16GB Samsung Galaxy S5 only comes with 7.86GB of usable storage

Samsung Galaxy S5 Storage

The Samsung Galaxy S5 is all over the news since the past couple of days for obvious reasons. And while it’s natural to make a note of the important and headline features, it has been typical of Samsung to leave out crucial information from the announcement (Apple is guilty of it as well). Yes, we’re talking about the internal storage of the smartphone, which despite being 16GB, only gives users about 7.86GB of space.

This is before carriers get their hands on the device, and install more bloatware and use more storage.

In comparison, Apple’s 16GB iPhone 5c comes with 12.60GB of usable storage, which is easily the best in its segment, and the iPhone 5s come with 12.20GB of usable storage. Here’s a recent comparison on how much usable storage the current crop of 16GB smartphones offer.

We’re yet to have a word from Samsung on this, but the manufacturer’s standard reply would be to back the addition of the microSD card slot for storage expansion. However it seems very inconvenient that customers will have to pay a hefty sum for the smartphone up front and then spend extra for an external card.

Using a microSD card certainly isn’t a bad idea and provides users more flexibility, but the functioning of certain features and apps isn’t as smooth as on native storage. This is exactly why Google doesn’t support external cards on its Nexus devices.

Do you think smartphone makers should be more transparent, and mention the amount of usage storage one would get from a model? Let me know in the comments.

[via Android Central]