P0sixspwn: iOS 6.1.5 – 6.1.3 Jailbreak for Windows released


iH8sn0wwinocm, and SquiffyPwn have finally released p0sixspwn, the untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.1.3 – iOS 6.1.5 for Windows.

Windows users have been eagerly waiting for it ever since they released p0isixspwn for Mac on December 30.

p0sixspwn supports the following iOS 6.1.3 – iOS 6.1.5 devices:

  • iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5
  • iPod touch 4g, iPod touch 5g
  • iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad 4, 1st gen iPad mini

winocm has noted that the Windows version is a lot more stable than the Mac version, so if you had any issues jailbreaking your iOS 6.1.3 – iOS 6.1.5 device with p0sixspwn for Mac, could try using the Windows version.

To jailbreak your iOS device on iOS 6.1.3 – iOS 6.1.5, follow these simple steps:

Note: Before you proceed, please take a backup of your device using iTunes, and disable Encrypt iTunes backup if enabled.

You can download the latest version of p0sixspwn from this link. If you need help, check out our step-by-step guide.

We haven’t been able to test it out so far, so please let us know how it goes in the comments below.

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  • Jonathan Antillon

    Hey, all. I’m a noob when it comes to this, but I had a question. Why would users still need an iOS 6 jailbreak, when an iOS 7 jailbreak has released?

    Thanks in advance!

    • Jin

      So people don’t like iOS 7.

      • Jonathan Antillon

        Oh! So this is for users who don’t want to upgrade to iOS 7. Thanks!

        • Dark23

          User that don’t. Want. To upgrade or devices tha are not. Supported on iOS 7 example iPod touch 5

          • Jonathan Antillon

            Ah, understood. Thanks!

          • Chris

            its the 4th gen that aint supported.

          • Period, period

            Man you have some crazy writing skills…

    • d

      For people who hate iOS 7 beacue theres not a a lot of tweaks with jailbreaking or they are stuck on iOS 6.1.3/4/5 for iPod 4th gen

    • Oleg

      I got iPhone 4 and iOS 7 on iPhone 4 works very, very slow so I wanna jailbreak my iPhone and keep iOS 6.1.3… Plus I don’t like iOS7 looks… :)

    • Taylor Disic

      People (like me) don’t want the newest thing for one iOS 7 looks like it was made to amuse a child rather then inform an adult. And also the older it is the better it works. Ios7 is still so new there’s lots of things that don’t work correct.

  • Necter

    Ladies and Gentlemen, it worked on my wife’s iphone 4. This jailbreak option took literally 5mins. I remember those days when one has to hold power and home buttons or somefin like as a part or step in the jailbreak method.

    So yep, tested it on my wife’s iphone 4 running 6.1.3. The jailbreak works swiftly, beibey!!!!

  • Alex

    i get a “p0sixspwn has stopped working” msg after reboot, i put the files in c:, how can i fix this??? cant even get past the reboot process to start jb

    • aammtt

      exact problem here fo ipod touch 5g 6.1.3

    • romey6

      Turn on airplane mode… I know that sounds crazy but it worked for me

  • Helmy

    it’s not working on my 3gs

  • Dev

    Resistance to change is futile. The only reason I see the need of this is for those devices that can no longer be upgraded to IOS7. Else not much jailbreak worth staying for in IOS6. Why still want to live in the medieval.

    • eatshit

      You answered your own question douchedick.

    • HiGhGuY

      The reason for me, and I think many others as well, is because the design of iOS7 is UGLY!!!! the stupid “flat” design looks older than iOS6, like something you’d have before advanced graphics were available. Also, many of the menus/screens/etc in iOS7 use really LOW contrast color schemes, like white/LIGHT blue, which besides looking bad, makes it harder to see the boundries between the areas using the different colors.
      Since WinterBoard (or an alternative) is not available for iOS7, you can not FULLY theme iOS7, meaning you’d be stuck with its ugly design. I for one have been waiting for this, and am happy its out now. As soon as iOS7 is fully themeable via WinterBoard or any other method, I’ll be happy to upgrade

      • Taylor Disic

        Yes!! Exactly!!! And more!!! Somebody gets it!!!!

    • JasonASW

      iOS 7 has its flaws as well, but this is ideal for JB’ing a device stuck on iOS 6 (such as an iPod 4th generation).

    • Taylor Disic

      My friend has ios7 jailbreak and there is still lots of issues because its so new, plus it looks like shit… Yes u can change most things when jailbroken but like I said when it’s so new it has lots of issues that haven’t been worked out.

  • Afzaal Majeed

    “your device may reboot a few times while it finalzies”

    what can i do?
    i have unpluged my device but cydia isn’t on springboard
    help me

    • Erick121

      Try turning your phone off and back on

      • Afzaal Majeed

        Bro i did but nothing happend
        i have puted in dfu mode nothing happend
        i’ve already tried to re jailbreak but nothing
        please help me what can i do?

        • Erick121

          At this point you’ll probably have to wait till they release a updated version of the program wit fixed bugs

          • Afzaal Majeed

            are you sure it will be released new version?

          • Demir Sanli

            same problem :(

      • Afzaal Majeed

        Nothing Happend

    • irsan

      i have the same problem, turn off then on it again wont do anything.. but it works fine when i hold home and power button at the same time, it restart itself and then the magic works.. :)

  • DANG

    and still no activation lock bypass… WHERE IS HACKTIVATION???

    • Erick121

      I’ll be surprised if it even is released it’ll allow thieves to get bypass activation lock despite people that need it who bought an iPhone from like eBay that was on iOS 6 and got the activation lock when they updated to iOS 7

      • JasonASW

        That’s why if you buy used, you buy off Craigslist, and you can do your testing prior to the exchange. Or buy on eBay from a seller with a return policy.

    • eatshit

      Nobody supports thieves, that’s why it isn’t included.

  • Jim

    Can I restore my ios 6 to ios 6 on my iPhone 5? Or is this jailbreak basicly for those who just wanna jailbreak without restoring?

    • Jailbreakguyijailbreak

      You can go to settings then general then reset then erase all contents and settings.

  • Moinul Alam

    you guys suck! ruined exploit from comex!

    • eatshit

      Nobody bitched when geohot released the bootrom exploit (100x more valuable) so how about you eat a bag of dicks.

