Yahoo denies accusation it gamed App Store reviews to boost ratings of its News Digest app


Yahoo debuted its News Digest app following its big CES presentation. SInce its launch the app has received rave reviews, many of which were from Yahoo employees claims a report in TechCrunch.TechCrunch points out that Yahoo News Digest has received a 4.5 star rating and over 282 overwhelmingly positive reviews. Many of the reviews are allegedly from users who have only reviewed Yahoo News Digest or only Yahoo apps. Some of them are even identifiable based on their user name. Those alleged Yahoo employees include Mobility Architect Jonathan Raspaud, and Yahoo India employee Rahul Aneja.

Yahoo responded to TechCrunch’s claims and said it does not ask its employees to write reviews, but it doesn’t stop them either. Any reviews were likely the result of ‘a case of enthusiasm’ over the launch of Yahoo’s new app and new tech websites.