Redditor’s Top 10 reasons to Jailbreak iOS 7; What are yours?


It has been just over three weeks since evad3rs released evasi0n7, the much awaited jailbreak for iOS 7.

Since then Cydia developers have been working hard to release updated version of the their tweaks to add support for iOS 7 and 64-bit A7 devices like the iPhone 5s, iPad Air and Retina iPad mini.

While we’re still waiting for some of our favorite tweaks such as Zephyr, Springtomize 3 to be released for iOS 7 and iPhone 5s, a majority of them are now compatible with iOS 7 and iPhone 5s. We’ve also seen quite a few new tweaks that have enhanced the functionality of features like Control Center.

So it is a good time to take a look at the top reasons to jailbreak iOS 7. Redditor, textredditor, has given the following reasons for jailbreaking iOS 7:

1. Activator:

Activator is an awesome jailbreak tweak by Ryan Petrich that you probably already know about. For those who’re new to jailbreaking, Activator lets you assign various actions that get called when a certain event, selected by you, occurs. The trigger can be a gesture, a tap on a specific area, the press of a button, a change of charging state or a bunch of other options. The “actions” list is equally diverse, letting you launch apps, toggle settings and is extensible via tweaks on Cydia.

Petrich has added more functionality to Activator for iPhone 5s users by allowing users to use Touch ID for any activator action.


2. BlurPaper:

The jailbreak tweak blurs the Home screen and Lock screen wallpaper. You need to add the following repo to Cydia to install the tweak.


3. Flux

We’ve all been there – a notification arrives on your iPhone late at night, and the screen brightness nearly blinds you for the first few seconds after unlocking. F.lux aims to solve exactly this problem by adjusting the color of your iPhone’s display to better adapt to the time of the day.

4. FlipControlCenter

FlipControlCenter was one of the first jailbreak tweaks for Control Center. It lets you customize and add more toggles to Control Center. Check this post for more details.

5. CCHide

CCHide allows you to hide various sections of Control Center. It also allows you to hide playback controls in Control Center when music is not playing. Jailbreak tweaks such as CCQuick Pro and Cloaky that offer similar functionality and more.


6. IconTool

IconTool is a useful jailbreak tweak that lets you backup and restore app data, rename icons, clear badges and more.


7. iFile

iFile is a full-blown file manager for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, which comes with tons of features such as compressing, deleting, viewing, copying, moving, renaming files and much more.


8. Messages Customiser

Messages Customiser as the name suggests lets you customize almost every aspect of the Messages app in iOS 7 such as change the color of the message bubbles, enable Contact photos and lots more.


9. SwipeSelection

SwipeSelection brings a cool new way to edit text in iOS using gestures.


10. VideoPane

VideoPane, developed by Ryan Petrich, is an awesome tweak that allows you to detach a video from most video players and bring it straight to your Springboard.  You’re then able to navigate your iPhone or iPad by opening and closing apps while the video still plays on top. It looks even better in iOS 7.


If you’re wondering how he has tweaked the appearance of the Home screen, then here’s the list of tweaks and themes:

  • Winterboard
  • M’flat iOS 7 Winterboard theme – Head over to this link for the installation instructions.
  • The Circular Connectivity Indicators tweak gives you the circular status indicators. You need to add the following repo to Cydia to install the tweak.
  • The name of the jailbreak tweak that makes the icons circular is Kiki, which can be installed from the following repo: (same as the previous one).
  • HomeScreenDesigner was used to create the 3×4 layout. You can apply 3×4 Textredditor 2014 layout in the Uploaded tab.
  • Cloaky was used to hide certain items in the Status bar.
  • Home screen Wallpaper – link
  • TransparentDock was used to remove blurred background from the iOS 7 dock.

These are some really cool reasons to jailbreak iOS 7, and I loved the way he has created gifs to show the functionality. Don’t forget to go to reddit, and vote for this awesome post.

Let me know what are your top reasons to jailbreak iOS 7.

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  • Jin


    • Flyballmom

      Still isn’t updated though so it’s quite plain as of now. And my little text bubble notification that up by the batter power only comes on when I’m in an app. :o( Hope they get the themes done soon cuz my trial period is already up and I’m not about to upgrade till I see what the iOS7 version offers.

      • Rachid

        Go to Cydia
        – Manage
        – Sources
        – click on Modify
        – click on Add

        Add this repo :

        Once it has loaded the source you will find the beta version

        • Flyballmom

          Yeah I already have the beta version but still no themes. :0(

    • carlos schmid

      doesnt open on mine… i think it needs to be updated , i like bitesms more than i message…please developer if you read please fix and also unfold. that dont work for i0s7 either.

      • Jin

        Use their beta. It works on the newer iPhones.

