New Apple TV with Apps & Game Store and Bluetooth Controller support coming soon

hulu apple tv 5.2.1

After seemingly being ignored for nearly two years, the Apple TV is rumored to finally be updated by March this year, with a “revamped OS” that’ll be able to run its own apps and games rather than relying on iPhones and iPads via AirPlay.

iLounge says that Apple’s already working with select developers already working with the company on developing games for the Apple TV with support for Bluetooth wireless controllers. 9to5Mac says that the new Apple TV will not only support games, but also feature an App Store, with other kinds of apps.

For current Apple TV owners, there does seem to be some good news. iLounge says the support for games and other apps could be added to the current-gen Apple TV via a software update. For storage, apps could use iCloud directly, as the Apple TV has a very small 8GB flash, mostly used for caching, and not persistent storage.

Apple has been long-rumored to launch a full-fledged TV, but it appears that plan is on hold. Instead, the company’s adding another much-rumored feature — an official SDK for third party developers.

Do you think an App Store for the Apple TV would revolutionise software the same way the iOS App Store did? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • Xexist

    I will care when I can buy an official plex app.

  • Jesus

    Let’s keep the Apple TV concept strictly on enhancing tv experience. If I want to play games on a tv, there are plenty of devices that people already have in there homes to do that with. How about starting by exclusive rights on local national channels which doesn’t need to be sign up for a cable company. Never understood why watch tv on an Apple TV if I still need a cable provider. I’m trying to delete my cable bill. You could at least put the app cause they found a way to do that without charging a penny.

  • revivalstore

    Rename the Apple tv to AirPlay ..because thats the only thing i use the little black box..

  • Texasdaveinla

    Yes add games!!! And please let those games include ones previously bought on iPad. For the guy who said let Apple TV stick to TV, I’d say keep your day job and don’t go after a marketing career. Why limit the Apple TV? If you do t like games don’t play them. Apple TV lets u hide apps u don’t like as if they don’t exsist. There’s an entire different world of games out there nothing like ps3 and xbox. Example mystery book based games. Geared more towards an older crowd vs the xbox shoot em up, kill kill high adrenaline games. Not including those on screen via Apple TV is like saying ” u have a whole half library full of books to read. You don’t really care if we just throw this completely opposite other side out? Right.

  • wuboyblue

    Amazon, already bought it.