Tim Cook comments on the NSA in ABC News interview

ABC News is scheduled to air its interview with Tim Cook tonight on World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer. To generate interest in the segment, ABC has been releasing teaser clips that give us a quick glimpse into the content of the talk. Earlier today, ABC showcased Cook talking about secrecy, sapphire and the iWatch. Now, a second segment addresses concerns about the NSA and its spying on the American people.
In the short clip, Cook reiterates Apple’s earlier statements that claim the company does not provide a back door to the NSA. He again petitions the government to be more transparent so Apple can be forthcoming with its customers. Here is is a transcript of the 4-second clip:

Muir: “What is your biggest concern — with the surveillance program here in this country?”

Cook: “I’ve been pushing very, very hard to open the books and be totally transparent. Much of what has been said isn’t true; there is no back door. The government doesn’t have access to our servers. They would have to cart us out in a box for that. And that just will not happen. We feel that — strongly about it. But I do want to be transparent, because I think transparency would help put everything in perspective.”

David Muir: “Do you think Americans, Tim, would be more at ease if you could tell them more?”

Cook: “I do.”

The entire interview will air tonight at 6:30PM EST on “World News Tonight with Diane Sawyer.”

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