T-Mobile expands its buyback promo to include additional carriers, damaged handsets


T-Mobile’s termination fee and phone buyback program has been wildly successful. So successful that the carrier has accrued more than 80,000 breakup letters across social networks. T-Mobile also has decided to expand its Uncarrier 4.0 program to include new carriers and phones.

According to Re/code, T-Mobile is now welcoming customers who are switching from smaller carriers like US Cellular and other regional carriers. Originally, T-Mobile was only paying termination fees for customers who moved from the four major carriers. T-Mobile also is expanding the mobile phones that it is accepting as trade-ins. It is even taking in damaged phones, though the trade-in credit will be less depending on condition.

T-Mobile is trying hard to change the wireless industry in the US. It kicked off its Uncarrier program by offering phones without a cellular contract and reducing the upfront costs customers have to pay in order to purchase a phone. Its latest initiative offers customers up to $350 to break their current contract and switch to T-Mobile. The carrier is also buying backs handsets when customers switch. Are you a new T-Mobile who recently switched?

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  • Josh

    I’m thinking about switching over to tmobile I currently have ATT. The data is good at ATT it’s just the price tag and limited data.

  • Mike

    I am making the switch this week. Already tried but they are so busy with the surge of new customers and affordable prices.

  • Elijah Mitchell

    I’ll stick with Straight Talk: $45/month, unlimited talk/text, 2.5gb of data on AT&T towers. My phone isn’t LTE capable, but ST will do AT&T LTE one those phones. As much as I’d love to get a good price for a phone, can’t beat the month-to-month pricing without contract.

  • DManSA

    I know people who want to switch, but can’t because TMobile doesn’t accept dumb or featured phones as a trade in. You have to already have a smart phone to switch.

    • Kraken

      Can’t you buy a broken smartphone on Ebay for like $10?