Activator now lets iPhone 5s users use Touch ID for any Activator action


Few days back we told you about a really cool jailbreak tweak for iPhone 5s called Virtual Home that makes use of Touch ID fingerprint sensor as the Home button.

Ryan Petrich has just updated Activator, a very popular jailbreak app among power users, to add support for Touch ID so you can use it for any Activator action not just the Home button.

After you’ve installed the latest version of Activator (version 1..8.3), you will see an option to use Touch ID – Simple Press for any Activator action such as the Home button.

To configure the Activator action for Touch ID, launch the Activator app from the Home screen and navigate to Anywhere > Single Press under Fingerprint Sensor, and select the appropriate Activator action from the list.


If you select the Activator action as the Home button, which is the most practical use of the feature, it will simulate the Home button press. If you double tap on the Touch ID, then it will simulate double press of the Home button and open the app switcher. You will however need sometime to get used to it.

Check out the video walkthrough of how to use Activator with Touch ID on your iPhone 5s:

Activator is available for free on Cydia. So download the tweak on your jailbroken iPhone 5s, and let us know how it goes in the comments.

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