  • Al

    i pluge my 3gs but it still at reboot wat shoul i do?

  • Al

    Plz help

  • Mustafa Tageldin

    keeps crushing but I am trying in another laptop

  • Nic

    Someone help
    I my setting and all main 3gs diappeared!

  • AJ

    you suck. you wasted a great secret exploit.

  • jen90soccer

    Extracted the .zip file and put on C: drive. Double clicked on p0sixspwn v1.0.4 icon. It gives this error message: “The procedure entry point sqlite3_clear_bindings could not be located in the dynamic link library SQLite3.dll”. Any solutions?

    • bcsc


    • CV_[TW]

      i had the same problem. after i press enter. POsixspwn pop out and told me ” POsixspwn required iTunes 10.5 or above.

      • Jade

        Me too. What can I do?

  • Akshat

    not working……………….

  • hypnopotamus

    Is there any way to go from 6.1.2 to 6.1.3 and then apply this JB? I’d like to stay on ios6 and avoid updating to ios7.

    • Gautam

      No, its not possible as Apple has stopped signing iOS 6.1.3.

      • hypnopotamus

        Any way to downgrade?

    • d

      go use evai0n for iOS 6.1.2 unthread jailbreak

      • hypnopotamus

        i have, my iphone 4s is jailbroken and ipad 2 also, but the problem is iphone is sometimes buggy, camera app often crashes and sometimes wifi can’t be turned on or off unless I respring it. Ipad worked perfectly and then ifunbox ruined it, it erased cydia and now home button won’t return me to home screen, itunes is missing also and share button doesn’t work…i’d like to restore them both to ios6 if possible and jb them again

        • ichijo

          you can always reinstall your iphone firmware manually through itunes, i’ve always did this if my jailbreak went wrong,

          google for ios 6.1.2 ipsw, there should be a link at the top that support ios firmware download

          Note: you cannot downgrade your firmware though, only reinstall to the same version or upgrade

          • hypnopotamus

            r u sure? i thought once apple stops signing certain ios version u can not reinstall it at all

  • Vicky

    Worked like a charm on iphone 5, 6.1.4

    Just extract program file to shorter directory like c:jail

  • Mark

    Sounds like it’s a good idea for people with a 3GS to wait for further development. Despite the instructions, I get the impression that this tool is to turn a tethered jailbreak into an untethered one.

  • Daas (Saad)

    Looks like it will be the last jailbreak ever for iPhone 3GS since it’s final version was 6.1.3.

  • Breath

    Worked flawlessly with iPhone 4s 6.1.3

    • joe

      How. It did not work for me

      • Breath

        I used a laptop with windows 7. I updated iTunes. I downloaded p0sixspwn. On my iphone I turned the pass code lock off. I opened P0sixspwn. I plugged in iphone and selected jailbreak. My iphone rebooted 2 or three times and i had a working cydia app. That’s all i did.

        • joe

          Did you delete all your files on your phone?

          • Breath


    • joe

      Please help me

    • joe

      I went through the whole process and cydia does not install on my Iphone 4S

  • Chuck

    im turn flight mode and its works :)

    • romey6

      Thanks Chuck! Turned on airplane mode and the p0sixspwn not working problem went away!!

  • joe

    Did not work for me on my iphone 4S. Can anyone help? it went through the whole jailbreak process and it says it is finished but there is no cydia icon/app on my device. Does anyone know whats wrong?

  • aghhh

    doesn/t work for me i don’t know what happened.. cydia suddenly disappeared and when i wanted to jailbreak again, it says “this device appears to be jailbroken already”…

    • Sam

      Just restore ur device with itunes. then jailbreak it again with this tool.

      • Hm

        We already cannot restore with iTunes. So what are we supposed to do ?

  • Kashif

    WINDOWS USERS) Those Whose Facing ” ERROR 03″ They Should Change The Compatibility Mode To ” WINDOWS7″..

  • Dominic

    Every time I use the tool, when it says “performing magic”, a window pops up and tells me, “p0sixspwn 1.0.4 has stopped working”
    What can I do to fix this, and why is this happening?

    • Zrizt

      I just had this problem, but it only happened once. When I tried it again, after it reboot, I made sure to unlock the phone while it performed its magic, and it worked fine. Don’t forget to disable your passcode before clicking jailbreak.

      • Gh0st123

        WINDOWS FIX: Here’s how I fixed the problem where everyone is finding an issue where the Jailbreak ‘has stopped working’ (v1.0.7) or is stuck on ‘waiting for reboot…'(v1.0.5). If you are on Windows 8, go to another computer that was Windows 7(in my case I had a Windows 8 laptop where both jailbreaks didn’t work, then moved to my windows 7 Laptop). The jailbreak should then work successfully. This was tested on my 4S IOS 6.1.3. If 1.0.5 or 1.0.7 still doesn’t work on a Windows 7 computer/laptop, try finding and testing v1.0.4 windows. Also try running as admin while doing this.

        • fdesee

          Well what if we dont have a windows 7 computer.

          • leart

            you have to find one :)
            Just did it twice on win 7 no problems at all, the only glitch is that te reboot now last longer thats all..
            JB and must reinstall the package from Cydia, and done, not a single crash

        • Mariana

          I have tried everything, I’ve used v1.0.7 and v1.0.5, I’ve run as administrator. My pc is on Windows 7 64 bits, so I read that the problem might be the x64, so I used Windows XP x86 on a virtual machine, did the same and nothing! It keeps crashing the minute I hit jailbreak, or it hungs in “waiting to reboot”. Seriously I better guide, with system requirements should be made!

        • Pong

          To fix this you have to download the older Itune and use the SQLite3.dll from the older itune.
          Test and work Itune version 1101

    • Oleg

      Hey Dominic, get p0sixspwn-v1.0.5-win and your problem will be gone…

    • Rufey

      hye i also faced same problem.. then i run as administrator & compatibility mode window XP SP3, then no more error! :) work for iphone 3GS 6.1.3..

    • Blah

      Close all the apps , and lock your phone ( without a password ofcourse)

    • sanjay

      i am facing same problem with v1.0.7

  • Kashif

    6.1.5 iPod Touch 4G JB (Y) Great Work..!!
    WINDOWS USERS) Those Whose Facing ” ERROR 03″ They Should Change The Compatibility Mode To ” WINDOWS7″..

