Springtomize 3 for iOS 7 Progress Update


Filippo Bigarella, developer of popular jailbreak app Springtomize, had revealed that he had started work on Springtomize 3 for iOS 7 last month. But just like all of us, the release of evasi0n7 caught him off-guard, and he didn’t have time to prepare.

Bigarella posted a new entry on his blog, talking about the progress of Springtomize 3:

As most of you know, I had already been working on Springtomize 3 before the release of evasi0n7: unfortunately, while I managed to get a lot of work done, I can’t really say I got much farther than 35-40%.

From that 35-40%, I think I can safely say that, as of now, it’s at least half percent done: the “foundation” on which everything is based is nearly complete, many “hooks” have been written (which means that it already has a lot of features). What’s missing right now is expanding even more the number of available features and… Settings.

Yep, settings are a big missing point when it comes to Springtomize, and require a lot of work and testing: oh, not even counting that they need to be designed to be as user friendly as possible, because I don’t want people to get lost.

Beta testers for Springtomize 3 have been chosen, Bigarella says, though he doesn’t give even an estimated release date.

In case you’re not aware, Springtomize allows you to customize every aspect of iOS. You can do things such as increase the number of apps in the dock to 10, give the dock a cool coverflow effect, change the duration of the system-wide animations, remove page limits, customize the default animations, customize the lock screen, hide stock app icons and lots more.

Update (January 25):

Springtomize 3 for iOS 7 is now available on Cydia.

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  • Erik Saucedo

    Can’t wait!! Springtomize is in my top 5 jailbreak tweaks

    • Erick121

      Same here

  • wolverinemarky

    i bought springtomize 2 but never really used it so cant wait to see what 3 can do may use it more on ios7

  • Batman10

    The ‘one stop shop’ of jailbreak tweaks!

  • Thiago

    In my Iphone 5s this not working.

    • Arch Hughes

      Works starting today.

  • Abel Goddard

    I’ve heard a lot of people like it, but then I know a lot of people like BiteSMS as well, and Bite just seems meh to me. I much prefer messages+. I like being able to respond to a text without leaving my current app.

    • Imran

      You can not only text back but also compose and send a text without leaving your current app with Bite…

      • Abel Goddard

        Not when I tried it. I even paid for it, and then got a refund. That was on my 5, iOS 6.1.2.

        • Guest

          You didn’t try hard enough, those features are definitely available with BiteSMS.

  • SnakePlisskin77

    Yes, yes, yes!! Best jailbreak tweak, IMO.

  • Rachid

    I rather have “Five Icon Dock” working… The tweak is not working properly since ios 7

    • Abel Goddard

      Infinidock works now.

    • Jeremy Ng

      it worked with my 5c

    • Arch Hughes

      Springtomize3 is out, and you can have 5 icons in the dock. (Doesn’t allow for scrolling, but 5 fit, and you can scale them to your visual preference.)

      • Rachid

        Thank you Arch,
        In the meantime I have found another tweak that did the job “Five Icon Dock Modoki”

        But then I have heard about the tweak called “Infinidock” , it allows scrolling which is perfect for me.

  • Andrew

    That’s gunna be so awesome when it comes out. Probably my favorite tweak.

    • Arch Hughes

      Today is awesome day then. Go load it.

  • Dev

    I just love this tweak…..cant wait to have it on my ipad3 running on 7.0.4……….many thanks developers for your hard work.

    • Arch Hughes

      The wait is over.

  • Jeremy Strong

    Can’t wait for the springtomize3 to be released!

    • Arch Hughes

      Check Cydia. It’s there.

  • Mohammed Shirajum Monir

    Still waiting for the best tweak Sprintoze for iOS 7.

    • Arch Hughes

      Your wait is over. You can load it from Cydia today.

  • Joe

    So when is the release date for it, on the springtomize3???

    • Arch Hughes


  • Arch Hughes

    Thanks for the release Filippo. I upgraded this morning as soon as I saw the release available. Wonderful stuff. I have a couple of questions, and what I think is a bug report. First the questions, if anyone can answer:

    Questions: What are the sliders for called “Factor” and “Perspective”? They appear in the Dock and the Pages screens.

    The possible bug: When I try to go to 6 rows on the home page the icons cluster at the top. (Note that I am using 5 columns, in case that makes a difference.) There is a large (multi-row) gap between the last row of icons and the dock area. Obviously, I’d like to use that gap space so that the icons and the labels don’t collide. I get the same effect no matter the resize value I use (I’ve tried 100%, 70%, 75%, 80%.) In Springtomize v2 the Icons screen had a “Spacing” setting, but I can’t find a similar feature in v3.

    Thanks much, HArchH

  • Flyballmom

    If someone has already addressed this I’m sorry for repeating it…. does anyone know if Bigify+ is compatible with Springtomize 3?