doubleTwist releases AirPlay Recorder, lets Mac users save songs from iTunes Radio

airplay-recorderDouble Twist released a Mac version of its AirPlay Recorder today. The app serves as an AirPlay device and gives Mac users the ability to record iTunes audio and iTunes Radio streams for offline listening. AirPlay Recorder is created by doubleTwist which is known for its popular, self-named jukebox app that lets users manage and playback media imported from iTunes.AirPlay Recorder is easy to use — just select ‘dT Recorder’ from the iTunes AirPlay menu and start playing an audio or iTunes Radio stream. The recorded audio is then saved in a “Recorder” folder on your Mac’s hard drive. You can record 10-second clips using the free version of the app, while the full version of the app removes this limitation for $9.99. There is also an Android version that’s available in the Google Play Store.

AirPlay Recorder is similar to Audio Hijack from Rogue Amoeba, which predates the doubleTwist app by a decade. Not limited just to iTunes, Audio Hijack can capture audio streams from a variety of applications, including Skype, iTunes, DVD player and more. You get additional features with Audio Hijack, but it also costs more, with a license key available for $32.

Though some question the legality of apps like AirPlay Recorder, the developers consider it a non-issue, saying this is an example of Fair Use. Speaking to Engadget, company Co-founder and President Monique Farantzos said:

“Recording has been around for decades, from audio cassettes (remember mix tapes?) to TuneIn radio’s recording feature. Given that Apple built their iPod empire on letting millions of people rip CDs based on fair use, we don’t see how they could object to this app.”

There is also the issue of Digital Rights Management as iTunes audio streams and iTunes Radio tracks are supposedly not locked down by DRM. If the app is not circumventing DRM, then it is not running afoul of that part of the Digital Millenium Copyright Act (DMCA).

Do you use Audio Hijack or AirPlay Recorder? Or do you have another favorite?

[Via MacRumors]

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