    • Jef

      Hi, I have an ipod touch 4g with ios6.1.5. I jailbreak it, fine. I installed everything and it was going well. After resetting the ipod and running the whatsapp I got the message: “your device is not compatible at the moment”. When you say change compatibility mode to windows 7, how do I do that?


      • TheSilencer

        iPod can’t used whatsapp, it doesn’t have a sim card
        Right click –> properties then you can see it

        • Sal

          u can use whatsapp,on ipod touch i hav used it for a long period of time with no problem at all.

      • Dee

        you can actually Jeff.. just go to cydia and download whatspad and whatsapp will work.. :)

  • Marin

    did everything but no cydia app on ipod 4
    help anyone?

  • Shadow842

    Keeps crashing on iPad 2

  • Guest

    Run program as administrator!!
    Make sure your device did not update via OTA!! OTA updates have problems being JB.

    • Shadow842

      Still crashes, not working on iPad 2

  • Rick Agustus

    Why isnt Cydia appearing after jailbreak is done?

    • Hai

      me too

      • Arthur

        reboot the phone and then it should work :) good luck

        • MissDroid

          I tried rebooting like 10 times. it still doesn’t work. :(
          Anything other tricks?

          • Arthur

            For some reason I have an iPhone 3GS and when i reboot it…it seemed to work. Unless you’re at the point to where you’re desperate to jailbreak, I would suggest to restore and re-jailbreak as a last resort; but that’s just me saying it might work depending on what kind of idevice you are using.
            Maybe its the type of computer you are using..
            I’m using Windows XP with 2 GB of RAM and it works.

  • rgw

    Did not work on iPhone 3 gs. Quit after first reboot.

  • srujal

    works like a charm on my iphone 4s ios 6.1.3 thank you for this I was waiting for a long time…. once again thanx..and yes try to extract in c drive….enjoy….

  • Berlin

    can someone help me out i got ipod 4g 6.1.5 im using windows 8 stuck at waiting for device to reboot :<

    • Berlin

      nvm guys i figure it out myselt IT WORKS cydia show in my screen too the only problem now is why i cant install crack app :< im too noobies for this help me out

      • Anas

        hey i can help you i’ll send u some videos
        just give me your email. ok

  • CV_[TW]

    my laptop tell me that P0sixspwn require iTunse 9 or above. so i uninstall my iTunes and download the latest version but same massage still poped out. plz help me thanks.

    • MissDroid

      Right click> Run as administrator
      then again right click>Properties> compatibility > run as win XP2

      • sarady

        i had the same problem as CV_[TW], but when i do as your recommended then the problem is solved…so thz so much!

  • Alexandrel

    So fast! Thanks!
    Didn’t work the first time, got a problem when rebooting but worked fined the second time; don’t know what changed…

  • craig

    Worked on my iPhone 4s running 6.1.3.. Had no problems!!

    • mike

      hi, what was your procedure?

  • Husker4488

    Everything seems to work ok except that when I’m working in cydia it boots up the app store at random times. I can deal with that for now. I’m just VERY happy to have my phone jailbroke again. although I’m still not able to power it off without it restarting itself. no worries though. LIFE IS GOOD

  • wait

    when it says “performing magic” stop!

  • Leon

    Crashes on “performing magic” iPod 4g ios 6.1.5. Not working

  • atrocious

    So I can confirm that iPod touch 4gen 6.1.5 is working-cydia is installed, but once you either force-reset or turn it off, cydia is gone AND some original apps (gamecenter, camera, etc) are gone! what do I do?

  • Neil Leddy Ledbrook

    Hi, I’ve just done a jailbreak on my wifes ipad 2 thats running ios 6.1.3 and now its stuck in the reboot loop.. Please help, thanks

    • francisco

      same damn thing is happening to me!

  • aammtt

    thnx for new tool for windows it worked

  • local breaker

    cydia missing after jailbreak

  • C0deCakes

    Worked for me

  • 14618

    How do I upgrade from p0sixspwn 1.0.4 to 1.0.5? Thanks!

  • Jay Master

    Every time I try to jailbreak mt iPod, a pop up will always say “p0sixspwn 1.0.4 has stopped working”. My iPod passcode is disable, so I am wondering why this event keeps on happening.

  • finss

    does it really works?

    • finss

      yes..im success…thanks for the creator…appreciate it
      1. extract file at c:
      2. right click and select run as administrator
      3. jailbreak….

  • local breaker

    my itouch feels like nothing happened to it-

  • Oleg

    iPhone 4 Sprint iOS 6.1.3 / Laptop Acer 5920 Windows Vista SP2 / iTunes 11, all Works great. In the beginning I had to reboot my phone manually but then everything went well and was done within few min. I did run few tests on my phone and all working nice so far…

  • Drew

    says done but still doesnt have cydia

  • firas

    when i press the 6.1.5 version on the website and it takes me to mega. the mega cloud doesnt load??????

  • Arshan

    did everything correctly but no cydia. (iPod Touch 4G)

  • King King

    used for other than apple computers are not?

  • liltexas

    doesn’t go past “waiting for device to reboot”…

    • liltexas

      Hard reset. Tried again… WORKED!!! (6.1.4, iPhone 5, Win7)

  • Raiman

    It worked perfect on my iPhone 3GS! Thank you!

  • rgw

    1.05 doesn’t work on my iPhone 3gs 6.1.3 “Quits unexpectedly”

  • Afzaal Majeed

    What is this
    Now what can i do?

    • Gilang

      Dude, you have Internet Explorer on your taskbar..

      • Afzaal Majeed

        Whqt u mean?

      • Afzaal Majeed

        P0sixspwn v1.0.7 hang on running helper

  • Akshay

    I plugged my Iphone 3gs and started the exe file. I get the error “The attached device (Iphone 2,1) is not supported.” Please help

    • Akshay

      My device is currently running iOS 5.1.1. Should I upgrade it to 6.1.3 and then try this?

      • Mark

        No, absinthe already works great for 5.1.1, I have jailbroken an iPad 1st gen and ipod touch 4th gen using it.

  • Brandon

    Every time i try to jailbreak my Ipod 4th Gen it crashes after the first reboot and says “p0sixspwn 1.0.7 has stopped working” any idea how to fix this?

