. anyone know what i’m talking about?

  • hypnopotamus

    And, I have finally found tweak I was looking for. CCToggles has kill all apps toggle and it works even with iPad 2 :D

  • Jason

    Is there a way to remove individual notifications in iOS 7?