Rumor: Apple still struggling with iWatch manufacturing issues


A recent report from Jessica Lessin of The Information suggests Apple is encountering several small hurdles in the manufacturing of its iWatch wearable device. Most of the glitches are small and may be part of the trial-and-error process that accompanies the development of a new product.According to the rumor-based report, Apple was having battery performance issues and is allegedly is switching screen technology in order to optimize battery life. Apple also supposedly changed manufacturers during the prototyping stage because of issues with some unknown pieces. Before you jump to the conclusion that the iWatch is doomed,  we should note that the switching between manufacturers and technology is a relatively common occurrence during the early stages of testing and development.

Lastly and perhaps most importantly is the possible loss of Bryan James, who is now the Vice president of New Product Engineering at Nest. James was the director of iPod Software at Apple and allegedly was working on the iWatch. Keep in mind that these are all rumors. If true, they are likely part of the normal manufacturing process and may not affect the launch plans of the rumored iWatch device. The only exception would be James as the loss of top talent may have a more profound effect on the future plans for the device than any minor manufacturing issues would.

[Via Business Insider]