    • http://www.iphonehacks.com iPhoneHacks

      Run p0sixspwn exe file as adminstrator.

      • Afzaal Majeed

        Same problem
        I have tried but nothing
        I have windows 8.1

      • Brandon

        Still same problem :/ i tried finding the 1.0.5 ver but its taken down

    • DR

      In my case it works when I deactivated the security password “and” sync with itunes. Hope it work to you;)

      • Brandon

        It still crashes :( it can’t get past the step “copying essentials”

  • jay

    I have been waiting for what seems like forever for a legitiment jailbreak for my iPodTouch4 since it updated to iOS 6.1.3. I have had no problems so far with p0sixspwn version 1.0.7. I didn’t even need to do the crazy button sequence to load my ipod into the scary recovery mode

  • Afzaal Majeed

    I have downloaded p0sixspwn v1.0.7
    But cydia is not installes

  • Afzaal Majeed

    P0sixspwn is blocked on running helper
    Guys plz help
    How can i jailbreak

  • rgw

    1.07 doesn’t work on my phone 3gs. stops after the first reboot.

    • Brandon

      From my experience i think 1.0.7 doesn’t work in general.

    • JRDias

      After three days racking my brain, I discovered that p0sixspwn requires around 9GB of available space on the device.

      • Jose Matias Pinto

        This means that the toll canot be used on 8GB devices!?

  • someone

    success. ipad2. ios6.1.3, win7, airplane mode
    p0sixspwn 1.0.7.
    once stoped at “running helper”
    but I’ve tried one more and success

  • pretyiman

    i try to jailbreak my Ipod 4th Gen it crashes after the first reboot and says “p0sixspwn 1.0.7 has stopped working..(can’t get past the step “copying essentials”)….tried run as Administrator but failed

    • Douchebag

      Works fine, I just did 2 iPod Touch 4g units and it took about 7 minutes. Read the directions.

  • Yasemin

    i used p0sixspwn 1.0.7 for ipad 4 windows 7. I got the stoped working a few times while i clicked right and runed as a administrator. After that i clicked on the proportions of p0sixspwn and choosed to run as administrator allways.
    Then i had it jailbroken within a few minutes. Great !!!

  • XDahaka

    I did try jailbreaking my iphone 5 64gig 6.1.4 using the 1.0.7. Jailbreak. Everything seemed to be going alright, the first reboot has been done successfully, and the progress bar continued in the jailbreak window. However the bar filled, no option appeared on the pc window, and the phone did not boot a second time, it got stuck on the apple logo at boot. waited for 5 minutes assuming it might be doing some functions but nothing happened, I closed the software on the pc, the phone was still stuck. I was unable to turn it on/off. So i put it in recovery and searching for suitable ipsw files to recover.. I backed it up however restoring it failed with the error of 3194. Help me out?

  • Brandon

    I finally got it to work, i just had to put it in airplane mode… Dont know why it helps but it worked first try p0sixspwn 1.0.7 Ipod 4th gen

  • Matt

    My bad… I didn’t read the ‘read me’ file.
    The Jailbreak didn’t work.
    Now when I try to re-do it, running it from the Desktop, it won’t let me as it says that it is already Jailbroken!!! PLEASE HELP!

  • Mariel Jasso

    It’s stuck on “running helper”. HELP!

  • Jose Matias Pinto

    It seams that some people his having problems using the latest version (p0sixspwn v1.0.7). Here/How to get older versions?

  • jaycee

    It worked!! yes! thanks for this. im using itouch 4g 6.1.3

  • sean Norton

    how do i fix it when it say “collecting data” from my iPod touch 4th edition and then shuts down the jailbreaking process. (i have a MAC so if anyone could help me that would be great)

  • Tiary

    iPhone 5 6.1.4 GSM on Windows 8 Worked Perfectly Fine!

    Download p0sixspwn v.1.0.7
    Extract to Desktop, Moved “p0sixspwn” file from folder to Desktop
    Run as Admin
    Placed iPhone 5 in Airplane Mode & Turn Off Passcode (Don’t forget to put Auto-Lock on Never)
    Plug in iPhone 5 and Click “Jailbreak”

    “Waiting for device to reboot…”
    Do NOT touch your iPhone during Jailbreak, I made the mistake of unlocking my iPhone after it reboots and p0sixspwn gets stuck at “Running Helper…”
    Once you click “Jailbreak” just sit your iPhone and wait til it says it’s DONE! …and Voila!

  • joe Runtiko

    It works.
    My ipod 4G 6.1.5…
    using p0sixspw windows version

  • Bartek

    Like a charm with 3GS and iOS 6.1.3 !
    Great Work !

  • Dalogan72

    The worse jailbreak I have seen, thanks for the hard work, but it is just not working, 6.1.3 no service-sim invalid, then I go back to 5.1.1 and it all works again. Baseband 59 iphone 4. Do a iOS 7 for iphone 4 preserving the baseband.

  • Afzaal Majeed

    I have downloaded p0sixspwn v1.0.7 but it’s hung on running helper
    Please help me how can i jailbreak my ipad 2?

    • Carlos

      i had this problem too. can anybody tell me why and how to complete the jailbreak please?

  • Joe Taffin

    hey! how can i unlock an iphone 3gs 6.1.3 with bb week 31 year 11?

  • Chrysler

    if you’re stuck on ‘Running Helper’ turn Airplane mode on and auto-lock to never

  • wender

    omgg thank you somuch i just jailbr mi iphone 5 6.1.4 you saved my life. i love you

  • Hai

    ipad 3 gsm when i click jailbreak and all done but at the end my ipad doesn’t have cydia! why?

  • Besfort Shala

    Done successful (ipad 4 mini) Love You best teams together! iH8sn0w

  • Don Letterman

    Work great on my older 3GS with 6.1.3, could not be happier. It does reboot a few times, but if left alone it works like a charm. Cydia installed great.

    Thanks so much for all you guys hard work.

  • Carbonara Cramer

    Is there a way to unlock the iphone 4s 6.1.3 after jailbreaking? I tried SAM but it doesnt work

  • Francisco

    I downloaded the 6.1.5 jailbreak on my ipod 4g but now, theres no cydia and its rebooting like crazy! please help!!!