        • carlos schmid

          @Jin, i downloaded the only thing that said bite sms i dont find the beta anywhere :(. i was going to try and add the repository like it said to do on other sites but i dont know where to find the manage and edit L(, i know i know ! i should know but i just got the jb today

          • djnforce9

            Add “” to your repo sources and it will appear. it’s a beta but still very usable. Just be careful switching to landscape and back when answering a text on the lockscreen or in an another app as orientation changes are not quite working properly yet.

  • -X-

    Reason #1. The ability to do whatever I want to a device I own.

    Reason #2. See reason #1.

    • technogeek

      To do that – you have to buy Android ;)

      • martin

        but i also want it to work, so no android…

        • technogeek

          You have obviously been disillusioned by the Apple fanboys who promote ios and slate Android. As a prolific user of both (I have a brilliant occupation) I can say that although ios outshines in design and useability; it lacks the versatility of Android. I can safetly say that there is nothing I can’t do on an Android tablet but I have to Jailbreak the ios to have a measure of freedom and even then, despite the tweaks and joys of Cydia, we are still unable to use ios with the same ease. Take downloading a music file for instance. ios still breaks it down into unuseable files whereas on Android it remains clear to be seen in your file manager and can be copied anywhere with no additional tweaks or downloads.
          There is also the freedom to install anything i like without the tweeks and jailbreak/rooting.
          I continue to use both on a daily basis but will vote for Android everytime

          • EL3V1N

            You forget about the people who use both as well and still do not like Android at all.

  • Messages Customiser

    If you are looking for Message Customiser and cant find it its actually called Messages Customiser, has an S at the end of message :)

    • Gautam

      Thanks, fixed it :)

  • revivalstore

    I love swipeselection and appcake;)

    • Oba Ma

      Thief on forum! ;)

  • Jeff

    all ive been waiting is for the AltKeyboard to be updated to iOS 7 compatible!..please..please..please!!

  • Jeff

    AltKeyboard must be updated to iOS 7 compatible!!

  • R Gallegos

    Call on GV Pro and SMS on GV. They both work with iOS7 and iPhone 5s now as well. Also, IGotYa is another reason.

  • S1

    What is that theme called ?

  • DrDave

    Top 10 reasons to jailbreak
    1. Transfer files to/from my device using standard non-proprietary programs like scp, rsync, ftp, etc,
    2. Run my own apps I wrote on my device.
    3. Web browser download of any type of file.
    4. Web browser upload of any type of file.
    5. Better security and privacy.
    6. Use internet without restrictions.
    7. Easier to use.
    8. Block automatic download of unwanted updates.
    9. More features.
    10. Block ads.

    • CB

      What app that download file from the web?

    • chris

      For reason number 1, how do you do this? Do you need to write apps or can a jailbroken phone get to a shell?

  • Wilfrin

    How do I get the pop up menu of music choices when I plug in the headphones?

    • Gautam

      You need to use Activator. Create a new menu with the music choices as the activator action, and set the trigger when headset is plugged into device.

      • Wilfrin

        Perfect! Thank you

  • amazingrugs

    Faster animations. Good lord I never realized how truly slow the default speed was!

    • technogeek

      Agree. makes you wonder why it wasnt like that in the first place?!

  • Steve Charnick

    Oddly the Circular Status seems to only work when I’m in Cydia – when I’m out they return to normal.

    • Matt

      Yup, same experiences here. Really like the tweak so sad to see it not function properly. Now I must find an alternative.

      • Markus Promtus

        Go to ifile then var mobile library caches and delete uistatusbar

  • untzuntz

    my fav apps after updating to 7.0.4, pwntunes, adblocker, bloard, bitesms, edit alarms, ikeywi, pandora downloader, youtubed.

  • Me

    Still waiting on MASK and COLOR KEYBOARD. Hopefully they’ll have customizeNC too. But I do appreciate the tweaks that are out now.

  • Vin

    I only jailbreak for mywi paying extra for tethering is stupid, i only use it when i need to.

  • pastortommy

    just jailbroke my 5s. So far i’m frustrated. Everything i try and download in Cydia is “Cannot Locate Package.” I’ve restarted Cydia. I’ve rebooted phone. I’ve refreshed where i can refresh cydia. I even went through a period of time where cydia was freezing my phone. Any solutions? Right now i can’t even get activator!

    • Ben

      Sounds like you may need to redo it, I had the same issue. :( Also you could try going to settings, general, reset, then reset network settings.. youll have to plugin your wifi password again but that might do something for you.

    • Wilfrin

      Delete any unoriginal cydia packages

      • Wilfrin

        And or sources

    • Squidward

      I finally figured it out after hours of trying: delete the repo and add it again

      • djnforce9

        I came across the same problem while jailbreaking a friend’s iPhone and it was the Zotdd source I needed to delete.

