Yahoo acquires Incredible Labs and its virtual assistant Donna

Donna Alert

Incredible Labs is recognized for its work on Donna, a virtual assistant that’s similar to Siri and Google Now. Launched in early 2013, the app acts as your private secretary, checking your calendar and alerting you to what needs to be done next. Given the increasing interest in the virtual assistant space, it’s not surprising that the company announced today that it is joining Yahoo.The news of the acquisition was confirmed in a short announcement on Incredible Lab’s website. The financial details surrounding the detail were not disclosed.

Today, we are announcing that Incredible Labs has entered into an agreement to be acquired by Yahoo. We’re looking forward to the possibilities that will come from bringing the Donna vision—letting technology take care of you—to Yahoo. Upon closing, our team will be joining Yahoo and working with some incredibly talented people, or in the case of some of us, returning to a company we know and love.

As part of the deal, Donna will be discontinued. Shortly after closing the deal, which is expected to happen soon, the Donna app will be pulled from the iOS App Store and the service will be shut down. The entire team, with the exception of co-founder Scott San Fillipo, will transition over to the Sunnyvale, California company. San Fillipo confirmed in a separate post on his personal blog that he will be pursuing a new venture.

[Via TechCrunch]