  • francisco

    i installed the 6.1.5 jailbreak on my ipod 4g and now 1. No cydia 2. no wifi signal at all! and 3. it reboots every two minutes!!!!!!!!

  • kaushik

    sim not vaild error on iphone 4s

  • kaushik

    attention required sim card is not valid

    • Gautam

      This does not unlock your iPhone. You will still need to use SIM from an official iPhone carrier if it is locked.

      • kaushik

        Thanks gautam .how to solve the issue if the iphone is locked by iphone carrier

        • Gautam

          There is no software based solution for the newer basebands. So you need to look at IMEI back unlocking solutions. Check out chronicunlock.com.

          • kaushik

            once again thanks gautam

          • Panchi

            @disqus_OjIawvDWtw:disqus sir will the jailbreak work with gevey ultra s (i have been using it without problems on my iphone 4s 6.1.3 baseband 3.4.03)…will it alter the performance? and also how to preserve baseband of 6.1.3 3.4.03?

          • kaushik

            gautam while i am doing downgrading from 6.13 to 6.0 i am getting an Error 3194 or “This device isn’t eligible for the requested build

          • Gautam

            Why are you downgrading?

          • kaushik

            i am downgrading for a jailbreak that can bypass the activation error. is there any another method for activation error other than imei back unlocking solutions .imei back unlocking are too expensive

          • kaushik

            gautam i am waiting for ur reply

  • Rose

    After I did this,I went to turn on my wifi and it didnt let me turn it on.

  • Rob

    Not Impressed. It kept crashing so I reluctantly installed Maverick. And it still keeps crashing during install.

  • sayed

    worked for me. thanks

  • XkippersX

    “ALL WELL DONE” successfully jailbreak ios 6.1.3 Iphone 4s..
    …thanks posixpwn..

  • Berkan

    great tool thnx to all who made it happen it works great on iphone 3gs

  • Skarpet

    You just have to turn on flight mode. Worked for me, thanks!

  • Apple

    If you have some problems, be sure you are on Windows 8 and be sure to run as admin

  • modather eltersly

    where can i found ifile in cydia

  • Kenny

    jailbreaking was fine i loaded up cydia fine but when i went throught reboot process once turnt back on the main default apps(safari,settings,facetime, etc) all disappeared and nothing else worked after that so i just had to restore.

  • Mark

    Here’s my result with an iPhone 3GS 6.1.3, Windows XP and P0sixspwn 1.0.7.

    (Had iTunes running in the background, there are no instructions apart from “don’t run from zip file” but it seemed to require it):

    Crashed immediately on “waiting to reboot”

    I changed the compatibility to Windows 2000 and it got a lot further but crashed on “performing magic 2000″. Phone seems to be okay and hopefully there were no consequences to half-jailbreaking a phone.

    All in all the software is not at a professional level at all and seems to have very specific requirements in order to run properly.

    • ConfusedAF

      this worked for me on Vista

  • james

    i downloaded p0sixspwn v 1.07 plugged in iphone 5 opened program hit jailbreak the program stopped working and closed.any advice what to do?

  • Megan Foster

    Whenever I click “Jailbreak” The application automatically stops responding and I have to exit it

  • KKY

    with 1.0.7 works perfectly without probs on ipod touch 4G 32GB. It finalizes a few times so dont think it stuck on the apple logo. just wait!!!

  • Nick

    When I’m at the first rebooting part it stops working an says not responding. How do ifix this?nick

  • John Doe

    Thank You Worked Awesome, and quick

  • Aaron Potter

    I need to know where it(p0sixspwn) gets things from the internet when trying to make the jailbreak. I have to jailbreak offline so I have to retrive (if possible) the data and then emulate the same in a local computer.
    Can anyone help me with this???????

  • Jonny

    worked perfect with ipod touch 4g ios 6.1.3. cheers

  • reyhaneh

    what should I do with this problem?
    I didn`t add much sources. just 5 or 6.



    • Gilang

      Can you please tell me what iDevice you are using, what iOS you jailbreak, and with Windows (XP/7) or with Mac you did it? And the Cydia’s fine? Because I read a lot of comments that don’t work.

  • Ben

    Every time i try to use it it says p0sixspwn 1.0.7 has crashed. Anybody know how to fix it

    • Mark

      The program is full of bugs, hopefully someone will fix them.

  • Britt

    it has been on rebooting device forever nd the load bar isn’t moving.. would it mess anything up if I ex’d off nd redid it? or wut shld I do? my iPhone hasn’t even started rebooting yet..

  • Ashvin Savaliya

    Works only for 10 days..Now can’t even rejailbreak…Crashes continuously Cydia app as well as all the tweaks….

  • All Good

    The whole process went extremely well and quickly too. I have an iPhone 3GS, with iOS 6.1.3. Just remember to disable your passcode, and perhaps your sim-card code too. The jailbraking software started to do its magic after unlocking sim-card :) Hope it goes well with you guys!

    • Bob

      Hey, I try jaibreaking my ipod touch 4g with ios 6.1.5 and after it has rebooted my ipod, it brings up a window saying p0sixspwn has stopped working. HELP!

    • Mark

      What operating system did you use? p0sixspwn does not seem to like Windows XP.

  • S

    Ipod Touch 4g 6.1.5 worked flawlessly for me when I put it in airplane mode, closed all running apps, turned compat mode to XP SP3 and ran as admin

  • Davidif

    Bonjour, l’installation du jailbreak c’est bien passé, le seul problème que j’ai , est que mon mini ipad bug quand je supprime des applications celui-ci s’éteind pour ce rallumer en mode safe.
    J’ai mis la version 1.0.5, j’ai vu qu’une autre version était sorti, puis-je re-jailbreaker mon mini ipad par dessus et est- ce que ça réglera mon problème ?


  • Davidif

    Hello, installing the jailbreak went well, the only problem I have is that my ipad mini bug when I delete applications it goes out to relight it in safe mode.
    I put the 1.0.5 version, I saw another version was released, and then I re-jailbreak my ipad mini over and did it solve my problem?

    Thank you

  • Berger

    used it today with iphone 5 , IOS 6.1.4 , with v 1.0.7 followed instructions , shit runs smoothly no complains ! Good job guys !