    • pastortommy

      Thanks … I ended up deleting the repo and adding it back… Since then everything is work like butter. I’ve never been happier with jailbreaking my freaking life

    • jaydox

      hi if your having trouble with any problem on your jailbroken idevice feel free to ask me any questions as im great at fixing basically all cydia errors and related errors

      • Gadie Apple

        i want to watch movie from my external hard disc, but my ipad not been jailbreak yet.. i tried to watch but cant.. should i jailbreak it or what whould i do.? help me please :)

  • Showky

    I’ve install it and it caused lots if trouble so I had to restore it back to manufacturer settings I will never jailbreak it again

  • Wilfrin

    Is m’flat compatible with retina iPads?

  • pastortommy

    There is so much to love about jailbreaking an iPhone… But if I had to say my favorite thing about being jailbroken, I would say activator… It’s usefulness is amazing

  • Joseph

    How’d you get the Insert Headphones thing?

    • Jonas

      1. Download Activator
      2. Open the app or settings
      3. Press “Anywhere”
      4. Scroll down to bottom and choose the desired settings

  • harry

    is attachments+ for mail for mail available in iOS 7.x?

  • Hilmi Zulkurnaini

    hello there wat is the tweak you use to change the signal bar?

  • huhu


  • huhu

    huhu huuu bj break’r… there is only one smithe…

    • huhu

      Crew lock rulez!

      • huhu


  • Jimmi Little

    Break from all the lousy strangle holds and monopolies Apple wants to put onto the device.
    I can hide items like Facetime from view..
    (I don’t even use facetime on a wifi ipod for crying out loud.)
    Change the stupid apple logo that shows on start up.
    Thumb my nose at app developers who feel that they can gouge you for every damn cent for a IAP even when you already shelled out at least 5$ – 20$ for the app install to begin with!
    Hack my apps that don’t have IAP and get infinite cash on them and have fun building up forts.
    Hack Minecraft and make online arenas that can’t be griefed by normal users.
    USE FLASH and JAVA! Yea.. F*ck you apple.
    Better apps on the Jailbreak App Store aka Cydia then Apple’s POS.

    Over all, it’s painless to install cydia and the other bits of bread and butter that you should install right after Cydia.. and you’ll have a much better time with your device hands down.. I should have done this sooner! Oh yea and you can turn off alot of the snooping Apple tries to do.. freaking apple.. piss off. Great devices.. poor customer service.

  • djnforce9

    NoAdsStoreOpen was a MUST for me. Got so sick of apps and even pages within Cydia itself launching the App Store and loading something I probably will never want to install. It was ridiculous.

    Also, don’t forget BiteSMS if you have an iPhone (or use iMessage). Fabulous replacement for the messager App.

  • th3pwnsh0p

    Is there a tweak that enables a volume slider for the device instead of having to push the volume buttons to change the volume?

    • pegger1

      The control center that slides up from the bottom already has that.

  • Miki

    Reason #1. Hack flappy bird highscore

  • technogeek

    Jailbroke ipad mini and after the initial buzz I am disappointed. The functionality is improved but not a patch on the regular Android system (I have both)
    I expect some improvement as the apps and tweaks are updated to accomodate 7.04 but i fear it will never be as versatile as the Android devices that i also use.
    With Android I can do just about anything that I would expect to do on a laptop/PC but with ios, the restrictions are still there (apparently)!
    Any tips on apps to dl to change my mind – would be appreciated! I really want this to be a success!
    I already have:
    Winterboard (not yet working)
    **All the above are regular tweaks (without rooting) on the Android with the installation of an (all in one) Launcher such as APEX which i downloaded from the Playstore!……. :/

    • technogeek

      a week later and i still havent changed my mind!

  • Anonymous


  • Ralf Keijsers

    I cant seem to make all m’flat icons to work. Calendar and camera for instance are not changed. Any tips?

  • Guest

    Might be a stupid question.. how do you change the home screen wallpaper to the one listed above?

  • Miroslav

    Apple Sucks

  • sandi

    i did the jail break, but cannot do anything. everything i try says cannot locate package. when i go to manage, sources. there is nothing there. same for manage, packages. there is no list. i tried going to change, refresh and nothing. HELP !!!

  • Ricky Ellmore

    Anyone know how to force the Statusbar to be landscape? I’m making a landscape theme and the old UIInterfaceOrientation in the trick doesn’t work, I’ve tried putting it everywhere even Winterboard and still no luck. I then have Statusbar hide ready to hide it where landscape looks pants (I only REALLY need it on my landscape lockscreen and landscape springboard, I’ll hide it else where) and NO SBRotator. JUST THE STATUSBAR and nothing else (or turn the icons 90 degrees leaving the bar on the left).

  • Sam

    I use both and never have regretted using android. It is just more easier and faster. Although I do like apple, I vote for android.

  • Wallpaper help

    Can anyone please link me to the wallpaper from the pics above? I’ve been looking everywhere for it but couldn’t find :(