  • joshua

    I tried this and when I went to download it on my ipod touch 4gen 6.1.5 it said that it could only jailbreak versions 6.0 and 6.1.2 this is supposed to be compatible with 1.1.3 and 1,1,5. What did I do wrong?

  • Josh

    works like magic, worked perfectly fine on my 1st try hehe thanks guys :)

  • Critcher

    it does not allow me to connect to wifi and cydia is not present on the device

    • brooke

      me too! please tell me what you did to fix this!!

  • Gilang

    Is there any link that will lead to “how to jailbreak” with this tool?

    • Gilang

      And the how about the Cydia? Because I read the comments there a lot of problems with Cydia. It this fixed? For iOS 6.1.3 in iPhone 3GS.

      • Sam

        there are no problems.

    • Sam

      I’ll be making a tutorial soon. Check out my channel.

      • Sam

        just type in google “youtube user sampuran banerjee”

  • gily

    Préparation du système ( cydia quittera après complétion ) et ca bloque labas ! help !!!

  • dimi

    Stuck on ”running helper” iphone 4s. How to fix that?

  • Biggiephil

    well I’m proud to say this DOES infact work, I’m using win8.1 pro with my iPod touch 4G iOS 6.1.5 and cydia IS installed! worked perfect thanks everyone. I ran it as administrator just in case anyone is wondering.

    • Sam

      This works very well. I jailbroke iPod 4g on win 8.1, Win 8 and Win7.

  • kingjoe206

    Worked fine for me on Verizon 4s with 6.1.3. I did some research before using the tool and put ran as administrator in XP SP3 compatibility mode. It took a little while, so be patient. Cydia gave me some errors about dependencies that cannot be automatically fixed, or something along those lines. All I did was look at the packages it listed, searched and installed them, went back to my original package I wanted to install and no more error.

  • bk1980

    what apps are there? im only seeing a select few

  • paska

    this worked really fine thank you :)

  • Franklin Campbell

    I can not get the P0sixspwn program to run. First it says Entry point not found “The Procedure point sqlite3_wal_checkpoint could not be located in the dynamic link library SQLite3.dll. I then get an error message saying that I need itunes 10.5 or
    better. I updated Itunes and restarted my computer but to no avail.

    • Franklin Campbell

      I also looked up the first error message and copied the dll file to the propper folder, but it still didn’t work. I am running Windows 7

  • Lel

    Exactly how long should this take? As of now, p0sixpwn says “Performing magic with 87200″ and is steadily going up. I assume it should not be taking this long…

  • gary

    v1.0.7 stops responding when it gets to rebooting device

  • Mary

    I followed everything and after it reboots it says the program has stopped working. I also did everything the comments said to do but still nothing. Any suggestions?

    • mary

      Just kidding, I lied. I tried it over and over again until it finally worked.

  • JKb

    It says the device needs sim activation

  • JKb

    It’s a a4 device locked how to bypass this sim activation thing when I try to jailbreak

  • ribip

    im stuck at running helper, can somebody help?

    • Daniel

      what all have you tryed so far?

      • ribip

        I tried running as administrator and with win xp compatibility but still stuck at running helper

  • Daniel

    The jailbreak worked fine with my ipod touch 4G 6.1.5 not problems at all and i just updated mine from 6.1.3 (with a simi tethered on from redsnow just used ifunbox to extract all my music and other files off my device otherwise jailbreak perfect ^_^

  • J

    Whenever I try to run p0sixspwn 1.0.7, it get’s to “rebooting device” then just becomes unresponsive. Trying to jailbreak an iPhone 3GS with iOS 6.1.3

  • Jitendra


    First of all I would like to thanks & appreciate the efforts made by the team by bringing most awaited JB for 6.1.3. I Jail break my 4s couple of days back & installed some Cydia apps & tweaks, But from last night my phone screen freezes after making a call for 1 to 2 minutes & SB restarts and finally goes to safe mode. It happens every time I make a call.

    Please do fix this issue & let us know. Apart from this Its quite excellent.

    Thanking you in advance.

  • momomo

    Worked like a charm – ipod 4g, 6.1.3

    • momomo


  • InternalCoder


  • disqus_alCerMXMOi

    it crashing when copping essential, i located posixspwn in local c drive and run it by admin what is matter?

  • disqus_alCerMXMOi

    device is ipod 4g by window7

  • Satyavrat

    I used p0sixspwn-v1.0.7 to jailbreak and it worked fine on my iphone 3gs 6.1.3
    without any problem

  • Roshdip

    It says not responding in win 8.1..Plz Help

  • gydo

    very nice, had no problems, congrats

  • Arismendy

    keep getting stuck on preparing filesystem. help please! i’ve rebooted many times already.


    i have 3gs on 6.1.2 jailbroken with a locked sim AND UNLOCKED BY ULTRASN0W TOOL but cydia breaks A LOT OF TIMES AND LOSE MY BARS

  • Jesse Mcculloch

    Mine dose not let me turn the wifi on

  • Jesse Mcculloch

    What dose it mean when the screen turns white then reboots every 5 mins

  • Arnas

    I have 3gs 6.1.3 not activated, and I don’t have that sim card, so P0sixspwn dont let me to jb, it says: before doing jb, activate your iphone, what should i do?

  • Allzie

    i downloaded the v1.0.7 then while im jailbreaking my iphone 4 ios 6.1.3, when it says, Rebooting Device,, it crashed!, so i think theres some problem while im downloading the file, so i download it again,, and the same thing happened,, how to fix this?… and why is this happening?

    • Gabriel Pulido

      Me too…

      • Quares

        Me too…

        • SuicideSheep

          Me too…

          • Guest

            Me too…

          • Guest

            Me too…

          • Sirrey

            Me too…

  • zulma

    Best way to make it run is jailbreaking with redsnow as a tethered version and then download cydia tweak p0sixspwn that make’s your tethered jailbreak in utethered!!

  • Aidan

    p0oxispawn stops responding when downloading from apple and i have tried running as administrator but it still wont work any help?

  • MrAwkward

    When I try to run p0sixspwn,when it gets to “rebooting device” it crashes pls help i try compability mode or run as administrator but does not work pls help!

  • 3GSGreece

    iPhone 3GS Old Bootroom and Windows 7 users:after backing it up, turn on airplane mode, disable password lock (if enabled) and keep unlocked at all times. Right click on the .exe thingy, go to Properties > Compatibility and set it to Windows 7 and tick “Run as administrator” > Apply > OK. Should work like a charm. It rebooted 4 times before finalizing. :) Many thanks to the developers. :)

  • Lamin Gitteh

    Follow below steps….
    1- If connect and iTunes pop up, close iTune.
    2-run it as Administrator if you getting “p0sixspwn 1.0.4 has stopped working”.
    3-run no other application(s) except p0sixspwn.
    4-Your phone will take approximately 2-3 minutes preparing the file system.
    5-Your phone will reboots and thats all….

  • Anonymous

    When it gets to rebooting device it just says it stopped working. Why won’t it let me jailbreak?(using: ipod touch 4th gen. on iOS 6.1.5)

  • stenstorp

    I have a 4th gen iPod touch with iOS 1.6.5, downloaded P0sixspwn 1.0.7 windows version and it always stops working (as in a window comes up and says that it has stopped working) when it says it’s trying to reboot the device. I don’t have a password, closed all apps and all that. what’s going on!?

  • jake

    I unzipped the file, but a message pops up and says the file cannot be run on this pc. Any suggestions on how to run the software?

    • jake

      By the way, I have windows 8.

  • A Name

    IOs 6.1.3. 5th gen ITouch. Works great. No problems

  • Sparky

    Ipod 4G running 6.1.5: Crashes instantly before reboot on v1.0.7, trying all service packs but no luck. restarted ipod, no lock, etc. Any ideas?

    • Alex

      Same problem. I’ve tried 2 different iPod 4gs (both on 6.1.5), a few different computers and all the ideas suggested. Always crashes when I click Jailbreak. Would love to get this to work.

  • syifin

    Worked amazingly for me was quick and easy thank you

  • clebra

    Nice that they say they haven’t been able to test so let them know how it goes, I’ve tried every suggestion listed below along with half the other posts here to no success. I’ve unlocked and jail broke long ago with no problems but for some reason can’t get it to work. Be nice if someone would address the question many people have asked.

  • suraj

    I have tried 3 versions of this tool with various compatibility mode and different version of windows but I still cannot jailbreak my ipod 4g with ios 6.1.5.

  • Alex

    Success! I was able to jailbreak my iPod 4g on 6.1.5 running Mac OS in a virtual machine. There has to be a bug in the Windows version 1.0.7.

  • jose

    keeps telling me something is wrong and wont let me jailbreak

  • Illusion

    Mine always stop at “performing magic at” can anybody help ?

  • Rob

    Touch 4G – doesn’t work. Tried 2 Win7 PCs and 1 XP. On all get rebooting message, then stopped working message with fault in corefoundation.dll.

  • overdrive69

    p0sixspwn 1.0.7 has stopped working.. help pls

  • Alex

    can you make one for linux?

  • H606

    i am using windows 7 pro 64-bit
    in 1.0.7 the program stops working after clicking jailbreak
    in 1.0.4 the device does not reboot
    i have ran as administrator and win xp compatibility mode, still wont work!

  • Paulo Sergio

    Works with me on second try !!!

    I dont know what happens , but the problem is when the iphone locks it self ( even wit all configured for not locking !!! )

    Win 7 , itunes and my iphone 5 ios 6.1.4 with P0sixspwn 1.0.7

    it was stuck on running helper

    Than i turned off my iphone 5 and it shows Done

    but cydia didnt show !!!

    Than i have done all procedure on second try , and it has worked ,

  • aLca Selzer

    Had alot problems like u all guys. The Solution for me; uninstall Itunes, and all Apple stuff (DONT Reboot) – then run 1.0.5 and it should work.

    If this didn’t work: Try it with Itunes 11.0.4

    (3GS – 6.1.3)

  • jorch37

    it doesnt work on windows, it quits right after clicking jailbreak

  • Serg Ami

    On my PC(phenom 925, windows 8.1×64) i did not can make jailbreak on my iphone 3gs 6.1.3. I tried make to other computer(notebook Dell, intel core 7, windows 7×64) of my friend and this process go ahead and perfectly finished.
    I think problem in hardware.

  • amar

    Help please

    Hello everyone.

    Thank you for this tutorial

    Can someone fix this complex issue that i am facing.

    I have iphone4s with ios6.1.2

    the jailbreak has been released now and i want to update it to 6.1.3 and jailbreak it.

    I downloaded the ipsw from here and i am not able to update my ios to 6.1.3 ( i need it) i get the error 3194.

    I updated my itunes, cleared my hosts. no go . can anyone help me with this please.

  • sheng

    hi. i have a jailbroken iphone 4 IOS6.1.3 and i want to restore it as a new phone with the same IOS, So if i’ll restore it (same IOS) and it will remove jailbreak as well.. Then i’ll jailbreak it again using this.. would it be possible? thanks

  • jake

    im not sure how to do this at all. I need some help

  • rhys

    the attached device is not supported? iphone 4 running ios 6.1.3 GSM model ? any fix?

  • thomas

    hey i jailbrokeios6.1.5 and forgot to disable passcodeandnowmy ipod wont turn on what do I do?!

  • Aymen tahir

    i have a problem in doing jailbreak my ipod touch 4g v 6,1,5

  • Aymen tahir

    help me please

  • Alex

    hello the jailbreak does not work on my xp and it sends me a error message what do I do?

  • Anthony

    hey everyone who is having trouble with any kind of jail break the best thing to do it back it up and then restore the software to brand new ios go through the set up and set up as new when on the main screen of your iphone ipod or ipad do the jail that should fix everyone problem with it crashing

  • Rob

    FIXED the crash issue….p0sixspwn-v1.0.7-win – works – but NOT with the latest itunes. Uninstall it AND other Apple apps (application support & update), then re-install 11.1.3 (you can get from http://www.oldapps.com). Then 1.0.7 works fine.

    13/09/2013 19:51 1,079,624 CoreFoundation.dll – WORKS FINE
    20/01/2014 13:16 1,663,816 CoreFoundation.dll – DOES NOT WORK

    • jdpalo

      Rob, that did it for me! Thanks a zillion!

    • Grathu

      Thank you Rob, you advice works perfectly on my 3gs running 6.1.3.
      Please people follow these simple steps.

      Regards; Grathu

    • Davein

      That worked for me too–much appreciated! More karma points for you, sir.

  • Haris Kumalic

    Im stuck with my iPod 4g 8GB, its constantly restarting and the wifi switch is gray.

    I tried to jailbreak it on iOS 6.1.5, and after it restarts few times, now it power up with this bug’s.

    Plzz help me, i just want the classic iOS back.

    And now the iPod won’t start a session with iTunes to sync or restore.

  • landlord

    Wasted 3 hours before installed new version of itunes, deinstalled a new version, installed an old version, repairing library.itl, tryin all the compatibility, run as admin, version 0.3,0.4, 0.5 and 0.7 before taking it to a new win7 64 bit computer, installed version 11.01 itunes, 1.07 jailbreak and ran it in XP (SP2) compatibility mode – WORKED LIKE A CHARM

  • blackoss

    i can’t find p0sixspwn in cydia and i search for source i can’t find it
    thank you for give me source for it plz

  • pine

    i was try to jailbreak iphone 4s 6.1.3 and it stuck at running helper and cant get it finish what should i do to fix it? any suggestion ?

  • ben531

    It crashes when it says ‘waiting for reboot’ im on windows vista… Help

  • GamingClown

    I want to download it but the p0sixspwn v1.0.7 cant find my device

  • Noruego

    It works for me.. I have a 4G Ipod with the 6.1.5 ios (Windows xp).
    The key is to extract the file in the C/ disk, and use the older version of iTunes… and i also close the Itunes Helper process.

  • janis

    yeah i get this done with 1.0.5 ver. my ipod touch 4 thanks
    at least.

  • Zupermann

    Hi! I use p0sixspwn 1.0.7 work well as description on my 3 GS Ios 6.1.3.First you have to downgrade your iTunes from latest version 11.1.4 (it fix some bug for this you cant jailbreak) to previos 11.1.3.Run win xp SP3 compatibility mod us administrator!It work try!

  • crazywolf132

    Mine worked fine!!! ipod 4g on ios 6.1.5 (p0sixspwn v1.0.7 didnt work so i got v1.0.2 and it worked fine) and i am on a mac

  • minesbiggerr

    the way i see it from my experience and all the comments i read this does not work with ios 6.1.5 right now im downgrading my itunes in hopes that that will do the trick and if it does ill let you guys know

  • Lucas

    So v1.0.7 won’t work at all for me. Tried ever compatibility…

  • Lawrence

    every time i try to jailbreak my device it always say: Jailbreak Failed error: No Internet? but i checked my internet and it was perfectly fine i had internet i can browse i can surf the net…

  • Daniel

    Nice tool! it jailbroke my iPhone 4s 6.1.3 in under 2 minutes. Phenomenal!

  • Kefe

    When i go to jailbreak my ipod touch 4thgen 6.1.5, it reboots then when it says copying essentials it says “p0sispwn-v1.0.7.exe has stopped working. a problem caused the problem to stop working.” Please help!

    • Kefe

      the second time i typed problem is program, not problem

  • Grathu

    As per Rob’s instruction below;
    FIXED the crash issue….p0sixspwn-v1.0.7-win – works – but NOT with the
    latest itunes. Uninstall it AND other Apple apps (application support
    & update), then re-install 11.1.3 (you can get from http://www.oldapps.com). Then 1.0.7 works fine.

    Works perfectly. Many thanks Rob.

  • Eric

    This program stops responding when it reboots the device I had all my apps closed and there is no passcode on my iPod 4. Any help?

    • Eric

      I am also on a windows 8 laptop


    Excellent contribution, thanks to all the developers of this tool.
    Tested on iPod Touch 4G iOS 6.1.5, Computer use with XP Operating System

  • shareinfo

    The key is you need a fresh clean install of iTunes 11.1.3 (if you have previous Apple software installed, make sure to clean them up) and Win7 runtime compatibility (if not using Win7). I happen to have a fresh install of Win 8.1, install iTunes 11.1.3 x64, extract P0sixspwn to C drive, set P0sixspwn compatibility to Win 7, then “Run as administrator” and jailbreak done (iPhone 4 6.1.3).

    • shareinfo

      Forgot to mention, I’m using P0sixspwn 1.0.7, good luck !

  • Anon

    PieceOfShitixpwn did not work for ipod 4 6.1.5 on windows 7. tried different version, always freezes or waiting for reboot.

  • handballnut

    I’m on windows, and I plugged my iPod touch 4 running 6.1.5 in and
    I did everything, but when the device reboots, the jailbreak tool crashes. Tried it on my Mac and I got the same problem.

  • leart

    just tested now on a new iphone 4 – 8GB ios 6.1.3 and restored

    no automatic keyboard lock, no sim pin, done with the first shot

    Disable antivirus (just to be sure) downloaded the app on desktop, extract, open as administrator/XP sp2, click next

    —— DONE not a single error

  • darkfirewolf13

    I have a windows 7 and it is still doing this error thing

  • darkfirewolf13

    This doesn’t work I’ve tried everything and it still does not work. I have took off the password and such as the people had said to do and my laptop is running on windows 7. I would appreciate help cause none of this does anything to help.

  • idunno

    It works fine for me, but when I go on my iPod 4th gen, there is NO Cydia and I can go on my iPod to play games and stuff like that, however its still rebooting. I also dont have wifi. PLEASE HELP!

  • Ggjvpckcjv

    What is the password to unlock file

  • Terry

    I use window 8 and 7 laptop to jb my ipad 2 6.1.3 but it stuck at the ‘waiting to reboot’ with p0sixspwn 1.0.4, 1.0.5, 1.0.7 all cant work.

    • Terry

      how can i fix this prob? help me please…

  • bob

    ipod is stuck in recovery mode and has the connect to itunes symbol. i tried connecting and restoring but wont work always times out. help?


    wow, simple downgrade of pOsixspwn v.1.0.7 to either v.1.0.5 or v1.0.4. worked for me on windows 7 and ipod touch v4

  • גיא רוזניס

    yyyeeesss!!!! finally one that worksss!!!!!

  • chris

    worked a treat 3gs 6..1.3

  • Kalle

    No service after Jailbreak !